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Sleepy Morning Goldens, LLC Customer Reviews Summary

We’ve analyzed all available reviews for this breeder and summarized our findings below for your convenience!

Customers consistently praise Sleepy Morning Goldens for their exceptional care and dedication to their puppies. Customers appreciate the prompt responses to their questions and the ongoing support provided by Kimberly and Paul, including in-house assistance to new puppy owners.

The breeder is noted for their extensive health checks and early exposure of the puppies to various noises and experiences, resulting in well-developed and well-adjusted dogs. Customers also highlight the beauty and good temperament of the puppies they have adopted from Sleepy Morning Goldens.

Overall, customers highly recommend Sleepy Morning Goldens for their professionalism, ethical practices, and the outstanding quality of their puppies.

Sleepy Morning Goldens, LLC Reviews

We’ve compiled a list of the most helpful reviews for this breeder below. We’ve included both positive and negative (if applicable) reviews to give you a better idea of the type of breeder you’re considering.


Amanda Folkerds

From the time we initially thought about getting an English cream to the day we brought our Sevy home Kimberly and Paul made the entire experience easy and comfortable. I was completely unaware of how getting a puppy from a breeder worked and Kimberly was extremely patient and open with the entire process and did not hesitate to open her home and allow me to see where the puppies lived before any decisions were made. Kimberly and Paul treat the dogs as family and do not practice any unethical breeding behaviors which is what helped me to make a decision that I felt was easy after researching breeders. Once we committed to a puppy we were given consistent updates and pictures so that we could feel as if we were a part of the family already before she came home. In terms of our puppy she has the best temperament and immediately fit right into our family even though this was our first time with a puppy. I wouldn’t hesitate to recommend Sleepy Morning Goldens to anyone interested in an English cream given their professionalism and ethical practices.


Philip Johnson

The wait to adopt a puppy from Kimberly and Paul was truly worth it. We were especially grateful for the exceptional care provided not only by Paul and Kimberly, but also by their children. Their genuine love and concern for their puppies were evident from the start. Our admiration for them grew even more when we received our own puppy, Earl. The questions we had were promptly answered on our group Facebook page, and Kimberly even went above and beyond by offering assistance to a new puppy owner in their own home. Their dedication and support are truly top-notch. Thank you!


Jennifer Stieve

Update: I wanted to update this as our puppy is now 16 months old, and is still the best dog 🙂 She LOVES all people, but especially little children. She has been easy to train and has fit in to our household perfectly. She’s really great with other dogs as well, and loves playing with all of them, no matter their size. We’ve also noticed after being stuck in a thunderstorm at a soccer game, that she was the only dog there who wasn’t afraid of the thunder, rain, or the screaming by the children. We definitely think this is because of her early exposure to various noises when she was with Kimberly and Paul. She has grown into a beautiful dog both inside and out.

We got our puppy from Kimberly & Paul, and have nothing but a wonderful experience. From the first communication with Kimberly, and all throughout our puppy’s mother’s pregnancy, she was excellent to work with. She’s super responsive and extremely helpful (especially for new puppy parents like us!), and you can tell that she loves the dogs and puppies so much. They do extensive health checks, and expose the puppies to all sorts of noises/experiences when they’re little so they develop well. We got to visit the puppies twice at their home before we picked one out, and they were generous with their time and space. We picked out little girl up at 8 weeks old and she’s now 5.5 months and doing SO well! She’s a silly puppy, but calm, kind, and sweet. We’ve had many people tell us how gorgeous and beautiful she is. We made the best choice for our family to get a puppy from Sleepy Morning Goldens, and we are so grateful to have her in our lives.