The Dog House (Manchester, Connecticut)

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  • Rated 3.1/5 with 455 verified reviews.
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The Dog House Customer Reviews Summary

We’ve analyzed all available reviews for this breeder and summarized our findings below for your convenience!

This breeder has received mixed reviews. Some customers have praised the woman working there for providing excellent care for the dogs.

They appreciated her knowledge, patience, and willingness to provide support even after the purchase. These positive reviews highlight the breeder's dedication to customer satisfaction and the well-being of the puppies.

However, there are also negative reviews that raise concerns about the health of the puppies sold by this breeder. Some customers reported that their dogs developed health issues such as Parvo, Giardia, upper respiratory infections, and kennel cough shortly after bringing them home.

They expressed disappointment with the breeder's vet checks and accused the establishment of inhumane care for dogs. Overall, potential customers should be aware of both the positive and negative experiences shared by previous buyers.

It is recommended that they thoroughly research and inquire about the breeder's health guarantees, veterinary care, and breeding practices before making a purchase.

The Dog House Reviews

We’ve compiled a list of the most helpful reviews for this breeder below. We’ve included both positive and negative (if applicable) reviews to give you a better idea of the type of breeder you’re considering.


Yashira Malave

I bought a Cockapoo from The Dog House back in November of 2019, and she is now 4 years old and the happiest, and most beautiful dog ever. We are now considering buying a second dog, and Iris was kind enough to take our number down, to give us a call when the breed we want comes in. We have had nothing but a good experience with them. Thank you The Dog House, our Luna girl is just amazing!



Idk why this place gets so much hate. The woman working there provides great care for the dogs. Our family was looking for a dog for a few weeks, we would come in and see what they had for option. We finally pulled the trigger and got our boy! The woman (I believe her name was Iris) was so helpful and patient with us, she was extremely knowledgeable and even gave us her cell to call or text any time because she knew we were new dog owners, we couldn’t be happier. Don’t believe the bs reviews.


greg wilbur

Stepped up in major way, they really impressed me with how much they cared and went above and beyond to be sure our pup got the care she needed, and i would definitely recommend them!! Things happen and all you can expect as a customer is that a buisness is willing to step up and do what is needed to fix the problem once they are made aware of it and they did just that!! Edit/Update: it’s been over a year and Roxanne is doing amazing smartest dog I have ever owned wanted to update with a few recent pics!!!


Rebecca Crockett

If i could leave zero stars, I would. My boyfriend and I recently bought our lab puppy from the Dog House, they said he had been checked by their vet twice and was all set, less than a week later the puppy was diagnosed with kennel cough that turned into pneumonia. Currently putting the dog through treatments, we are hoping he makes it. We then found out through several Vet visits, (and thousands of dollars) the Dog House was kicked out of the state of Mass for their inhumane care for dogs. You will without a doubt be sold a sick puppy from this establishment. DON’T adopt from here.


Ali M

This is my dog Odin and I bought him back in 2017. This was my first dog and I didn’t do a lot of research and read the reviews ahead of time. The moment I brought Odin home I had a feeling something was wrong. He ended up getting shots the next day and was still very sluggish. By that night I couldn’t get him to stop vomiting and having diarrhea. I called the vet immediately and was able to bring him in. He was diagnosed with Parvo and had to stay at the vet. I called the Dog House and they said to bring Odin back in to them to see “Their” vet. Their vet obviously needs to get fired or is getting paid under the table to sign off on all this. I said absolutely not! After finally reading their terrible reviews. They said if I didn’t bring him I wouldn’t get reimbursed. When I tell you I called EVERY SINGLE state phone number I could find to get his vet bills reimbursed. Please don’t let this place think they cannot reimburse you for medical expenses! Do your research and call whoever you have to. I was not about to let this dog pass away giving it back to them. He’s now one of the biggest parts of my family. I didn’t write a review for so long because I’ve been so thankful for him being alive. I’m shocked this place is still open. It needs to get shut down.


Pearls Pudding

We have purchased 2 pups from here. Our most recent has Giardia and had a dried snotty nose. We kept him away from our other dogs and still our oldest dog has an upper respiratory infection.

The problem is with these places. So many people in and out handling the dogs. So many dirty shoes walking on the floor that transmit disease.

My vet is their Vet and they are very good, but the Doghouse only has them checked once when they come in.
This is it for us adopting from this place.