Sunrise Pups (Ostrander, Ohio)

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  • Rated 4.6/5 with 188 verified reviews.
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Sunrise Pups Customer Reviews Summary

We’ve analyzed all available reviews for this breeder and summarized our findings below for your convenience!

Customers rave about the positive experiences they have had with Sunrise Pups. They emphasize that the puppies are healthy, happy, and well-adjusted.

One customer mentions that their puppy was already potty trained after just two weeks. Another customer appreciates the breeder's professionalism and ethical practices, including limited breeding and regular check-ins.

However, one negative review accuses Sunrise Pups of being a puppy mill and questions the accuracy of the breed and health information provided. Additionally, the reviewer expressed disappointment at not being able to see the puppy's parents or their living conditions.

Another negative review mentions poor communication and accuses the breeder of being a puppy mill. One customer unfortunately received a puppy with vision impairments and deafness, leading to aggression and the need for medication.

Overall, customers highlight Sunrise Pups' healthy and well-adjusted puppies, while negative reviews mention concerns about breeding practices and transparency.

Sunrise Pups Reviews

We’ve compiled a list of the most helpful reviews for this breeder below. We’ve included both positive and negative (if applicable) reviews to give you a better idea of the type of breeder you’re considering.


Peggy Johnson

I cannot sing your praises enough, my Sadie is such a joy. She is so smart and already goes in and out the door when I can leave it opened a little to potty. She sleeps all night anywhere I leave my house shoes, so I laid them on her bed in MY room last night . I found you on the internet by chance and knew I would be making a trip to Columbus. This is her picture she is so HAPPY and adjusted very well.I will recommend Sunrise Pups to anyone who wants a healthy, happy, and very affordable puppy


emily Fato

I highly recommend this breeder. We got our dog 11 months ago and he is absolutely wonderful. He is perfect and no health problems whatsoever. When I’m ready to get another one I will definitely go to sunrise again, Without a doubt!
I researched for an entire year before I found the right breeder and I’m so glad I did because I did find the perfect puppy at sunrise. They were amazing and accommodating. They checked in on us just to see how things were going. They sent us a video of our puppy before any monies were rendered. I Also liked that they didn’t have a ton of puppies, so there was no over breeding, Which was my biggest concern. I found them to be very professional and ethical and I will definitely use them again.


Margaret Hutton

We LOVE our Oakley! He has adjusted so well the past 2 weeks and is just about potty trained already. He loves to play amd is such a snuggler. Thank you for a great first experience as dog owners!


Helen Tran

Derrick and Heather are the worst people I have communicated with. I called to place an order for the puppy – confirmed with Derrick that the puppy is still available. Meanwhile they didn’t tell me I need to place an order online to hold the puppy. Then someone else placed an order for the puppy online and it’s sold to that person. No pictures of the parents provided. No pictures of the puppies nor the videos of the puppies provided at request. This is a puppy mill and I don’t recommend this place to anyone.


bj boughter

My puppy was the result of poor breeding from this breeder. He is a double Merle which can cause blindness and/or deafness. Each puppy in a litter of Merle to Merle dogs has a 20% chance of being a double Merle. Merle to Merle breeding wouldn’t happen with responsible breeders. My puppy unfortunately has vision impairments (which we notified of ) but also is deaf, which we were told he was not. I was told my puppy could hear based a 2 minute video they took of the 9 week old puppy running after them in the yard. A BAER test, performed by a neurologist vet confirmed the puppy is fully deaf. I sent the paperwork proving this to the breeders. The puppy is also very aggressive towards other dogs and people despite being raised in a loving home and well socialized. He now must be muzzled and is on 3 different medications for anxiety. We picked him up from a auto detail shop and weren’t allowed in to see where he was staying. We were never given info regarding his parents. They tried selling him for $3000 and sold him to me for $600 because I knew of his disabilities and why he had them. These people are out to make money and don’t care about the buyers at all. They claimed I was trying to ask for money back around Christmas when I filed my claim against the BBB. They are clueless!! Don’t buy!!! So many reputable breeders for the same price! Don’t buy!!


Julie Sparks

We love our puppy we got from Sunrise but I do Not believe this is a legitimate honest business. I researched and did Not want to buy from a puppy mill and unfortunately I feel like this is what happened. Apparently you can not base your choices on reviews. Lesson learned. I will never buy a puppy online again. Our first cavapoo I bought from a local breeder and was able to see both parents. The description of the puppy we bought from Sunrise Pups said he was a cavapoo however the older he gets and the bigger he gets I do not believe he is actually a cavapoo. We never got to see where the puppies were kept nor the parents. They brought the puppies we wanted to see to us in a room to visit with and we never even got to see where they were kept which was probably just in crates. So so sad. Wish I would have asked more questions. We did fall in love with him and thankfully he seems healthy so far as he is supposedly 4 months old now. I don’t believe any of the info I received from Sunrise as the shot record didn’t even match up with the records they gave us according to his birthdate they gave me. When I emailed asking the breeder info (which I googled with no luck on finding breeder) they told me they were a reputable breeder that just started a couple of years ago. I would Not buy from Sunrise Pups if you are looking for an honest reputable breeder. They are just in it for the money & I truly believe it is a puppy mill. We got our pup in January & now they have a new website with a completely different address then we went to. Thankful we were able to save our little pup from this.