Sweethaven Kennels (La Fayette, Alabama)

  • 2064 Co Rd 111, La Fayette, AL 36862
  • +1 706-594-3702
  • Rated 4.8/5 with 17 verified reviews.
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Sweethaven Kennels Customer Reviews Summary

We’ve analyzed all available reviews for this breeder and summarized our findings below for your convenience!

SweetHaven Kennels, located on a farm in Lafayette, AL, is highly recommended by customers for their Golden Doodle puppies. The breeder, Christina, is praised for her quick responses and the puppies' excellent temperament.

Customers appreciate that the puppies are well-loved and cared for, evident from their clean and groomed appearance upon pickup. The puppies from SweetHaven Kennels are said to be easy to potty train and quickly learn commands.

One customer did mention a discrepancy in the breed they received and an issue with transferring the microchip, which resulted in their decision to go with a different breeder. However, overall, customers have had positive experiences and highly recommend getting a puppy from SweetHaven Kennels.

Sweethaven Kennels Reviews

We’ve compiled a list of the most helpful reviews for this breeder below. We’ve included both positive and negative (if applicable) reviews to give you a better idea of the type of breeder you’re considering.


Alaina Brown

We did a thorough search over several state to find a reputable breeder at a reasonable price to get our goldendoodle puppy. We are so lucky we found SweetHaven Kennels. We got our mini/medium F1b goldendoodle puppy 6 weeks ago and she is so very sweet. Christina provided updates throughout the entire process. I was hesitant of being scammed and felt trepidatious to invest, but Sweethaven Kennels is the real deal. Christina and her family love the puppies and you can tell the moment they jump into your arms and car, that they have been well loved and taken care of. When we went to pick up our puppy, she was clean, well groomed, friendly, and sat quietly and happily the whole way home. She has been easily potty trained and learned 10+ commands already. She’s calm, curious and very very patient with kids. We would highly recommend anyone looking for a goldendoodle, to get one from SweetHaven Kennels!


Sarah Wilson

We had a great experience with Christina! Great family breeders, and they have the sweetest Goldens/Poodles/Doodles. 30 mins from Auburn and located on a farm. Enjoyed seeing their bee hives on the way into their property! We love our sweet Bo so much—sweet temperament, easy to house train, hardly sheds at all, and an excellent watch dog, all while being the friendliest dog we’ve ever had! Would absolutely recommend!


caitlyn marie

When searching for a Golden Doodle, I spent months researching and almost committed elsewhere, but thankfully I searched one more time and found SweetHaven Kennels on a farm in Lafayette, AL and let me say it was the BEST decision for our family. We were fortunate Christina had a mini medium that would be available just in time for Easter . We got a boy, named him Arley and talk about amazing, should’ve gotten a doodle years ago. He was already crate trained and basically potty trained when we got him and we are continuing to see he gets smarter as each day passes. He is a very loving, gentle fur baby and plays with our 16 month old granddaughter and goes into protect mode when she’s around. Sweethaven Kennels is hands down the BEST around and we appreciate her responses anytime I reach out. Below is a photo of the day we picked Arley up and his current picture today after a spa day


B Hudson

I did so much research to find a breeder close to me and with great reviews. I located this breeder and thought right away “this is perfect”. I was told I had a standard F1B doodle however I have a F1. I am not sure how his sizing will be but will be but we are doing additional DNA testing with my vet. I also have been in constant contact with the breeder attempting to get my dogs microchip transferred to my name and she has promised several times but has never did it. It has been over a month. If my sweet guy were to get lost or stolen there is no way to trace him back to me. I have sent Facebook messages and texted her direct number. This is so disheartening because I was considering getting another puppy for my puppy but I have chosen to go with a different breeder. When you are providing a breeding service the dog should come with a folder including all pertinent information such as a little birth certificate, vaccination information and detailed parent information. This shows professionalism and dedication to the customers and animals.