Wallee Kennels AAA Labs (Ontario, California)

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  • Rated 4.7/5 with 47 verified reviews.
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Wallee Kennels AAA Labs Customer Reviews Summary

We’ve analyzed all available reviews for this breeder and summarized our findings below for your convenience!

Wallee Kennels is a highly recommended golden retriever breeder based on customer reviews. Customers have reported having great experiences from the initial request to be placed on a waiting list, to picking up their puppy.

Sandra, the breeder, is praised for her knowledge and helpfulness in explaining everything that new owners need to know. The puppies from Wallee Kennels are described as healthy, smart, and well-trained, making them perfect additions to families.

One customer even mentioned that their dog from Wallee Kennels has the best temperament they have ever seen in a dog. Additionally, another customer shared their positive experience of owning a Wallee Kennels puppy for over 12 years, highlighting the breeder's care and dedication to their puppies even after purchase.

However, there is also a negative review that alleges mistreatment of the dogs and poor living conditions at Wallee Kennels. The reviewer claims that the puppies had parasites and worms and were kept in inadequate conditions.

They also suggest that the breeder discriminated against them based on their ethnicity. This negative review raises concerns about the breeder's practices and the well-being of the dogs.

Overall, Wallee Kennels seems to have a reputation for providing healthy and well-trained golden retriever puppies, with many satisfied customers. However, the negative review emphasizes the importance of conducting thorough research and visiting the breeder in person before making a decision.

It's recommended to verify the breeder's practices and the welfare of the dogs to ensure a positive experience when buying a puppy from Wallee Kennels.

Wallee Kennels AAA Labs Reviews

We’ve compiled a list of the most helpful reviews for this breeder below. We’ve included both positive and negative (if applicable) reviews to give you a better idea of the type of breeder you’re considering.


Michael Mason

I got my Brixton in 2014. He is now 6 years old and very healthy. I have owned dogs my entire life and his temperament is by far the best. He is calm and collected but also has a playful side. He doesn’t bark at all and even when there’s someone at the door he gives me the warning woof. He is extremely friendly with people and other dogs.

The best dog I could have asked for. Very satisfied with their labs. (son of Kristina “K”)


Bruce Allen

I was just recently checking back in to see if Wallee Kennels AAA Labs was still doing business because the puppy I bought from them is now over 12 years old. Great dog, great care of their puppies before you purchase and they worked with me over the course of viewing several litters over a few months until the right dog came running to greet me!


Melisa Licon

We had a great experience from the time I requested to be placed on a waiting list, to when it was time to come pick our puppy. Sandra was great, explaining everything we needed to know! Our puppy is so healthy, smart and has been a perfect addition to our family. He’s our 3rd lab, but first from a breeder. He house trained in 2 days, has learned to sit, fetch, shake, and is a healthy puppy growing well. If you want a quality lab, definitely go with Wallee Kennels. We get so many compliments on this cutie!!


sky watch Southern California

In shock. I got welcomed with the stench of dead animal. And got greeted by ( oh hispanic family) lady is over whelmed all puppies had a parasite and worms. Way over priced for a sick labrador. Pups dont have beds they sleep in cribs with no floor just bars so poop drops to the floor she had atleast 60 pups from 6 weeks to 16 weeks more then half are sick. The labs need rescue i felt so bad seeing over 25 adult labs in kennals with no water or a bed just out in the elements of the weather with no heart for the breed. Very rude she thinks cause im hispanic im not educated i have a master degree. She contradict her self and made no sence. Animal control must do a random pop up .. She even made us erase pics of the labs off our phone .. All locked up with no water but wholes popping out and bald around the eyes .. Some one needs to do something about this.. She wanted 1200$ for a sick puppy plus tax if she wasnt over whelmed and pups where not sick and to many adult labs the pups would be perfect. The blood line is there just the keeper pups are out of control she gets frustrated with them and slaps them i was like wow. Pup will fear the hand. I know she only showed me the sick ones cause i was hispanic. She had about 60 only showed me 5 tryed to get rid of a sick one to the hispanic family. Cause they ALL had worms and some parasites she said is going around i never herd of be for . over the phone she lied about what she would do and go over paper work but didnt want to show us nothing . didnt even want to show us the sire and dam.. NEEDS TO BE CHECKED BY AKC AND ONTERIO ANIMAL CONTROL.


Preeti S

Save your money and time and go somewhere else