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Wayne Puppies Customer Reviews Summary

We’ve analyzed all available reviews for this breeder and summarized our findings below for your convenience!

Overall, customers had a positive experience with this golden retriever breeder. They praised the cleanliness of the store and the well-being of the puppies.

The staff was helpful and knowledgeable, answering all questions and providing information about the puppies. The breeder also allowed customers to visit the puppies multiple times before making a decision.

However, there were a couple of negative reviews. One customer's puppy was diagnosed with Giardia shortly after purchase and the breeder was not willing to assist with the cost of medication.

Another customer was disappointed to find out that the non-refundable deposit could not be returned after discovering concerning information about the breeding practices and lack of AKC registration. It should be noted that one reviewer raised concerns about the breeder being a puppy mill product and recommended doing thorough research before purchasing a puppy.

Additionally, a customer who purchased a havanese puppy for its hypoallergenic qualities claimed to have had a severe allergic reaction and was not able to return the puppy for a refund. Overall, potential customers should be aware of the positive experiences shared by customers but also consider the negative reviews and conduct thorough research before making a purchase.

Wayne Puppies Reviews

We’ve compiled a list of the most helpful reviews for this breeder below. We’ve included both positive and negative (if applicable) reviews to give you a better idea of the type of breeder you’re considering.


Monika T

I came to browse the puppies. The store was clean and the puppies were very well taken care of. They were all lively and happy looking. The staff spent lots of time answering all my questions and giving me as much info as possible about the puppy I was interested in! I highly recommend Wayne Puppies!


The_Mrs BruZz

I came to see some dogs, just to cheer me up. I fell in love with the goldendoodles. I was just looking to buy a home in Wayne so I wanted a big dog. They were amazing with letting me visit him A few times before I made a decision. They were great about me asking questions and visiting my dog whenever I wanted until I payed in full. I’m back today after 2 years to look for my 2nd dog and I came here. They were just amazing.


Arielle Leichman

We absolutely loved going there and finding our pup! Joe helped us and talked us through everything. We picked the mini dachshund, and we have never been happier! She is so sweet and loves to cuddle.



Fell in love with a silver Lab just over the weekend. Unfortunately, I put down a non-refundable deposit of $500 for the pup. Of course it’s “non refundable.” I should have known better. Needless to say, I did my research afterwards and what I found was heartbreaking. I checked the tags on all the pups.

Breeders, do not typically breeder more than 2 of a kind of dog. Also, big breeds have AKC registrations. Dogs in this store do not. Also, the breeders did not have a site or any credibility. Check local breeders they can be found easily.

The broker for this particular dog, had probably the worst reviews I’ve ever seen.

The pup himself was very docile both times we visited him. He was being treated for kennel cough as a precautionary measure, although he didn’t have symptoms. His stool was “mushy” according to the store caretakers.

Bottom line is do your research. Don’t get sucked in to the cute puppy eyes or instant gratification. Remember, these dogs are in cages, they are vulnerable to cage sores. I hope this helps someone avoid the mistake I made. Research puppy mills; this is clearly a puppy mill product.


George Koumoulos

Purchased our puppy a month ago we were provided a bottle of panacur when we left when we questioned the sales help we were advised puppy was healthy this was a precaution. Two weeks later we took the puppy to our vet for a first visit check and was advised he had Giardia so we did a round of panacur and flagyl , two weeks later on retest puppy still has Giardia although it’s not as bad as first visit so back on meds . I called Wayne puppies to see if they would assist in covering some
of the cost of meds and was advised that’s not their normal policy but I can go there and pick up meds from them ! I do not feel secure entrusting you with my pets health since you sent him out with an infection after assuring he was in good health ! Just a warning before you take a pet home from here get a guarantee in weighting . Giardia is difficult to cure and can be contagious to humans so be careful if you have young children! Very disappointed in your customer service


Mike Cardella

We just purchased a havenese puppy from this store because they claimed it would be hypoallergenic. We could have easily gone to the local shelter and rescued a dog but we are allergic to dogs so we made the purchase to specifically get a hypoallergenic dog which this store told me several times that the dog we would purchase would not give us any allergy issues. The first night home me and my daughter had such a bad allergic reaction that we were wheezing and could not breath. They told us to bath the puppy which we did and it only made matters worse. We tried to return the puppy the following day and were told that we would not get a refund. I am very disappointing since we feel that we were mislead and they falsely advertised. . I am out $2000 as I had to give the puppy away today after having the puppy for less than 24 hours. Buyer BEWARE! DO NOT PURCHASE FROM THIS STORE..