Why Does My Golden Retriever Have Curly Fur?

Quick Answer

Golden retrievers may have curly fur due to genetics. While a typical golden’s coat is not excessively curly, many will have curly fur to some extent.

Even though a normal golden coat is more straight, flat, or fluffy than anything else, there’s nothing wrong with your pup if he has curly fur. Much like people who have curly hair, golden retrievers who have curly fur do so entirely because of genetics. It’s likely their mom, dad, or both also had curly fur.

young golden retriever with curly fur
A young golden with slightly curly fur

A golden retriever’s fur can also look curly if he’s in the process of losing his puppy fur, or in general if his full coat hasn’t grown in all the way yet. Golden puppies can look quite unkempt while their mature fur grows in, so there’s a good chance your furry friend’s coat will straighten out over time as he gets older.

Goldens are also well-known for the feathering found in many parts of their fur, which can sometimes be mistaken as a curly coat. This isn’t the case, as fur feathers are quite common (and even desired) across the breed.

Your golden could also have curly fur if he’s not a purebred golden retriever – this is less likely unless you adopted him or got him from a non-accredited breeder and aren’t sure of his lineage.

In either case, there’s not much you can do about curly fur. Regular grooming with a high quality dog brush can help otherwise-curly fur lay flat, but you won’t be able to out-groom genetics.

At the end of the day, a golden retriever with curly fur can be quite striking. Relax and enjoy the unique look of your beautiful pup!

Frequently Asked Questions

Are curly golden retrievers rare?

Golden retrievers with curly fur are not the norm, but they aren’t considered rare. There are many goldens out there with various levels of curly hair.

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