Top Of The Ridge Kennel (Kendall, Wisconsin)

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  • Rated 4.3/5 with 256 verified reviews.
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Top Of The Ridge Kennel Customer Reviews Summary

We’ve analyzed all available reviews for this breeder and summarized our findings below for your convenience!

Top of the Ridge Kennel is highly recommended by customers who have purchased puppies from them. Customers are pleased with the health and intelligence of the puppies, as well as the breeder's prompt communication and care for the dogs.

The breeder goes above and beyond to socialize and train the puppies. However, there are some negative reviews stating that the kennel supports puppy mills and that puppies purchased from them have had numerous health problems.

One customer also noted concerns about the conditions of the kennel, including lack of grass and a strong smell of urine. It is important for potential buyers to consider all the feedback before making a decision.

Top Of The Ridge Kennel Reviews

We’ve compiled a list of the most helpful reviews for this breeder below. We’ve included both positive and negative (if applicable) reviews to give you a better idea of the type of breeder you’re considering.



We got our little Maltipoo, Boise, at 8 weeks old and we could not be more in love!! Vicky was super responsive via text and understandable when my husband’s trip took longer due to coming in a snow storm. Boise and our lab, Slade, became fast friends! He is the absolutely best!


Karen Hoeft

We purchased our Teddy Bear puppy from Top of the Ridge Kennel and love her. She is a healthy little girl as reported by my vet at her exam. She is very smart and she is house training perfectly. She is a perfect addition to our home. Vickie kept me informed and promptly answered my questions via e-mail. She seems to genuinely care about all puppies and adult dogs in her care. She had my dog on very high quantity food and even scheduled a Vienna sausage afternoon snack treat in her prescribed diet!! She covered all areas of care before releasing my puppy to me and said to contact her for any future concerns. I would definitely feel comfortable recommending this kennel to anyone searching for a new puppy!!!!


Brenda N

WOW! What a wonderful kennel and staff. I will definitely recommend to my friends. We got a cavapoo puppy from Vicki 2 weeks ago. It is very obvious that she spends a ton of time with her puppies playing, socializing and training. I had a bunch of training questions after a few days home, and Vicki was more than willing to answer them for me. She went above and beyond our expectations after the sale. Thank You for the care and love you give to all your puppies before they head to their new homes <3


Morgan S

I would not recommend getting a puppy from Top of the Ridge Kennel.
We pulled in the driveway and already, there was lack of signs of where to go. Thankfully, I saw pictures of the building on Facebook and the website. Before we walked into the building, we looked at the outside area of the kennel. I couldn’t see any area of grass for the dogs or puppies. Instead, there was metal fencing, approximately 2ft. in width, that the dogs needed to follow to go outside to what looked like a gravel area. We walked into the building and there was a strong smell of urine. We showed Vicki a picture of the puppy we had a deposit on, she went to get him, and put him in the holding area. Immediately, we noticed that the puppy was overweight or bloated. I went to pet him, felt under his stomach to see how large his belly really was and what was just his fur. His belly and inner legs were crusted with urine. While filling out the paperwork, receiving feeding instructions, and getting ready to pay, our puppy had an accident that was diarrhea. Thankfully, Vicki was very nice and cleaned up our puppy by giving him a quick bath. However, the way she picked him up was not okay. She grabbed him by his two front legs without any support under his body.
I understand that puppies going to a new home are nervous and sometimes have accidents. However, I also believe that this accident was diarrhea because of the diet that is being fed to the puppies. Puppies should not be eating hard boiled eggs and Vienna sausages. Yes, eggs are healthy for dogs to eat, however I would lean more towards feeding scrambled eggs to reduce the amount of gas buildup in the poor puppy’s stomach. Vienna sausages should not be fed to new puppies! They contain unhealthy amounts of fat and sodium for such a small animal. While we were preparing to leave, Vicki showed us a card that we can scan to leave a good review because “the animal activists are giving bad ones and they haven’t even been here.”
I completely understand why animal activists are writing bad reviews!
After getting our puppy out of that situation, we had an almost 2 hour drive home. We noticed the puppy was thirsty so we stopped at a Kwik Trip to give him some water and see if he needed to go potty. He did not drink any water or go to the bathroom. Instead, he threw up hard boiled egg and Vienna sausages!

We are starting to realize that we rescued this puppy from an unhealthy environment.

Please do not support this kennel!


Korissa Schadrie

Thankful because without this place we wouldn’t have our 2 year old Boston terrier, BUT I would NEVER buy from here again. We’ve had numerous credible sources and fellow buyers come forth with evidence of the dogs coming from puppy mills. We LOVE our pup so much and I’m glad we have her, but If I’d have known this Kennel supports puppy mills, then I would not have purchased from here.


Catherine Reierson

We bought a Boston terrier here in 2020. She is a sweet dog but has sooo many health problems. She was way underweight when we got her plus she had worms (even though they said she had been treated for worms already). As time went on, we also discovered she has bad back legs, skin issues, partial deafness, and glaucoma. And she’s only 2 years old. I feel terrible that I supported this business. They should not be allowed to breed dogs here.