Zion Kennels – Professional Retriever Training for Waterfowl and AKC Field Trials and Hunt Tests (Ladonia, Texas)

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Zion Kennels – Professional Retriever Training for Waterfowl and AKC Field Trials and Hunt Tests Customer Reviews Summary

We’ve analyzed all available reviews for this breeder and summarized our findings below for your convenience!

Zion Kennels is a highly recommended breeder for training and obedience for puppies. Customers have praised the experience and expertise of the trainers, stating that their dogs have learned a lot and have become well-behaved.

The trainers are also commended for providing regular updates and photos during the training process. Several customers mention that they will continue to bring their future dogs to Zion Kennels.

However, there is one negative review that raises concerns about the health and treatment of a dog during training. The customer reported that their dog lost weight, had lesions on its feet, and showed signs of neglect.

They also mentioned that the staff did not provide proper communication or care for their dog. This review should be taken into consideration by potential customers when deciding on whether to choose Zion Kennels.

In summary, Zion Kennels is highly regarded for their training and obedience services, with customers praising the trainers and the positive results they have achieved. However, there is a negative review that raises concerns about the treatment and care provided to a dog during training.

Customer reviews should be carefully considered when making a decision about choosing Zion Kennels as a breeder.

Zion Kennels – Professional Retriever Training for Waterfowl and AKC Field Trials and Hunt Tests Reviews

We’ve compiled a list of the most helpful reviews for this breeder below. We’ve included both positive and negative (if applicable) reviews to give you a better idea of the type of breeder you’re considering.


Ashley Jones

It is with great confidence I say this was worth every penny. My precious boy was so unruly and wild when I brought him to Eddie, he jumped on, chased and tried to bite people, but with patience, discipline and hard work my previously wild child was made into a well behaved good boy!!! He is now a well mannered boy who can sit, stay, behave and accept all the pets and loves from friends. Thank you Eddie and Co. for all your hard work!!!


Denise Pounds

We took our 7 month old lab puppy to Zion Kennels for basic obedience training. Mac was there about 5 weeks and learned so much! They not only trained Mac but also taught us proper handling skills. Erin was really good about sending us regular updates and photos during Mac’s time at training.
Good folks with a ton of experience training at all levels from basic to competition training.


Jake Johnson

We took our Chocolate Lab to Zion Kennels after multiple breeders recommended. I can not speak highly enough about Eddie and his team. They were extremely kind, fair and loving of our pup and knew when to train her hard when needed. Nala has been amazing in the house and confident in the field. There’s no doubt that I will send my future labs to Zion Kennels.


Greg Ott

I took both of my labs there for ,1 summer tune up and the other to train. The older dog needed to lose weight and boy did he. I thought it was from training and left my 5 month old pup for training when I picked up the older dog. When I went back after 3 1/2 months it was a horrible sit. My pup was skin and bones. Also no training. I think he was just left in a kennel to starve.
My vet told me that he was in starvation mold. He looked like a dog on a tv commercial. I have reported him to the spca,akc,and united kennels. Do not carry your dog to this man. Your are just wasting you money. In 3 1/2 months of growth period of my pup he gained a total of 6 lbs. Eddie needs to be put out of business.


Chris N

My Vizsla was too young to start training there and they let me know I should wait. The labs that were training while I was there looked amazing and well trained. We waited until he was older to enroll him at 7 months.

Unfortunately my dog was only there a month due to my concerns for his health. He lost 6 pounds and had lesions on his feet from too much kennel time. He weighed 45 when we dropped him off. He could fetch when I dropped him off, but a month later his fetch was gone.

I called every week to check on him and all they ever said was he was doing fine. 1st visit after two weeks his eyes were nearly swollen shut, 3 week visit and he was noticeably skinnier. The final 4 week visit he looked awful, his teeth were stained brown with something packed in his gums, and his breath smelled like death. I took him home and he is doing great and putting weight back on.

Here are the before and after pics…


Chesyne Gray

We took our Retriever to be trained and he was there for 2 months every time I texted him he never replayed I asked for photos videos of him. Never once did I receive a message from him. I asked him how he was doing never did text me back! So I went down there and picked him up cause I was fed up and we’ve taken him out to run see if anything been worked on, nope. Very disappointed in this training I feel like we could have taken him to a better place and got our money’s worth. I would NOT recommend on bringing your dog out here. He treated me like I was a child and he wasn’t very responsible with my dog. My dog came back very unhealthy looking. I wouldn’t waste my time here.