West KY Labs (Drakesboro, Kentucky)

  • 360 Harmony Ln, Drakesboro, KY 42337
  • +1 270-820-4750
  • Rated 4.9/5 with 65 verified reviews.
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West KY Labs Customer Reviews Summary

We’ve analyzed all available reviews for this breeder and summarized our findings below for your convenience!

Keith at West KY labs is highly recommended for anyone looking for a loving and healthy lab puppy. He was helpful and accommodating in assisting with puppy selection and providing detailed information about vaccination and deworming treatments.

Customers praised the sociability, inquisitiveness, and playfulness of the puppies. The breeder is known for his availability for follow-up care questions and his commitment to ensuring the long, healthy lives of his pups.

Customers also mentioned the cleanliness of the property, the well-cared-for pups, and the great follow-up from the owner. Additionally, the breeder received positive feedback for his professionalism and handling of the business, as well as for the intelligence and trainability of the puppies.

However, it is important to note one negative review where a customer reported the loss of their puppy to Parvo, although it is unclear if this was an isolated incident or a recurring issue.

West KY Labs Reviews

We’ve compiled a list of the most helpful reviews for this breeder below. We’ve included both positive and negative (if applicable) reviews to give you a better idea of the type of breeder you’re considering.


Vinnie Ricco

Great experience with Keith at West KY labs. I had a silver Lab pup in mind and I came across Keith’s business. Keep in mind I am from New Jersey and this is West Kentucky labs. All it took was a simple phone call with Keith and I picked out my puppy from the pictures from his website. After that we arranged a flight for the puppy and he arrived on time and very happy. I’ve had him for about five months now and he is very smart, lovable, and an all around great dog. He picked up on basic commands within a week and now is moving on to waterfowl training And is doing extremely well for his age. I am very happy with West KY labs and Keith is very professional and handles his business very very well. If I ever need another dog or know someone who needs another dog I would not hesitate to send them Keiths Way


Aileen G.

Keith was so helpful and accommodating with helping me select the right puppy and making sure I’m equipped to give her the best care possible. My fox red lab came home sociable, inquisitive, curious, playful and just lovely! She’s had healthy checkups at the vet, and Keith provided detailed information about her vaccination and deworming treatments. He’s available anytime for follow up care questions and is clearly invested in making sure his pups have long, healthy lives. I recommend him to anyone looking for a loving and healthy lab.


Jessica Jackson

We had an outstanding experience with West KY labs. Our family lost our older lab in January 2023 and were ready to add another one to our family. Driving thru the KY area on our way back home to WI we came across West KY labs, who had this sweet silver lab available. Within a couple hours we were headed home with him. The property was clean, pups have tons of space and they were all friendly and well cared for. All paperwork was guaranteed, easy payment options and great follow up from the owner. If we are looking for another lab in our future we will definitely be checking here first. Highly recommended!


Kathy Elliott

I contacted Keith regarding purchasing a puppy in May, and we were supposed to receive our puppy in July. Unfortunately, I broke my leg and had to postpone getting the puppy. Keith was very understanding and kept checking with us whenever a litter was born to see if we were ready to have our puppy yet. We did pick up “Annie” Sept 28, and she is a perfect, healthy addition. Thank you Keith for the patience, information, and delivering a great lab puppy


Brandi Dempsey

Horrible experience with Keith, he might be a nice guy but he pressures you to spend extra money on his food and vitamins in order to be under his heath guarantee. Had our puppy for 4 days, before she ended up hospitalized for a week, Keith didn’t seem to care and hasn’t asked how our puppy is doing. Nor did he offer to help pay for the vet bill. WE HAD OUR PUPPY FOR 4 DAYS. That food he pressures you into buying wouldn’t have made a difference in those 4 days.


Adam Tuttle

I am upset this is still a “business.” I was sold a puppy 2 years ago. One week later my silver lab died of Parvo after we spent 2k watching him slowly die in a local animal hospital. 2 weeks later we learned the majority of the liter died. We were told by the owner, there were PARVO outbreaks in the past. If y’all aren’t aware of PARVO, it’s highly contagious and stays on your property for up to 2 years. Your pup has less than a 50% chance of living if they contract it. My personal opinion about the owner continuing to raise/sell these puppies probably doesn’t matter, but hopefully my story helps people make the right decision. Don’t put yourself through the heartbreak.