The Pet Shoppe (Middletown Township, New Jersey)

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  • +1 732-706-5000
  • Rated 4.5/5 with 368 verified reviews.
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The Pet Shoppe Customer Reviews Summary

We’ve analyzed all available reviews for this breeder and summarized our findings below for your convenience!

This breeder has received mostly positive reviews from satisfied customers. Customers appreciate the helpful and friendly staff, clean facilities, and great selection of puppies.

One reviewer even mentioned that they received a beautiful German Shepherd who has become a trained sport dog. Additionally, the breeder covered the cost of treatment when a puppy had pneumonia.

However, it is important to note that there is one negative review that raises concerns about the breeder sourcing puppies from puppy mills. This reviewer claims to have found evidence of poor living conditions and unethical practices.

This negative review should be taken into consideration by potential customers.

The Pet Shoppe Reviews

We’ve compiled a list of the most helpful reviews for this breeder below. We’ve included both positive and negative (if applicable) reviews to give you a better idea of the type of breeder you’re considering.


Nancy Casa

Great place to buy a puppy the staff is very helpful and friendly. The place is very clean and the puppies are treated great! Puppies are not held in cages they have their own gated area. They have a great selection of puppies to choose from all of them are adorable! You can also purchase your puppies supplies from them the staff went over all the information and answered any questions we had. Would highly recommend if you’re looking to add on to your family!


brandie jimenez

I would like to extend a heartfelt thank you to The Pet Shoppe for their exceptional service. Traci, in particular, was truly amazing—kind, caring, and extremely helpful in finding the perfect dog for us. The shop was clean, and the prices were reasonable. I highly recommend this place to anyone looking for a pet. Thanks to them, we left with our new furry baby, and I couldn’t be happier!


Faith Elliott

very satisfied! i got a beautiful german shepherd and couldn’t say anything better. she’s one now and a trained sport dog . she had pneumonia when she first came home but they covered the cost. awesome placee.


Aviation Force

**Puppy Mill Alert**

I did hours and hours worth of research and found out that these puppies are from puppy mills. How else can the Pet Shoppe have tens of dogs in at one time??? There are numerous reports from CAP, including video footage, of where they get their puppies from.

And remember, they will always say that they have the best and that they check the breeders and that the breeders are USDA approved but that all equals puppy mills.

Also, they don’t even show us the living conditions of the puppy’s mom or dad, pointing out to concerns of a puppy mill.

Don’t buy from here EVER, go to someone who doesn’t support puppy mills!


Isabella Ava

I was interested in seeing a French bull dog on Sunday 10/16 and when I asked to see her There was a women working and she looks at me with a face and goes “do you even have $5,000 to buy this dog”… that was very rude of her and she goes if you are going to buy it you can play with the puppy. There was no guarantee that I was going to buy the dog especially since I did not know how it would act around me. So I told her that. She looked at me with a face didn’t say anything and handed the dog to the other women working there who was very nice and apologized for her. The owner then walks in and he lets a dog roam free in the lobby area and when we were walking out my friend didn’t know a dog was out of its cage and almost fell over it. Very rude and unprofessional they are. With that attitude I will never give this place my money.


Kaila Depasquale

It took me two years to write this post … The damage done to my family. To myself. We bought a beautiful golden retriever from this awful store… When asked about a scar running down her stomach she brushed it off and simply said she had an appendix surgery… I felt compelled and in love with this beautiful dog. And we brought her home and confirming she had NO immediate issues. She died 4 months later… We decided to have her autopsied… And found out she was given a butchered surgery. She was robbed of immediate care from the pet shoppe. And should have been hospitalized NOT put up for sale. Thiscompany refused to help this pup and knowing her case was far more serious than a simple surgery they KNEW she was going to pass and still lied their way to financial gain. This dog needed medication for the rest of her life. Something the vet said ANY PRACTICING VET would have seen and told them about. upon research I found yet another family who lost their puppy within a year with this place. I will be posting the report we so desperately his for the two years. And I am begging other animal lovers to stay away. I have rescued numerous dogs in Athena’s name. And I pray this does not happen to anyone else. These places do not love dogs… They see financial gain in these dogs. They don’t care for them. And they don’t make sure they are safe. And when knowing fully there is a health problem they lie and discount the animal . I loved that dog with my entire soul. As I do my other 3. And this woman broke my family’s heart.