Silver Bow Labradors (Benton City, Washington)

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Silver Bow Labradors Customer Reviews Summary

We’ve analyzed all available reviews for this breeder and summarized our findings below for your convenience!

Silver Bow Labradors is a highly reputable breeder that has received overwhelmingly positive reviews. Customers have praised their high-quality dogs, beautiful and happy puppies, and the commitment of the breeder, Lauren.

Lauren is described as patient, generous with her time, and helpful throughout the entire process of selecting a puppy. The care and love Silver Bow Labradors puts into breeding are evident, as customers have mentioned the good looks and intelligence of their puppies.

The breeder also offers AKC registration and a full hip and eye guarantee, showcasing their confidence in the quality of their pups. Customers have expressed gratitude for the exceptional experience provided by Silver Bow Labradors, including weekly photo updates, facility tours, and thoughtful gestures like homemade goat cheese.

The breeder's dedication and expertise are highly praised, and many customers credit them for making their dreams come true and bringing joy to their lives. However, there is one negative review that mentions a miscommunication regarding a litter, which the customer found unprofessional considering the high price of the puppies.

Overall, Silver Bow Labradors stands out as a trustworthy breeder that provides excellent customer service, produces high-quality dogs, and fosters a loving community centered around their animals.

Silver Bow Labradors Reviews

We’ve compiled a list of the most helpful reviews for this breeder below. We’ve included both positive and negative (if applicable) reviews to give you a better idea of the type of breeder you’re considering.


Reagan Bender

From the moment we joined the waitlist at Silver Bow Labradors, our journey to finding our beloved black lab “Cash” has been nothing short of incredible. Lauren, the heart and soul behind Silver Bow, made this experience truly exceptional by providing us with unwavering support, timely updates, and a personal touch that set them apart from the rest.

Even before we brought Cash into our lives, Lauren’s dedication was evident. She kept us engaged and excited by sending weekly photo updates of the growing puppies. It was like watching a story unfold, and these snapshots of Cash’s early days only deepened our connection to him. Lauren’s commitment to keeping us informed and involved made us feel like part of the Silver Bow family long before we met our furry companion.

When the day finally arrived for us to visit the Silver Bow facilities, we were treated to an unforgettable experience. Lauren graciously gave us a tour, introducing us not only to Cash’s parents but also to the warm atmosphere she had cultivated. The love and care she poured into her dogs were evident in every wagging tail and joyful bark. Meeting Cash’s parents gave us insight into the lineage and quality that Silver Bow is renowned for. It was a reassurance that we were making the right choice for our family.

And the surprises didn’t end there. Lauren’s thoughtfulness extended beyond just providing us with a beautiful puppy. As an unexpected bonus, she gifted us with homemade goat cheese, a small but meaningful gesture that showcased her genuine generosity and personal touch.

Our decision to bring a black lab into our family, specifically from Silver Bow, was not only based on the Labrador’s remarkable reputation but also because we wanted a companion for our 3-year-old, Westen. Watching Cash and Westen grow up together has been an absolute joy. The bond they share is heartwarming, and it’s evident that Cash’s temperament and upbringing align perfectly with our family’s needs.

Reflecting on our journey, we can’t help but express our gratitude to Lauren and Silver Bow Labradors. Despite the passage of time since we welcomed Cash into our home in February, our appreciation for Lauren’s dedication and expertise remains unwavering. Every day, Cash brings laughter, companionship, and love to our lives, and we credit Lauren and Silver Bow for making this possible.

If you’re seeking a Labrador breeder that goes above and beyond, we wholeheartedly recommend Silver Bow Labradors. From the initial waitlist to the moment you bring your puppy home, Lauren ensures an experience that is not just about acquiring a dog but about joining a community centered around love for these remarkable animals. Our family is forever grateful for this incredible journey, and we can’t thank Lauren enough for everything she has done.

Thank you, Silver Bow Labradors, for bringing “Cash” into our lives and making our dreams come true.


Matthew Shultz

Our puppy Pepper came from Silver Bow Labradors this spring. She’s such a great dog. She’s gentle with our kids; she’s confident in new situations; she’s always reliably at our side; and she’s smart as heck, learning all the time, as fast as we can teach her. Additionally, she’s just a flat-out gorgeous animal. She instantly became an important focus of affection for our household. I’m looking forward to hunting with her when she’s ready — I expect she’ll be more capable at it than I am.

Credit to Lauren and helpers at Silver Bow: all the pups I met on my visit were beautiful and happy and outgoing and seemed likely to make excellent companions. Naturally, I’m sure we got the best one! But I wouldn’t be surprised if all Silver Bow families feel that way.

We’re very appreciative of the care they’re taking at Silver Bow to turn out such a high-quality dog.


Ryan Roberts

We had an incredible experience with Silver Bow Labradors and their amazing breeder, Lauren! From the get-go, Lauren was a sweetheart, chatting with us for months until the perfect litter came along with our puppy, Maverick. She was patient, generous with her time, and super helpful throughout the whole process.

On the day of our adoption, Lauren gave us her undivided attention and provided us with as much time as needed to interact with the puppies. It was a heartwarming experience to see how well the puppies were cared for and how much they were loved. Making our decision from such a lovely litter was not easy, but with Lauren’s guidance, we chose Maverick, and we couldn’t be happier with our choice.

Maverick is not only a joy to our family but also a head-turner wherever we go. His good looks are undoubtedly a testament to Silver Bow’s commitment to breeding pups that you can be proud of. The AKC registration and the full hip and eye guarantee further reinforce their confidence in the quality of their pups. We couldn’t be happier with Maverick and the whole experience. If you’re looking for Labradors with heart, health, and smarts, Silver Bow Labradors is the one to go with, – they’re pawsome!


Harry Balzonya

We spoke to Lauren late in December and she told us she had breed her male Buck to a female that was owned by a friend of hers. She happily took our deposit and let us know that we would have fist pick of the litter. She told us that the due date would be February 3rd. A little closer to then, we asked how things were going and she said the female was definitely pregnant and now the due date would be February 9th. On February 10th, we contacted her and were told the puppies would be coming any day now and that she would call us as soon as they came. One week later, we inquired again and she called and told us that the female was never actually pregnant in the first place. I found this to be highly unprofessional, and frankly either ignorant to her own business at best, or outright dishonest at worse. I’m sure we will never hear the real story. For a breeder that charges $2500 for her puppies, I certainly expected a higher degree of professionalism.