Sunshine Puppies (Largo, Florida)

  • 7500 Ulmerton Rd #15, Largo, FL 33771
  • +1 727-333-7512
  • Rated 3.7/5 with 372 verified reviews.
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Sunshine Puppies Customer Reviews Summary

We’ve analyzed all available reviews for this breeder and summarized our findings below for your convenience!

Sunshine Puppies is praised for their genuine care and dedication towards their animals, as well as their commitment to improvement and strict regulations. They prioritize the health and well-being of their dogs, ensuring a nurturing environment and respiratory health.

Their round-the-clock veterinary service sets them apart and ensures that every puppy is in the best condition. Customers value Sunshine Puppies as a responsible and compassionate breeder, especially in a pet store industry that often prioritizes profit over animal welfare.

However, there are negative reviews stating issues with finance, lack of transparency, and claims of supporting puppy mills. Customers are advised to research and choose a reputable breeder that prioritizes animal care and does not exploit puppies for profit.

Sunshine Puppies Reviews

We’ve compiled a list of the most helpful reviews for this breeder below. We’ve included both positive and negative (if applicable) reviews to give you a better idea of the type of breeder you’re considering.


Asti Luff

It was the best experience I’ve ever had buying a dog. You can tell they genuinely care about their animals. The salesman did a great job explaining to me the process and helping me through it all! I love my baby!!


julien moscol

Sunshine Puppies is an exceptional establishment that radiates genuine care and dedication towards our furry companions. While their initial store may not have boasted the most appealing appearance, each subsequent location they open showcases their relentless commitment to improvement. What truly sets them apart is their unwavering adherence to strict regulations, ensuring the safety and well-being of every precious pup.

Unlike other stores that prioritize aesthetics over health, Sunshine Puppies takes a stand by providing a nurturing environment. Gone are the days of pups confined to cages filled with harmful shredded paper. Instead, they prioritize the respiratory health of their dogs, a testament to their profound understanding of canine well-being.

What truly elevates Sunshine Puppies to a league of their own is their round-the-clock, on-call veterinary service. This unparalleled commitment to health and care ensures that every puppy finds its forever home in the best possible condition. For those who hold the well-being of their furry friends in the highest regard, Sunshine Puppies is the ultimate destination to acquire a new canine companion.

In a world where pet stores often prioritize profits over the welfare of animals, Sunshine Puppies shines as a beacon of responsible and compassionate pet ownership. Their dedication to continuous improvement and strict health standards make them a haven for those who value the health and happiness of their four-legged family members.


Chris Spear

We just adopted a beautiful English bulldog and this is our second time getting a dog from them. Chase was very helpful and i am Happy with our new baby! Thank you Chase!!


Shannon Paynter

American First Finance got in touch with Sunshine Puppies & told them American First Finance was the ONLY contract I have when that’s a COMPLETE lie. I signed the contract for EASY PAY, I have all the proof. My contract I actually signed, not the “electronic signature” they chose to sign for me for American First Finance. I DID NOT consent to this. The employees, the buisness, the owner of this place are terrible people. I will NEVER finance another dog or go there again (unless I have to show my face there because they never seem to know what they’re talking about) the guy on the phone couldn’t even think of what to say. They know they’re crooks.

I purchased my gorgeous pup here about 2 months ago. Thank goodness she wasn’t sick. The staff weren’t very friendly, they seemed like they hated their job or maybe they were annoyed because they had to do their job. The finance is a complete joke, I was told $40 BI WEEKLY. Nope, I’ve been getting charged $214 EVERY WEEK. Absolutely unacceptable, they should tell you the correct price. I seen red flags when the employee had to complete information on MY phone. They need to stop telling people “here is your FREE puppy food” like seriously?! They do not inform you the other charges you’re actually paying for.


The finance company they told me I was going to be paying was called Easy Pay. Turn out IT IS A COMPLETELY DIFFERENT company called American First Finance. THEIR payment is the $214 that’s been being pulled from my bank EVERY WEEK. Is this even legal? I am BEYOND pissed. If I was told about this scam garbage I would have just paid cash. ABSOLUTELY SICKENING buisness.

This was my second time purchasing a dog from there but it was a gift from my mother in law who probably didn’t even notice she was being scammed as well. We still have him & he’s amazing an amazing dog.

Will NOT buy from here again.
You people don’t think of your dogs, only scamming.

Blessed to have taken these pups out of a place like that.



This place supports the horrific practice of puppy mills. Their puppies live in harsh conditions, forced to stand on wire all day, sick, barely fed and watered. These poor souls are just dollar signs to these people.
Find a reputable breeder for the specific breed that you want. You’ll get a healthier, happier puppy for a better price and you won’t be supporting these evil people.


e drew

Walls are lined with black metal travel cages, hardly any toys, blankets, or mats for the dogs to stand on. The majority of their puppies state they are from Pinacle Pet- a huge puppy broker based out of Missouri which is the puppy mill capital of the country. There was urine leaking out of the cages onto the floor, the entire place had a foul odor. I guarantee these dogs are riddled with coccidia, girardia, parvo, heart mumurs, luxating patellas, and everything else under the sun. These dogs are from puppy brokers, which buy directly from puppy mills. They are selling sick dogs, marked up about 500%, and will offer financing through sketchy lenders who will have you paying on a puppy over the course of 8 years for 30% interest. No responsible breeder who loves their dogs would let their puppies end up in a pet store. Do yourself a favor and find a responsible breeder who takes care of their animals and does not exploit puppies for profit.