WV Hilltop Puppies (Leon, West Virginia)

  • 4132 Bug Run Road, Leon, WV 25123
  • +1 304-674-5648
  • Rated 4.2/5 with 26 verified reviews.
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WV Hilltop Puppies Customer Reviews Summary

We’ve analyzed all available reviews for this breeder and summarized our findings below for your convenience!

This breeder in West Virginia is highly praised by customers for their excellent communication and commitment to placing their puppies in good homes. Reviewers mention that the breeder ensures trust and goes through a review process before allowing the purchase of a puppy.

Customers express happiness and love for their dogs, highlighting their wonderful personalities and beauty. One customer specifically notes that their veterinarian comments on their dog's personality and coat.

The breeder is also commended for not being a puppy mill. However, there is a negative review from someone who bought a Pomeranian with health issues and incurred significant medical costs.

This reviewer does not trust the breeder and does not recommend them. Another review mentions that the breeder falsely takes down payments without actually having any available puppies.

Overall, the breeder receives positive feedback for their communication, trustworthiness, and the quality of their puppies.

WV Hilltop Puppies Reviews

We’ve compiled a list of the most helpful reviews for this breeder below. We’ve included both positive and negative (if applicable) reviews to give you a better idea of the type of breeder you’re considering.


Vincent Lopez

Me and my wife bought our little bundle of joy, Mikey (Cairn Terrier), from this place in W. Virginia in 2021. He is the most precious, fun, loving and loyal dog that we have ever had. The breeder did a wonderful job and was really good with communication, but most importantly, she made sure that he would be placed in a good home and that she can trust us more than anything. There was a review process that we had to partake in before she allowed us to buy him and pick him up, which we drove 4 hours to do so. We would love to buy another one from her in the future. AND THIS IS NOT A PUPPY MILL FOR THOSE WONDERING.


Emily Brown

My Scottie from Linda is gorgeous and the sweetest guy. He loves everyone and other dogs. The vet comments on his wonderful personality and beautiful coat. He has personality plus.


Troy Gamble jr

We are so happy we got our Sir Bentley from WV Hilltop Puppies. We love him. He loves running around. Thank you Linda!


Debbie Bailey

Is there a # for this business?


Irene Cusimano

Puppy mill = Dog breeders focus on quantity not quality; their goal is to breed as many puppies as possible for the most amount of revenue.
I purchased a Pomeranian from this so called breeder, which started getting seizures and have have spent well over $7,000 in medical costs all resulting from birth (Interns report; After reviewing our pom’s special stains, biopsies and her case in general the pathologist agrees that it is atypical but ultimately, said our pom’s case does fit best with congenital (developed at birth) microvascular dysplasia where microscopic vessels within the liver are underdeveloped or absent. A full report can be provided if needed.
I have read many comments from other customers on their Facebook posts that have similar health problems but I don’t believe they have spent as much money as we have to figure out the cause.
I don’t trust this place and I would never recommend it to anybody.


Catherine A McDaniel

They never had any puppies, just trying to get people’s money for fake down payment.