Victorias Pups and /or Morning Spring Kennel (Dickerson, Maryland)

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  • Rated 3.7/5 with 17 verified reviews.
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Victorias Pups and /or Morning Spring Kennel Customer Reviews Summary

We’ve analyzed all available reviews for this breeder and summarized our findings below for your convenience!

Customers have left overwhelmingly positive reviews for Victoria's Golden Retriever breeder. Many praise the health and temperament of the dogs they purchased from her, highlighting the fact that her dogs are well-behaved, social, and have excellent genetic traits.

Customers also appreciate Victoria's passion for breeding and her commitment to finding the best homes for her dogs. Her promise to take back any dog if the owners are unable to care for them stands out as a highly valued aspect of her business practices.

Victoria is described as a stand-up individual who exceeds expectations in terms of product quality, customer service, and dedication. However, there is one negative review that raises concerns about poorly formed hips and elbows in a puppy and describes the breeder's place as unsanitary and resembling a puppy mill.

Potential customers should take this negative review into consideration and further investigate before making a decision.

Victorias Pups and /or Morning Spring Kennel Reviews

We’ve compiled a list of the most helpful reviews for this breeder below. We’ve included both positive and negative (if applicable) reviews to give you a better idea of the type of breeder you’re considering.


Cheryl King

I have two Golden’s from Victoria’s Pups! BOTH are amazing! My 7 year old just got back from the vet today. She went in for routine rabies. The vet said she has never seen a 7 year old Golden with such healthy teeth. I do not brush her teeth. The vet said she thinks it is genetic. No amount of brushing could produce such healthy teeth. She did a sonogram to check Annie’s organs as Golden Retrievers so frequently have cancer. Happy to report that all her organs are healthy and cancer free! This is all due to good breeding. My dogs have the sweetest temperament! I would not hesitate to buy my golden from Victoria. She loves her dogs. They are quality pups!



Love my new little guy!

Victoria takes so much tender love and care in breeding these beautiful dogs. Her passion for Golden Retrievers beacons in her personality. She has devoted her life to finding the best homes for these special animals.

One of the things that really stood out from Victoria is her promise to take any of her dogs back if the owners become unable to care for them. Victoria’s letter states that “I never want to see any of my dogs end up in a shelter”. This is the type of passion that I like to see, and I would argue, is what makes Victoria a stand up individual.

When conducting business, there are multiple things I look for; product, passion, customer service, and profound dedication. I am pleased to say that Victoria exceeded all of these expectations.

To Victoria, you gave me the perfect new addition that I love dearly. These are not just animals, they are our friends, family, and irreplaceable. Over the past week Cooper has brought so much joy to me more than I could ever express. I appreciate all of your due diligence in the process, your consistent follow up, and once more, the passion you put into these wonderful dogs.

If anyone is looking for a stand up individual to purchase a beautiful Golden Retriever from, look no further, Victoria is magnificent at what she does. While her prices may be a tad high, the price is actually irrelevant for what you are getting in return.

Thank you Victoria for all you do!

-Matt G.
Arlington, VA


Patrick Pomeroy

Loving, Healthy Goldens.
Three years later…our Lily is a thriving young lady. Very social, very loving and very well behaved. Got a DNA test….. 100% pure show dog. Very pleased with our dealings with Victoria


rob allen

I absolutely do not recommend this breeder. Recently visited and was frightened by how this breeder operated. This place is absolutely a puppy mill, with the breeder having more litters than she can keep track of. The environment was an absolute mess and was not clean. Some of the dogs are kept in an enclosed shed that looks very old and unsafe. The puppy that we played with was covered in dirt, and I honestly felt so bad for the poor thing. I could not recommend this place any less. I couldn’t imagine a worse environment to breed dogs.


Dawn Schnell

I agree with Rob Allen’s review. We purchased an almost six month old puppy from this breeder because once we arrived and saw the place, I couldn’t leave this puppy there. Horrible conditions. Oh, and my puppy has poorly formed hips and elbows as documented by VCA hospital in Vienna. Yes, Victoria would take the puppy back but I couldn’t do that. Of course no monetary compensation was ever offered even with documented evidence from the surgical center. Avoid the heartbreak. I wish I could put zero stars


Mari Maeda

The puppy was not socialized and terrified of people. We gave her tons of attention and showered her with love. But she died of cancer before reaching 24 months.