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Silver and Charcoal Kennels Customer Reviews Summary

We’ve analyzed all available reviews for this breeder and summarized our findings below for your convenience!

Customers have had overwhelmingly positive experiences with this golden retriever breeder. One customer described it as a "miracle come true" and praised the breeder's kindness, helpfulness, and the care given to their puppies.

Another customer mentioned that the breeder was always available to answer questions and made the process simple. They also highlighted the breeder's professionalism and care in transporting the puppy.

However, there was one negative review from a customer who had an unpleasant experience with shipping. They mentioned that the breeder initially offered a refund when there were complications with shipping, but later refused to give it when they considered other options.

Overall, customers have expressed satisfaction with this breeder's puppies and their experience with them. They have praised the breeder for their honesty, care, and the quality of their dogs.

It is important to note that one negative review claimed that the breeder's silver labs are not purebred labs, but a mix between lab and Weimaraner.

Silver and Charcoal Kennels Reviews

We’ve compiled a list of the most helpful reviews for this breeder below. We’ve included both positive and negative (if applicable) reviews to give you a better idea of the type of breeder you’re considering.


Carol Zimmerman

This was like a miracle come true for me. I have been wanting a silver lab puppy for the past 6 months or so. I found this listing. Reached out to the owners . I had a lot of questions and of course concerns getting a puppy on line . So much scamming these days. I sent a text first. But immediately received a call to see how they could be of help and if I had any concerns and what I was looking for. They were so kind, helpful, explained the process of how to purchase my puppy on line and what to expect. I felt very at ease after speaking with Michael. I put a small deposit on my male lab. When the liter was born I was contacted immediately . I was so excited . I know I was probably a pain being out of state, but I was told I could call anytime I wanted. Being in a different state again they sent me pictures several different times of my beautiful male lab . They delivered him to me right to my door. Safe ,well cared for. I cannot say enough how I feel in love instantly after seeing him. They take such pride and good care of their litters. He was so healthy and his coat was stunning. Everything I wanted and more. I would recommend them to everyone and anyone who is looking for a lab puppy no matter what color your choice is preferred . They are hands on with all their puppies and you can tell before they leave there the love and care they receive. I am blessed , could not be happier and am so thankful I came across their website. My beautiful cooper is my dream come true.


Mark McElroy

We are so pleased with our pup, Emma Rose. We’ve had her 3 1/2 weeks now! Growing fast and such a personality and training so easily. Michael at Silver and Charcoal is great. The whole process was so simple even transporting her all the way to Ca was done with care and professionalism. Quality people and top notch pups. I would recommend Silver and Charcoal Kennels to anyone. Honest, caring, and knowledgeable.

Thank You Michael!!


Jessie Rinaldi

We had a wonderful experience with Michael.

He always was available to talk and answer questions. Very open and honest extremely easy to work with.

We got a silver male lab, he arrived at 9 weeks old and is so cute!

Vet check went perfect no issues.

Michael arranged transportation as well and no issues there.

Highly recommend.


Brenda huskey Corley

Everything seems nice and easy to access


Michael Lewis

I cannot speak of their dogs, but I did try to use their services for shipping had a very unpleasant experience.
I spoke with Mike in September and he said that shipping to Alaska would not be a problem, but would cost more. I said no problem since that is what I expected. So I put a deposit down.
I then waited until November when I received a call from him saying that they had a female, but he had to apologies because he had not fully looked in the shipping and a few things had changed with the airlines he used. He explained the issues and said that it was his fault and he would do whatever I wanted him to do to make it right even if it was giving me the deposit back. (He was the only one that mentioned a refund in two different conversations that he and I had)
I was grateful for the heads up and pleasantly surprised to hear him offer the deposit back. So I told him I wanted to look into the shipping and I would let him know. Basically it came down to not being able to ship the dog until June and I may have to still drive 6.5 hours one way to pick it up.
So I let him know that he was right in all his information about the shipping and really appreciated his time. Since he offered the refund on the deposit ( I did not ask) I said I would accept it and look elsewhere since I would have to wait 9 months for a dog and may still have to drive 13 hrs round trip to pick it up.
He then back tracked immediately and refused to give a refund if he could ship the dog, even if it was 9 to 10 months past what we had agreed on. I told him thanks but he could keep the deposit and I am moving on.

So if you are picking the dog up in person he very well may be a great person to try, but if you are shipping make sure you do all the home and do not trust him to look into it for you. I would not even try him for any type of shipping.

As you can see from his response there is no mention of him offering the refund if I wanted it. Again I did not ask for it he offered, but now it is only if shipping is not possible.
Also you will notice that he only talks of the normal process. Which he and I discussed before the deposit was given and I am perfectly ok with roughly 3 months after birth. When it changed to closer to 10 months because of shipping that was when he offered a refund if I wanted, but as you can tell that will never happen.
I am sure he has a good dog line just make sure that you pick them up in person and do not try shipping.


Kenny G

Silver and charcoal are NOT LABS! They are a cross between Lab and Weimaraner. If you want a Lab, they only come in black, yellow, and chocolate. You are buying a mixed breed mutt if you buy a silver. They may be great dogs, but they are not Labs. Better to get a rescue.