The Perfect Puppy (Scituate, Rhode Island)

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  • +1 401-615-1055
  • Rated 3.4/5 with 247 verified reviews.
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The Perfect Puppy Customer Reviews Summary

We’ve analyzed all available reviews for this breeder and summarized our findings below for your convenience!

This specific breeder has received mixed reviews from customers. Some customers have expressed a high level of satisfaction with their puppies, mentioning that the dogs are healthy, well-behaved, and come from reputable breeders.

One customer even mentioned receiving papers to prove the lineage of their puppy. Additionally, customers appreciated the cleanliness of the facility and the friendly, accommodating staff.

It was also noted that the breeder offers free vet appointments and warranties with their puppies. However, there have been negative reviews as well.

Some customers reported witnessing signs of sickness in the dogs at the facility, such as runny eyes, being underweight, and coughing. They also mentioned their own pets getting sick after bringing home a puppy from this breeder.

One customer even claimed that their neighbor's puppy died within two months and the breeder refused to provide a refund. It is important for potential customers to be cautious when considering buying a puppy from this breeder.

While there are positive reviews highlighting healthy and well-cared-for pups, there are also concerns about the health and breeding practices. It is recommended to thoroughly research and consider alternative breeders before making a purchase.

The Perfect Puppy Reviews

We’ve compiled a list of the most helpful reviews for this breeder below. We’ve included both positive and negative (if applicable) reviews to give you a better idea of the type of breeder you’re considering.


Jamie Sullivan

I stopped at this store on the way home from a birthday weekend away in December 2018. I peeked in the window (the young man that was working that day was a few minutes late to open, no big deal) and saw this tiny little baby across the room, and she actually raised one paw and waved!

Once the store was open, we went in and respectfully browsed. Everything was very clean, which surprised me a little since they had just opened (makes it very clear that the pups are meticulously cared for), and other than just a general smell of dog (even that was less intense than expected, considering that there were at least twenty pups in total), there were no smells in the air and no messes to be seen.

I made sure to check out all the pups (without touching– it’s so hard not to touch all of them, but it keeps them safe!) before I came back to the lone chihuahua puppy that waved. The employee was very nice and helpful, and let me play with her in a little pen they have set up, and I was in love. It was my first time purchasing a pet instead of rescuing, but she was worth every single penny! She’ll be 2 years old this October, and is the happiest, sweetest, most well-behaved dog I have ever known! They even provided papers for her to show proof of her lineage, and I don’t have one negative thing to say about this place.

I’m SO happy I stopped that day and found my Daisy– she is my world! She’s never had a single health issue, behavioral issue, or overall concern the entire time I’ve had her, so I’m happy to share this review so people know that the puppies are happy and healthy, and come from reputable breeders! And thank you for this wonderful animal; she has made my life so much better!


Matthew Ford

I’m so happy with this pup
I wouldn’t go anywhere else for a puppy you even get your first vet appointment for free and warranty with the pup . All these other negative reviews are false. You can go amd look up the while family background going back generation’s.



Thank god for places like this!
I tried to adopt but when your looking for a toy breed it’s almost impossible and if you do find one you’ll have to jump through hoops to be considered.
I walked in the Perfect Puppy and knew instantly I wanted him. I left a deposit to hold and visited him regularly while he was vetted. Everyone was really nice and accommodating.
All the dogs are well taken care of and they get excited to see the help. That says a lot.
It’s been 9 months now and he’s healthy smart and well natured. I’m lucky!
In defense of bad reviews Nothing is guaranteed healthy at birth in life. Nothing!!


Pink Pinky1

It’s like a puppy mill in there! Many are kept in giant metal boxes where they cannot even see out!!! I felt bad for all of them. 8/5/23… i have a neighbor who bought a puppy here that DIED within 2 months. They refused to give her the money back!!!! None of it!!! If you buy from here……. be prepared for the worst!!!!


Kat Trainito

Please don’t get your animals from here. They are from the Amish puppy mills and they sell you dogs that arnt even the correct breed you want and over charge. Go to a reputable breeder. With every puppy you buy from they the puppy mills produce more. I have so many customers of mine that bring dogs in from this place and are misinformed about what actual breed they purchased and the care/grooming they need. One of my clients was charged for a Standard Doodle….her dog is a Pure Bred Mini Poodle. I’ve seen dogs come from here that are sick with kennel couch and many other sicknesses. Do your research and again buy from a breeder if you want a puppy.


Renee Paquin

This facility has alot of dogs. The odor in the facility made me have to leave a few times while waiting to see a pup of interest.
The dog had runny eyes, underweight and clearly sick.
Despite that obvious signs of sickness, my fiancé wanted to purchase to get the puppy out of those conditions.
Puppy displayed signs of sickness from the first night home. Excessive coughing to where it was throwing up, wheezing, not able to sleep and upset stomach.
Took the pup to the vet and confirmed it was sick. Was given cough medicine, anti-nausea pills and antibiotics, along with a recheck in 10 days.
My other dog who was perfectly healthy until bringing home this puppy is now sick as well and awaiting a vet visit tomorrow.
Symptoms of coughing to the point she’s throwing up, harsh breathing and unable to sleep.

Do not recommend buying a dog here!!
My original dog came directly from a licensed breeder in MA with certified health and accredited and was always in perfect health until this new addition came home from this facility.