The Puppy Store Henderson (Henderson, Nevada)

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  • Rated 4.4/5 with 597 verified reviews.
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The Puppy Store Henderson Customer Reviews Summary

We’ve analyzed all available reviews for this breeder and summarized our findings below for your convenience!

Customers have generally had positive experiences with this breeder. The staff has been described as welcoming, helpful, and caring.

One specific team member, Brookelynn, was praised for her exceptional service. The cleanliness of the store and the good condition of the puppies were also noted.

However, there are concerns regarding the health of the puppies. Some customers reported that their puppies developed health issues shortly after purchase, such as a bad cough and refusal to eat.

The breeder's response to these concerns varied, with some customers feeling dissatisfied with the resolution. It is recommended that potential customers ensure the health of the puppies before bringing them home.

Additionally, there is a negative review that calls into question the breeder's sourcing practices and suggests researching the breeders of the dogs being sold.

The Puppy Store Henderson Reviews

We’ve compiled a list of the most helpful reviews for this breeder below. We’ve included both positive and negative (if applicable) reviews to give you a better idea of the type of breeder you’re considering.


Christina Rau

Over a year ago we got our first lab and the staff was extremely welcoming and helpful. A year later we walked into the store to find her a friend but unfortunately they didn’t have any labs. The staff kindly reached out and found our family one from another location. I appreciate how much they cared and made sure we found what we were looking for. We are so happy!


Dana las vegas

We absolutely LOVE our new addition to the family. Amanda was great to work with. She is very knowledgeable about the puppies and sweet. We adopted a beautiful Berne doodle and couldn’t be happier. After doing the research and checking out a few places I was very happy when I arrived at The Puppy Store. All of the puppies were very clean the store was extremely clean no smells of urine or otherwise. If you are serious about adopting please check this place first you won’t be disappointed. I ok nly wish I could take them ALL home


Lovie Osborne

We initially went in with no expectations… within a few minutes we were leaving with our forever baby. Brookelynn was a PHENOMENAL team member to work with. She kept me updated on when we could come and walked us through all our paperwork. Very thankful to have chose the puppy store, THANK YOU GUYS !!!


Mishi Bohorquez

I bought my pup Saturday and they said he just had a kennel cough even though some of their others were also sneezing/coughing. They also assured me not to worry because the vet there checked him again and stated he was healthy and if anything to take him to the vet, all will be covered. Took him to the vet today turns out he has a viral infection and he is now on antibiotics. I called to let them know and now all they’re going to cover is his meds. Very confused and upset, I will definitely be submitting the claim anyway and update my review as it goes. Disappointed with this place. Their pups are not worth what they ask I promise.

UPDATE: I was lied to, and they won’t even cover his medications. After waiting all this time for their insurance company to get back to me about the claims I’ve sent them, I had to reach out only to be told that nothing will be covered. It’s like no one knows what they’re doing and just make it all up to get you to go away. Updated to a 1 star!


J Stevens

This place is disgusting. Look at the breeder names of the dogs being bought here. Go look up Sherry Crossno and her farm in Arkansas where she churns out 200 puppies every other month. They’re kept in cages in barns so places like this can exist. It’s disgusting. Do your freaking research before spending thousands of dollars on a puppy to dump in the shelter 2 months later.


kayla c:

We bought our puppy, Zero from The Puppy Store two days ago. The staff was friendly and polite when we bought him, and everyone assured us that he was fine and healthy. Yet immediately when we brought him home, he had started up with a bad cough. Which only worsened throughout the night, his coughs sounded like wheezing and he always threw up when coughing. He has also been refusing to eat and hadn’t pooped since we brought him home.

We were worried of course, since this is our first puppy. So we immediately took him to the vet, which costed us over $500. We called the puppy store earlier to ask if we could get reimbursed for our money we spent at the Vet. Yet they told us that he probably caught it on the way home, since he only has one vaccine.

Usually when you get a virus, it takes a couple days for it to show symptoms. You can’t catch a virus through a 20 minute car ride home. We don’t have any other dogs either so we’re quite sure he was already sick when he was given to us. Just be aware of this before buying, make sure they’re healthy before bringing them home.

(UPDATE) he was diagnosed with aspiration pneumonia two days after I got him. It was not kennel cough like the puppy store had claimed.