Varney Brad E (Turner, Maine)

  • 28 Fish St, Turner, ME 04282
  • +1 207-225-3581
  • Rated 4/5 with 62 verified reviews.
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Varney Brad E Customer Reviews Summary

We’ve analyzed all available reviews for this breeder and summarized our findings below for your convenience!

This specific golden retriever breeder has received mixed reviews. Some customers have had positive experiences, praising the breeder for producing healthy and well-tempered dogs.

These customers are satisfied with their puppies and appreciate the breeder's dedication to breeding for temperament and physical health. However, there are also negative reviews that raise serious concerns about the quality of the breeder's puppies and their customer service.

One reviewer claims that their puppy had to undergo surgery due to intestinal problems and accuses the breeder of neglecting their puppies. Another reviewer warns potential buyers about sick animals and the breeder's lack of assistance with medical bills.

In addition to health concerns, some customers have criticized the breeder's professionalism and communication. One reviewer mentions difficulties in getting in touch with the breeder initially, while another describes a lack of welcome and poor customer service during their visit.

This reviewer also raises concerns about the breeder's breeding license and the overall impression of a puppy mill. Overall, while some customers have had positive experiences, the negative reviews and concerns about health, customer service, and professionalism should be taken into consideration by potential buyers.

It is recommended to thoroughly investigate the breeder and ensure all necessary paperwork and health guarantees are provided before making a purchase.

Varney Brad E Reviews

We’ve compiled a list of the most helpful reviews for this breeder below. We’ve included both positive and negative (if applicable) reviews to give you a better idea of the type of breeder you’re considering.


Kim Spann

We just got our 3rd Varney lab, and I cannot say enough about their dogs! So gentle, sweet, smart and happy! Everything a lab should be!
The photo is Minnie Pearl (born April 2021) and Moosie (born November 2022)


Ross Watson

We love thier dogs. Bred for temperament and physical health. I normally would adopt but these guys have done such an amazing job we will keep going back. Can’t speak highly enough


Marie L

We recently purchased a yellow lab from Varney’s. He is a healthy and happy puppy. Can be a bit difficult to get in touch with them initially but overall a smooth process and we are very happy with our beautiful boy.


Jairod Sylvestre

DO NOT BUY A PUPPY FROM THESE PEOPLE!!!! I bought a black lab off this “breeder” along with another family that showed up at the same time about 2 months ago and both puppies have now had to be brought to the emergency vet do to intestinal problems I’m not sure if they are not taking care of/feeding them right or what but from what I’ve heard after the fact we are not the only ones to have had a problem with this “breeder” please be aware and always check over your puppy well and make sure all paper work is legit we did find something odd with some of the paper work that we received as well (some things didn’t match up) but nothing as important as my puppy now needing SURGERY to survive or she be put down. to end things off I have reached out to this “breeder” multiple times trying to call and have also tried texting repeatedly and no response again we are not the only ones to be ignored either please be aware before purchasing



Varney’s sells sick animals ! They won’t help you with bills after the fact. Go on Facebook and search their name. You’ll see countless posts of peoples accounts with them. Losing their animals after only 6 months. This MILL needs to be SHUT DOWN ASAP.


Kristen Glidden

We were in shock when we arrived to pick up a pup from Varney’s about two weeks ago. When we arrived, we sat outside their facility for a good 5 minutes before anyone came outside to acknowledge us. In the meantime, my boyfriend, being the observant person that he is, noticed their Maine breeding license posted on the door with an expiration date of June, 2021! Trying to be optimistic, as we had drove over 2 hours to be here, we shrugged it over thinking things happen, people get busy. When we were finally “greeted” (no welcome or a hello) she didn’t even know we were coming at all (which we had just talked to one of her staff members the day before to arrange this). When she figured out who we were (she had to go back inside and call whoever) we didn’t get a welcome rather she immediately went to writing up the bill. When we asked to meet him before, she told us she would bring him out. I wanted to see where the pups were being raised but she insisted that she would go back and get him and for us to stay in the front. We asked her about her health policy and any previous outbreaks as we had read a review about parvo just a few weeks back and wanted to be sure this pup was healthy. She barely knew her own health policy as she had to sift through the papers to read it to us. The place and her attitude wreaked puppy mill. Ultimately, we both knew that we couldn’t trust this breeder and made the heartbreaking decision to turn away. That drive back was brutal and I couldn’t only imagine what that pup was being brought back into. Buyers beware.