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Smeraglia’s TeddyBear Goldendoodles Customer Reviews Summary

We’ve analyzed all available reviews for this breeder and summarized our findings below for your convenience!

Smeraglia TeddyBear Doodles is highly recommended by customers as they provide an amazing experience and high-quality puppies with great health and personalities. The staff is knowledgeable and helpful throughout the adoption process.

The option of attending doodle prep school is highlighted as a valuable investment. However, one negative review raises concerns about genetic disorders and the breeder's response to them.

Additionally, there are complaints about lack of transparency, customer service, and issues with the training program. It is important for potential customers to be aware of these concerns.

Smeraglia’s TeddyBear Goldendoodles Reviews

We’ve compiled a list of the most helpful reviews for this breeder below. We’ve included both positive and negative (if applicable) reviews to give you a better idea of the type of breeder you’re considering.


Eric Oliet

My wife and I adopted Teddy, a Twoodle, from Smeraglia Farms in January. Teddy, with his lovable and well mannered temperament, has become a welcome addition to our household. The staff at Smeraglia Farms was extremely kind and knowledgeable during the adoption process. I am especially grateful to Kristen, Teddy’s trainer, and Charles, the head trainer, for their help and guidance in choosing the right puppy for our home. I would encourage anyone adopting a puppy from Smeraglia Farms to consider having their puppy attend prep school. Teddy attended the school and arrived at our home understanding basic commands as well as being potty trained and crate trained. My daughter was so impressed by Teddy, she decided to adopt a Twoodle from Smeraglia Farms as well.


Tina Scott

The whole experience far exceeded my expectations and my Phoebe has completely filled my heart. They answered all my questions and kept in touch through the whole process. I definitely recommend the doodle prep school! Well worth the investment. Smeraglia loves these puppies as their own even into adulthood. So thankful to have them and my f2b Phoebe.


R Wellman

This is our 3rd pup from Smeraglia TeddyBear Doodles and we can’t say enough amazing things about them! From the beginning to the end the entire process is always fantastic. Everyone is super helpful in ensuring that we are matched to the perfect pup for our family. They always greet with a smile, treat you like family, & love all doodles like their own kids. I know I’m always getting a Doodle with great health, personality, and that fantastic teddybear quality that they are known for. Any questions we have are always answered promptly and any concerns are addressed quickly! Thank you so much for another amazing experience and another beautiful, soft, sweet Doodle baby! We would highly recommend them, we have driven from North Atlanta for all 3 pups! They are worth the drive!


Bradley Brown

Horrible customer service. Jared was the worst to deal with, totally came off like a used car salesman. Zero personal attention to detail. Once he found out that we didn’t want a puppy that he had “in stock” he ghosted us for months as we sat on the waiting list ($300 waiting list deposit). I called and complained then requested to work with a different person and still got stuck with him. This guy must be a family member of the owner or something because there’s no way he got hired for his customer service. Jared would randomly send emails of puppies that never fit our profile as he claimed they did. He even had the nerve to tell me that his record show that I turned down available puppies matching my stated profile. (He offered females, I requested males only for example) Finally after not receiving a call from him for months 4 months total on the waiting list, we just decided to adopt an available F1 Doodle instead of the F1B standard teddy bear looking male we wanted. Lastly, paid to have our puppy delivered “Doodle Uber” service, was told by Jared and another worker that it was $1 per mile, then I talk to the person who schedules delivery who says no its actually $1.50 per mile what he quoted you wrong, plus a mandatory hotel charge for the driver after 350 miles.(Surprise!)Needless to say this was yet another thing that rubbed me the wrong way with Jared. I was charged $103 convenience fee for paying by check online in which they never disclosed until after your payment is ran. I demanded a refund on that convenience fee since it wasn’t disclosed upfront and there wasn’t a credit card used to pay, they did refund the $103 fee. $4,000 later (no training) we received our puppy which my family loves him, however this entire process felt impersonal, like an assembly line purchase, they are just on to the next transaction with zero follow up. You would think that for over $4000 spent, that on delivery day Jared would have called or sent an email making sure the puppy delivery went smoothly and tell us to reach out if we have any questions or concerns but you would be mistaken. He Burned rubber on to the next deal. This was a Horrible sleazy feeling experience from start to finish. Jared should be a used car salesman instead of a so called “puppy specialist”.

UPDATE Our puppy come home with worms! We were told by a puppy training academy here in Atlanta that Smeraglia’s puppies are notorious for coming home with worms! It took us 4 rounds (2 months) of antibiotics back and forth to the vet to get rid of them. You’ve been warned!


elesha kelleher

I have never written a review for any website before, but felt it was necessary to report the very unsatisfactory experience our family had with this breeder. First of all, the kennel, does not allow you to see any parents of puppies or see any other puppies they have onsite, which was suspicious.
We sent our expensive (but beloved) puppy to the intensive 6 week (overpriced) recommended training program. Not only was this not very helpful but we began to have issues with our goldendoodle, resource guarding and biting people. When I called for help with the situation, I was at first ignored, and when I persisted, was told it was too late for them to be in any way responsible to rectify the situation. But I was offered a new “trained” puppy for about $8,000, after already spending about $4,000 on our puppy and training! I did finally speak to Carol, who was nice and knowledgeable, but ultimately had no authority for a solution. This was the most heartbreaking experience for our family, as, in the end, we had to find another home for our dog. Since this happened to us, I have heard at least 3 similar stories from people that had bad experiences with Smeraglia. When you drive up, it seems very nice, as does their fancy website. I would not recommend this breeder to anyone.


Jack Meagher

While I love my dog, I cannot overlook that

1) he has a serious genetic skin disorder requiring lots of vet bills
2) we were DENIED our genetic warranty because they claim that this genetic illness could have been due to environmental issues that we caused (despite our vet claiming that is impossible)
3) they continue to breed parents who have sired dogs with SNP