When Do Golden Retriever Puppies Lose Their Puppy Fur?

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Most golden retriever puppies begin to lose their puppy fur around the 4-6 month old mark.

The shedding process for golden retriever puppies is ongoing, until they eventually get their full adult coat. Often times you will notice a heavy shed around the six month mark, when the puppy fur begins shedding to make room for more mature fur.

fluffy puppy fur golden retriever
Luna at 9 weeks old with her full puppy coat

Golden puppy fur is incredibly soft and fluffy, and the hair that begins replacing it is typically thicker and slightly more coarse.

When your retriever first beings losing his puppy coat, you’ll become familiar with the “awkward teen” phase that most puppies go through. Certain patches of fur will be disproportionately longer than others, you may notice different coloring throughout their coat, and it may even look like your golden retriever has curly fur. You can think of this like the awkward hair phase that many human teenagers go through and it’ll pass before you know it.

It’s an excellent idea to begin a grooming regimen with your pup when you first notice a more adult coat coming in, as this will set the grooming tone for years to come. If you make it fun and rewarding for them early on, you’ll have no problem keeping them groomed into adulthood and through all of the various Golden Retriever coat stages your pup will experience.

Do Golden Retriever Puppies Lose Their Fur?

Yes, golden retriever puppies do lose their puppy fur beginning around 4-6 months old. Golden puppy fur is extra thick, fluffy, and warm to keep them safe and healthy during their puppy phase. As they begin to lose it, it will be replaced by individual hairs that are thicker, less fluffy, and more coarse to the touch.

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