Southern Water Dogs Golden Retrievers (Naples, North Carolina)

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Southern Water Dogs Golden Retrievers Customer Reviews Summary

We’ve analyzed all available reviews for this breeder and summarized our findings below for your convenience!

Southern Water Dogs is a highly recommended golden retriever breeder. They stand out for their clean and easy-to-follow website, current pictures, and prompt response time.

Customers appreciate being able to meet the adult dogs on the property and the transparency of the breeder regarding the neutering of one of their male dogs. The breeder took the time to get to know customers and trusted their intentions.

They also understand the challenges faced by young professionals and are open to alternative lifestyles for raising dogs. Customers feel like a part of the Southern Water Dogs family and appreciate their love and compassion for their dogs and the homes the puppies go to.

Overall, it is a great experience with great people, great care, and great puppies.

Southern Water Dogs Golden Retrievers Reviews

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Tim Oldread

Great experience all the way around. Great people, great care, great PUPPIES!!! Thanks so much for helping add to our family.


Carolyn Lee

On October 15th, 2021, Ethan proposed to me in a mini stampede of golden retriever puppies at a breeder near us in Florida. At the time though, we had one golden retriever and the prospects of getting two more… but later on. In early 2022, my fiancé and I relocated to North Carolina for his work. At this point, we were ready to prepare for adopting another golden retriever.

The tricky part was, at this time we were not living in our final home, we were in an apartment. During our puppy search, we were actually also looking into finding a home with a yard. These being the circumstances, as well as the fact that I personally wanted to find a breeder trusting enough to sell me a puppy with full breeding rights, made it very difficult for breeders to trust and be willing to work with me (knowing so too!)

This is where Jordan and Southern Water Dogs comes in- after doing my research of breeders in the western NC area, I had compiled a spreadsheet of comparison factors such as philosophy, price, personability, responsiveness, website appearance, and overall golden retriever “look” that each of the breeders I researched produced. To put things plainly, Southern Water Dogs came out on top. The website and marketing platforms were the most clean and easy to follow, pictures were current, response time was within 1-2hours, transactions were handled very professionally through a third party website, I was allowed to meet the adult dogs on property before committing to anything, and really respected their decision to transparently talk about having to neuter one of their male dogs (eye issues) that they had anticipated on breeding initially.

Over the course of several weeks, Jordan took the time to get to know my fiancé and I and ultimately took a chance in trusting that our intentions were pure and making our dogs’ happiness and health paramount.

In doing business with Jordan and Southern Water Dogs, I felt understood. These days, as some breeder waitlists for puppies are years at a time, it’s difficult for young professional families like my own to prove that in 3 months or so, or whenever puppy take home day is, the dog raising environment will be a cozy, puppy proofed haven.

I could totally go on a rant here, but to keep it brief I just think that the culture surrounding dog breeding and selling would do well to evolve with its growing market of career oriented young professionals. Just because you don’t already have a home with a giant fenced in yard, doesn’t mean that you can’t afford one, aren’t actively looking for one, or aren’t creating an even more rewarding alternative life path for raising a family of fur children

To provide some context, my fiancé and I currently own three beautiful golden retrievers, all whom travel with us and stay in gorgeous pet friendly airb&bs on his weeks off from work. (Our dogs are actually named after cities ).

Thanks to Jordan and the crew at Southern Water Dogs, my family has been given the opportunity to grow, thrive, and explore the world, despite not checking off the old school breeder’s required “traditional home environment for a puppy” check box.

For anyone looking to adopt a well tempered, beautiful, and highly intelligent golden, whether your first or last addition haha, I would highly recommended this breeder. Southern Water Dogs does far more than make sure their dogs’ future homes will suit them; this breeder is more interested in finding great future families that will with no doubt provide more than suitable homes .


Steven Hoffman

We are truly blessed and lucky to have a new family member from Southern Water Dogs. From the first time we reached out that we were interested in this breed to bringing our sweet baby home we felt like a part of this family. We were drawn in by their philosophy and mission for this beautiful breed and family dogs and will forever be grateful to be a part of it. Their love and compassion for their dogs and the homes these puppies go to knows no bounds. So thankful to have our sweet girl and will always recommend Southern Water Dogs for families looking for an amazing golden