Westchester Puppies & Kittens (Hartsdale, New York)

  • 26 S Central Ave, Hartsdale, NY 10530
  • +1 914-437-7600
  • Rated 2.9/5 with 609 verified reviews.
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Westchester Puppies & Kittens Customer Reviews Summary

We’ve analyzed all available reviews for this breeder and summarized our findings below for your convenience!

This breeder has received mixed reviews from customers. Some customers had a positive experience, noting that the employees were friendly and helpful, and they appreciated the opportunity to interact with the puppies or kittens before making a decision.

The process was described as quick, with informative instructions and starter items provided. These positive reviews highlight the breeder's customer service, helpfulness, and the overall satisfaction of the customers.

However, there are also negative reviews, where customers complained about the breeder's customer service, cleanliness, and false information regarding the age of the puppies. One customer mentioned that the staff was rude and unhelpful, which left a negative impression.

Another customer expressed disappointment in the poor condition of the animals and the inflated prices of the products. It is important for potential customers to take into consideration both the positive and negative reviews when considering purchasing a puppy from this breeder.

Westchester Puppies & Kittens Reviews

We’ve compiled a list of the most helpful reviews for this breeder below. We’ve included both positive and negative (if applicable) reviews to give you a better idea of the type of breeder you’re considering.


Iva Velazquez

Amazing service, we had the opportunity to play with some dogs before take our decision.. very educational instruction at the final purchase. Some gifts on the aide also the puppy food…


Julia Francisco

Came to visit some kittens and the experience was amazing! The workers are diligent and helpful which aided in the adoption process. Throughout the visit the service was superb, my phone died and they were happy to provide a charger which is a small detail but was extremely kind. The presentation of documents and how to care for my new kitten was informative and hilarious at the same time which elevated my experience even more. Thank you for a wonderful process and for my new fur baby!



Me and my boyfriend just adopted our baby on 6/4/23 and we are extremely satisfied with our experience. The employees were very friendly and helpful. We got to play/interact with multiple kittens for a bit until we decided which one we were taking home. The process was quick and they gave us a couple of starter items along with all the paperwork and information on our kitten. Definitely will recommend to anyone interested in expanding their family


Adrianna Ward

I only gave this place one star because I had to go write this review. This place has absolutely horrible customer service. They don’t even pick up their heads up when you walk in. No worker in this establishment was helpful or friendly. My sisters and I came to look for puppies because our family is interested in purchasing one. We did not intend to buy one today but we planned on showing our parents and coming back with them to actually purchase. A very rude associate told us that it was not play time and that we had to leave if we were not “ACTUALLY” purchasing a puppy. I was extremely shocked because I have never seen a store tell their customers to leave especially in such a rude and demeaning way. I wouldn’t recommend this store to anyone looking for a puppy especially if you don’t buy the puppy on the first visit which I know many people do not do!! I could not believe how we were treated by this staff and I hope no other customers receive this treatment. Take your business elsewhere.


Serena Jackson

Omg when I went to purchase my puppy I never saw those horrible reviews I would have never went here, I’m trying to reach them for days all they have is a texting number and I’m trying so hard to talk to someone about the puppy I just purchased (everyone told me they overcharged me) but anyway there is a reason why you guys have so many bad reviews, customer service should be number 1 remember that. Pay attention to people who text you and call them back it’s actually important.


Brie Donohue

Overpriced, Dirty, bugs everywhere. They don’t clean the pets unless they are getting ready to show them to someone. Then they do a quick wipe down. One female golden had urine burns on her legs. I brought it to their attention and the threatened to call the police. All they care about is a sale, not the animals they have in their care. They also lie about age of pups. I worked as a tech and know aging of babies pretty well. I was told a male golden I looked at was 12 weeks old, and he was no more than 6 weeks as per the look of him. When they told me his birthday it confirmed my suspicion that he was younger as they insisted it was 12 weeks/3 months but given the date of birth he was barely 7 weeks. Do not buy anything from this place. Even the beds are overpriced.