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USA Purebred Labs LLC Customer Reviews Summary

We’ve analyzed all available reviews for this breeder and summarized our findings below for your convenience!

USA Purebred Labs is a reputable breeder that receives overwhelmingly positive reviews. Customers compliment Tracy's knowledge, helpfulness, and descriptive explanations about her dogs and their backgrounds.

They appreciate her willingness to go above and beyond in caring for the dogs and puppies, and they confirm that USA Purebred Labs is not a puppy mill. The breeder's facilities are well-maintained, with designated areas for the mothers and puppies to grow and play.

The reviews highlight Tracy's passion for breeding and her commitment to providing a great experience for customers. One customer even mentions that Tracy offers training services to ensure a smooth integration of the puppy into their home.

All of these aspects make USA Purebred Labs a trustworthy choice for customers looking to buy a Labrador Retriever. However, there is one negative review from a customer who had a poor experience with the breeder.

They claim that Tracy neglected their puppy's health and disregarded medical professionals' opinions. This review stands out as a potential red flag and customers should consider it while making a decision.

Overall, USA Purebred Labs appears to be a responsible and caring breeder, offering well-bred and well-cared-for Labrador Retrievers.

USA Purebred Labs LLC Reviews

We’ve compiled a list of the most helpful reviews for this breeder below. We’ve included both positive and negative (if applicable) reviews to give you a better idea of the type of breeder you’re considering.


Tony Neely

I cannot say enough good things about this wonderful and passionate breeder! We have not had a new dog in our home for over a decade and you forget what it is like to have a puppy around the house. I must admit that I rarely post reviews, yet I use them all of the time to help me decide on whatever it is I am looking for…which is how we ended up buying a puppy from Tracy and I feel obligated to post about our experience with USA Purebred Labs for those looking for a new dog. Her website answers any and all questions you could possibly have about her dogs: the process of bringing a new puppy home, what to do and expect once you get the dog home, training, health care, you name it and she has the answer. We opted for Tracy to train our little Bailey to use the doggy door, sleep in her crate and basic obedience before she came home. We are blown away at how easy it has been to integrate her into our lives. Within two nights of leaving her litter mates, this 9 week old dog slept in her crate all night, no potty accidents in the crate, and is so well behaved and trained at such a young age that it just blows me away… we couldn’t be happier! I have had a couple questions since we brought Bailey home and when Tracy tells you to call or text with things you are unsure of; that isn’t lip service….she answers immediately is and so upbeat, positive and friendly you feel as if she has known you for years. If you are looking for a labrador retriever you cannot go wrong with one of Tracy’s dogs.


Matthew Castro

I could not be more happy with USA Purebred Labs! Tracy was incredibly nice and descriptive going over everything about her dogs and their background. I am so happy with the dog I chose. If you want a Labrador, go to Tracy! Thank you so much!


Lorri Kinnan

Tracy is great & all of her dogs are gorgeous!!!!!
From the start she was very helpful & explains everything. She goes above & beyond with the dogs & puppies. Some people say all breeders are is “puppy mills” well Tracy & USA Purebred Labs are definitely not a “puppy mill”. The area she has set up for Mom’s & babies are nice. As the puppies get bigger they have areas that they can go outside to run around & play with each other which is great. I know that if I should decide to get another puppy it would be from Tracy. I can’t wait to bring my new puppy (baby) home to join our family.
Thank you very much Tracy for making this a great experience & breeding gorgeous puppies!


alan p

I worked for USA purebred labs as an outside contractor. I completed I was contracted to do and accepted half payment while I took a truckload of debris to the dump. Before I could return American Purebred LLC told me they dumped the rest of the debris and would not pay me the rest of what they owed me. When I protested they called me a jerk and threatened to call the police even though I had done nothing wrong. The dogs were filthy and mean and.did not have adequate water or relief from the heat. I would stay away from this business. If they would cheat me then they would cheat anyone. Dont let them take advantage of you the way they did to me. Who knows what other cheats they might be doing?? ……………………..I worked directly for your business Tracy. In your dog enclosure even. I don’t lie and I don’t have substandard ethics. This is Tracy’s response copied and pasted………..

“what? dont piss me off.. dont start talking smack thats no way to treat someone u r trying to get out of. i offered u a job u begged for it..i told…………u would need a trailer and of course u show up without one..then u dont call text or anything so now i spent that getting the job finished..u wait ti…………….ll 5pm..its not my fault if u r desparate..i had a lot of offers to take the job..u did a great job no doubt but u didnt finish it. however im not a di………………ck. i think u did a lot of the work so im inclined to get u some more i just gotta think about the amount and get it from my husband..i spent the ot……………….her 125 this morning to finish the job. so anything i give u is now going to go over what i had planned to spend all bc u didnt show up with a trailer……………………and u didnt show up 2 finish the job!..ur fault so dont be a jerk……………….

I encourage you to post my texts to you Tracy. You defame yourself by making personal attacks on me that have no bearing on the issue at hand. Tracy is doing all of this over $125. My integrity does not have a price, and thats why I don’t lie or make personal attacks. I will post all of our messages Tracy, and I will not take them down but I will consider it if you pay me and apologize.


Colleen Davis

We purchased a chocolate lab puppy from USA Purebred Labs LLC a few months ago and it was and still is the worst experience! My husband and I have had 3 labs over the past 20 yrs & have never encountered a breeder’s disregard for their puppies health as we did with Tracy. Don’t fall for the fluff on the website because when a medical issue arises with one of her puppies she hides. After consulting with 2 veterinarians & receiving their diagnosis, Tracy rejected their medical findings as merely “opinions”. The puppy has continued to suffer due to her neglectful practices and “home remedies”. What should be a happy and joyful time for our family has turned into multiple and continuing medical bills as well as heartache for this family.