The Happy Woofer (Harrington, Delaware)

  • 2427 Flat Iron Rd, Harrington, DE 19952
  • +1 302-566-1010
  • Rated 4.2/5 with 81 verified reviews.
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The Happy Woofer Customer Reviews Summary

We’ve analyzed all available reviews for this breeder and summarized our findings below for your convenience!

The Happy Woofer is a highly recommended breeder that provides excellent care for their puppies. The breeder, Diane, is dedicated to ensuring that every puppy is well-loved and taken care of.

Customers appreciate the extra time that Diane spends with the puppies before they go home, resulting in sweet, playful, and smart pups. Diane is also readily available to answer any questions that arise, proving her commitment to the well-being of the puppies.

The breeder's boarding services are also highly praised. Several customers have been repeat buyers, citing their positive experiences with the breeder and the great relationships their dogs have formed.

However, there are a few negative reviews that suggest concerns about the breeder's practices. One customer believes that The Happy Woofer may be a puppy mill rather than a caring breeder.

They had difficulty obtaining health records and seeing the parents, raising red flags. Another customer was disappointed in the lack of disclosure about potential health issues and felt that the breeder did not prioritize the well-being of the animals.

They ultimately requested a refund of their deposit. Yet another customer claims to have bought a dog from the breeder that was not properly socialized or trained and required significant veterinary and behavioral interventions.

They suspect that the breeder was trying to sell the dog due to breeding issues. Overall, The Happy Woofer has received overwhelmingly positive reviews for their care of puppies and the willingness to provide information and support to customers.

However, potential buyers may want to conduct additional research and ask questions about the breeder's practices and the health and socialization of the puppies.

The Happy Woofer Reviews

We’ve compiled a list of the most helpful reviews for this breeder below. We’ve included both positive and negative (if applicable) reviews to give you a better idea of the type of breeder you’re considering.


Lauren Williams

If you are looking to add a new furry family member to your home, The Happy Woofer is the place to go. We actually were fortunate enough to adopt a puppy that was able to spend a lot of extra time with Diane before we took him home and he is such a sweet, playful, and smart pup. It’s obvious that Diane cares very deeply for every single puppy that she takes care of, and ensures that you have all the information you need about taking care of your new furry family member. The bonus and the best part is that she is always willing to answer questions when you have them. She doesn’t just give you a puppy and say “good luck.” We have also used her boarding services on multiple occasions and can’t recommend her enough. I always know our little Oscar is well-loved and taken care of when he stays at The Happy Woofer. Our puppy is healthy and the perfect addition to our family.
Edit to add: I personally met Oscars dog parents and they were also happy, friendly, and very clearly loved just as much as our new puppy.


Katie Roberts

My German Shepherd (born here) and my Bernese Mountain dog love going here which shows what amazing care they get. I appreciate Diane and the Happy Woofer so much. She’s always made time for us and made sure everything was smooth and my puppies happy. 10 out of 10 would recommend!!!


Rosemarie Rose

Wow! I can not say enough about how wonderful the people The Happy Woofer are. We got out first fur baby there nine years ago. Loved her so much went back again three years later and got a second pup. Two years ago a third! They all checked out great at the vet. And are best friends. Diane and her family are simply awesome when it comes to taking care of their facility and explaining how to take care of our puppies! Our experience was just so great that we went back again and again! Can’t recommend them enough! Thank you to everyone there for giving us our little gems!


Kate vez

I bought my beautiful bichon 6 years ago from this place. He’s a great dog however I’m convinced this place is a puppy mill not a breeder that cares about their dogs. When coming to purchase my puppy I fell in love with him instantly, I requested the health records from the parents and they Could NOT give them to me. I requested to see the mom and the said she couldn’t be seen for “health reasons” several red flags. I still got my puppy as I honestly wanted to get him out of there. My friend also bought her dog from here and had a terrible experience ! They sell so many different breeds of dogs only for revenue. I’ve reported this place serval times


Michael Lisi

I would discourage anyone from buying a pet from the happy woofer. Unless you want to risk having an unhealthy pet? If you read the fine print (which they never sent me) they protect themselves very well. It wasn’t until I fished through their website when I found their disclosure statement that exempts them from just about every possible disease. I don’t get fooled very often, but Diane really sucked me into her “I love animals” sales pitch.

I appreciate people who work hard and try to earn a honest living, but the happy woofer could care less about the health of the animals they breed, or the families that may end up with an unhealthy pet. I don’t believe Diane is a legitimate breeder. The happy woofer is nothing more than a 25 acre puppy mill that does not specialize in any one particular breed.

My experience ended after a three week absence of no email replies; so I sent Diane one last email to refund my deposit that I had on a puppy. And thankfully she did refund the full deposit of $200 because she was well aware that I would have eventually disputed it with PayPal.

The lesson is, you really need to carefully screen a breeder well before making a such a huge commitment.


David Corrigan

This is a puppy mill those who say it isn’t, shame on you. My wife and I purchased a dog from them that Diane claimed was a breeding dog that they wanted to sell because they were no longer going to breed shelties. It was described as shy but just be patient.

We have through the vast expense of veterinary and behavioral pet specialists come to realize that we bought from a dog mill. They likely were pushing this dog out because it didn’t have good litters. They knowingly gave us a dog which we’ve had to expend significant money and time to try and make somewhat normal.

It had never had human interaction and wasn’t able to be petted, walked, fed, or potty trained. If you see the stories about how people bought a puppy with no problems be very skeptical. Ask to go and see the entire kennel if you go. If you do and see cages stacked you will know.