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Walters Mini Golden Doodles Customer Reviews Summary

We’ve analyzed all available reviews for this breeder and summarized our findings below for your convenience!

Overall, customers have had positive experiences with Walters Mini Golden Doodles. They describe the puppies as sweet, smart, and perfect additions to their families.

The breeder provides regular updates and vaccinations, ensuring the well-being of the puppies. Customers also appreciate being able to choose older puppies that better fit their needs.

However, there is one negative review that stands out. A customer purchased an older puppy named Ollie, who unfortunately suffered a fractured wrist shortly after being brought home.

The customer's vet determined that the puppy had been fed an inappropriate dog food, resulting in poor bone development and severe underweight. The customer recommends consulting a vet before feeding the recommended Victor food to mini doodles.

Despite this negative experience, the customer still loves Ollie and is committed to providing him with proper care. In summary, Walters Mini Golden Doodles is recommended for those seeking a sweet and smart puppy.

However, potential buyers should be cautious when purchasing older puppies and consult a vet regarding appropriate food choices.

Walters Mini Golden Doodles Reviews

We’ve compiled a list of the most helpful reviews for this breeder below. We’ve included both positive and negative (if applicable) reviews to give you a better idea of the type of breeder you’re considering.


Jordan Kelly

I had a great experience getting my puppy in 2020 from Walter’s. The team would send me weekly updates and provided the 1st round of vaccines for us. I would recommend using this breeder and would purchase another puppy from them again! This is Benny, whose parents were Mars and Bella. He just turned 2 in April and weighs 37lbs. He was the biggest in his litter 🙂


Rachel Kiser

We got our mini golden doodle Tesla here 2 years ago. She was the smallest female in the litter which was exactly what we wanted (we didn’t want her to be too much bigger than her sister). She is full grown at 14lbs (she is very skinny but tall) and she is so sweet and smart. We love her so much and we are so glad we got her!!


Shannon Sprick

We welcomed two of the most perfect mini golden doodles into our family a month ago. They have been more wonderful than we could have ever imagined. They are the sweetest and smartest puppies ever! I highly recommend Cheryl at Walters Mini Golden Doodles if you are looking for the perfect addition to your family!


Helen Waters

My doodle got taken by someone who had put down a deposit on a male since the liter was short a male and I was the last one to put a deposit in on that liter. I ended up with a sweet little girl about 6 weeks sooner than intended but she is precious and she is already a part of our family.


Rhondell Miller

I researched breeders in KY/TN for over 6 months. I felt very confident in choosing Walter’s as our place to purchase a doodle. We intentionally looked for older puppies as this would fit with us better. We have had Ollie for 1 month. He was 7 months old when we purchased him.

On the 2nd evening he jumped off of the couch and fractured both sides of his front right wrist. Upon exam by our Vet she asked me what he was eating. I told her what Cheryl had fed him and says her buyers should purchase. The vet immediately said, “that is a great dog food but not appropriate for doodles or puppies. He hasn’t had enough calcium to develop strong bones. If he continues on this food he will contine to break bones and have degenerative bone disease.” She also classified him as poor health due to being severely underweight. He only weighed 13.5 lbs. Charts say he should weigh close to 25 at 7 months. We began his food transition on day 2 of owning him.

After 1 month of weekly dr. appts his leg is not healing properly. The inside is but the outside has not at all. He has gained 3 lbs.
Next week we will face significant choices for his care if it does not begin to heal this week.

I immediatley notified Cheryl of the fracture and what the vet said about the food. She responded with concern about his break and said that has never happened before. It may not have but my vet said had Ollie received proper food in his first 7 months this break would not have happened.
In addition to our cost of buying Ollie we have spent over $1000 this month for his care.

I cannot in good faith recommend purchasing older puppies from Walter’s.

If you are feeding your mini doodle the Victor food recommended please consult your vet.

We love Ollie and will continue to give him a great opportunity of a full doggy life.