Stofer’s Labs (Prunedale, California)

  • 110 Crazy Horse Canyon Rd, Prunedale, CA 93907
  • Rated 4.5/5 with 81 verified reviews.
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Stofer’s Labs Customer Reviews Summary

We’ve analyzed all available reviews for this breeder and summarized our findings below for your convenience!

Stofer's Labs is a top-notch breeder that provides excellent services. Customers have praised their well-behaved and easily trainable puppies.

The breeder is known for their support and availability to answer any questions or concerns. The dogs are described as loving, gentle, and smart.

Many customers highlight the ease of training and the good behavior of their puppies. The breeder is also commended for their spacious boarding service and shuttle.

However, there are a few negative reviews mentioning health issues in some puppies and instances of kennel cough. Overall, Stofer's Labs is recommended for its high-quality Labrador Retrievers and great customer service.

Stofer’s Labs Reviews

We’ve compiled a list of the most helpful reviews for this breeder below. We’ve included both positive and negative (if applicable) reviews to give you a better idea of the type of breeder you’re considering.


Mary Ann Millington

I am very pleased with Finley she was from Bourbon and Snip’s litter,she is a gorgeous chocolate pup,smart,very loving and she has her calm moments,after all she is a 4 month old puppy,it’s expected to have energy.
I am very happy getting a pup from Stofer’s
Labs,they are great to work with and truly are there for you even after you take your pup home when you have question or concerns.
Finley is now 8 months old.
She has been attending puppy social classes,she aged out of them at 5 months.
So we took another couple of classes,I wanted to keep her socializing with other dogs and learn some manners,she did well.
The instructor got to observe Finley from day one till now and said she is a good looking lab and calm for her age.
She still goes through puppy zoomies,gets excited when the leash comes out but settles down.
Stofer Labs is doing a great job providing Labrador Retrievers that are top shelf.
I am thankful that I found them.
Last two pics are Finley at 8 months.


Scoot Scoot

We chose Stofers to get our lab and still use their boarding and shuttle service. All services they provide are top notch. Our dog is a year and half now and he’s not only beautiful, he’s very well behaved and was easy to train. I’ve taught him a handful of tricks that my 8 year requested and each one took a week or so of 15 min a day training. We still use their boarding service and shuttle and scoot always comes back happy. I especially like they have a lot of space for day play. I would still use their boarding service even if I didn’t get my dog from them. All around great business with great people running it that always were available if I had questions or concerns.


Vanessa D.

We have a phenomenally loving, gentle, and easy to train silver lab from Stofer’s Labs. I was very nervous about getting a new puppy, as I have never had a large dog and we aren’t very good at training! But Chris talked me through going home, training, and even let me visit her home 3 or so times before pick-up so I could pick out and get to know the dog that would be right for our family. And she is! Frankie is a small, silver lab that is very food motivated and incredibly easy to train. She was crate trained in 2 days, slept through the night in less than a week, and knew all her basic commands within weeks. When I take her off leash at the Carmel beach she just sticks to our side. And best of all she is really gentle. When she is playing in the yard with my 1 year old grandson she zooms around him and when I tell her to be gentle she stops running and sits next to him or nuzzles him sweetly. We are very grateful to have found Stofer’s Labs and especially to Kim and Chris for all their support!
(Photo is of Frankie watching my grandson play with chalk in the yard. Frankie is 5 months old and 40 pounds)


Tom Robinson

I have boarded my lab twice and both times he has come home with kennel cough and conjunctivitis. He has been prescribed two medications for each from his vet. He is nota happy camper and neither am I. I do not recommend Stofersfor either training or boarding.


Jason Oliger

I would HIGHLY recommend that you be very careful before going with a lab from Stofer’s. Our wonderful chocolate lab has had health and immune disorder issues since day one — clearly diagnosed as genetic after much testing. Thank goodness we purchased insurance and won our appeal. Also, we have learned from other families in our dog’s family tree, with whom we stay in touch, that our dog’s dad has aggression issues (perhaps studded too long?), which appears to be passing down to some of his offspring. Stofers is an impressive operation, but again, I would recommend being very careful in the selection process.


Erica Zoromski

We (including our young son) were very excited to be bringing home our new puppy! As we were going through the pickup process at Stofers, our puppy was super lethargic during the training overview and then threw up in their yard. They gave us 2 ziploc bags of pills to take home with our very sick puppy and didn’t even bother to check-in with us the next day. Within 24-48 hours of being home we found ourselves at the emergency vet, testing positive for parvovirus, which cost us $4,000 to treat, thankfully saving his life.
Kim Stofer seemed unwilling to accept responsibility (incredulously, she said ours was the only puppy with parvo) and mailed us a check for $1000 in an attempt to absolve herself of any liability, and left us feeling rather disappointed & disheartened about the entire affair.
I certainly hope that Kim and her staff have taken a hard look at their process and facility so that this never happens to any family again. We love our new dog, but still can’t believe that this experience occurred by a place that is supposed to have a good reputation.