Silvercreek Chesapeakes (Wyckoff, New Jersey)

  • 412 Woodbury Drive Delaware, 412 Woodbury Dr, Wyckoff, NJ 07481
  • +1 201-891-5090
  • Rated 3.3/5 with 3 verified reviews.
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Silvercreek Chesapeakes Customer Reviews Summary

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This breeder is highly regarded within the golden retriever community for their extensive experience and excellent reputation. Customers consistently praise their expertise and the quality of their puppies.

They have proven to be a trustworthy and reliable source for golden retriever puppies. Their long-term dedication to the breed and their outstanding reputation make them a top choice for individuals looking to purchase a golden retriever puppy.

Silvercreek Chesapeakes Reviews

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Thora Eichblatt

Excellent Chesapeake Breeder with long term experience and a great reputation within the breed.