You Lucky Dog (Jersey City, New Jersey)

  • 25 Senate Pl, Jersey City, NJ 07306
  • +1 551-256-7360
  • Rated 4.4/5 with 70 verified reviews.
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You Lucky Dog Customer Reviews Summary

We’ve analyzed all available reviews for this breeder and summarized our findings below for your convenience!

This breeder has received positive reviews for their grooming services. Customers appreciate the professionalism and patience of the staff, as well as the communication about their dogs' behavior.

The prices are also mentioned as being affordable. However, there is one negative review stating that the customer's puppy was shaved against their wishes and received a poor cut.

The interaction with the technician was described as rude and the customer felt that their puppy was mistreated. Another negative review mentioned an issue with upselling and being charged for unwanted services.

Finally, a customer was turned away because of their dog's breed, which they found to be unfair. Overall, customers highlight the breeder's grooming skills and patience, but there are some concerns regarding communication and treatment of pets.

You Lucky Dog Reviews

We’ve compiled a list of the most helpful reviews for this breeder below. We’ve included both positive and negative (if applicable) reviews to give you a better idea of the type of breeder you’re considering.


Xenia Roca

I love how cute my doggies always look after their grooming. They are super professional & take their time with my babies. My dogs aren’t the easiest to groom so I definitely appreciate them for having patience.


Daphne Soriano

It was my first time coming here & I can say I had the BEST experience. Gina & her staff are super friendly & welcoming. As soon as I came in they asked me what I wanted my dog’s cut to look like and she executed it EXACTLY the way i asked. They’re super communicative in letting you know how your dog behaved & their prices are great! Star will definitely be going back for her next groom! Thank you guys so muchhh, you’re amazing!!


Maria Rodriguez

This is Thor’s place to go! He always looks, feels, smells awesome!. Thor hated getting his nails clipped and would have such anxiety and put up such a fight. Not with Gina! She handles him with patience and love. Her grooming technique ‘s are amazing. Whether it’s, just a trim, in-between or very short, he always looks beautiful! The same goes for her coworker (I’m so sorry. I forgot your name). They both work so hard and do a wonderful job. AND they are both very sweet, professional and so friendly. Thor and I really appreciate you and all the hard work you do for our furry babies. ❤️❤️
The prices are ridiculously affordable! They have multiple packages you can choose from. I do advise to book your appointment way in advance due to furry babies hogging appointments and awesome groomers being soo busy. ❤️
Have a wonderful day!



Called to make a bath appointment for my senior dog who has bad hind legs and its now too difficult for me to bathe in my tub. When asked for her breed- shes a Sharpei, they asked “a WHAT?”. I has told them it was her first time and they immediately told me Sharpeis are “temperamental dogs” and they couldn’t take her. What the hell? She is the sweetest most humble dog and has never given me trouble during bath time. The only reason I called was so that she would not get hurt while in my tub if she slipped.
Putting a negative label off the bat on a breed is NOT ok!
I would never take a “TeMpeREmeNtAl” senior dog to a grooming facility.
The least they could do is ask to bring them in so they can see such “tempetament” before saying no.


Samantha Judge

We took our puppy here for her first grooming. It was awful. I am SO upset. We specifically and clearly said that we did not want our puppy shaved, and they shaved her. The tech who groomed her showed us that our puppy had some matting and explained she would have to shave the mats off because that was the only way to do it (even though it’s not), and we expressed our concern about that due to her breed and coat health. So the tech said she would not shave it to the skin and she would just cut the mats out and keep our puppy evened out and it would still be fine. It’s not fine at all. It’s so blotchy and uneven. On one leg she is shaved down to her pink skin, which ruins her coat and skin. The trim around her face is a terrible cut. It’s the worst cut I’ve ever seen. Almost $160 later and we are so upset. The tech was also so rude and nasty. She said my puppy “was pretty good… for a sheepdog.” I’m honestly not sure she’s ever groomed any type of dog before this, let alone a sheepdog. Our puppy was traumatized and jumped the gate and kept running away from the tech, which is not like her. She loves the vet, loves daycare, loves her walkers, loves people. Never had an issue until dealing with this tech and this place, so they obviously mistreated her too. I walked out and cried in my car. We’ll never go back and do not recommend this place to anyone. It’s so awful.


Cecilia Zeng

You need to tell them very clear on what service you need. Came in for a basic bubble bath, and they added on dishes treatment and nail for extra $20 without my permission and want to charge me for something I didn’t asked for. AVOID!