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Silicon Valley Goldendoodles Customer Reviews Summary

We’ve analyzed all available reviews for this breeder and summarized our findings below for your convenience!

Travis, the breeder of Silicon Valley Goldendoodles, is highly knowledgeable about his breeds and has a beautiful ranch with a state-of-the-art agility area for the dogs. Customers have had a fantastic experience and are excited to bring their new puppies home.

Some customers have also mentioned that the breeder is top-notch and provides gift bags with useful items for the new puppies. However, there are some negative reviews that highlight concerns about the cleanliness of the environment and the breeder's refusal to let customers see the parents or puppies before rehoming.

Some customers have also reported issues with vaccinations and the health of the puppies. Additionally, there are allegations of the breeder using photos from other websites and threats of legal action against negative reviewers.

Overall, it is important for customers to carefully consider their options and thoroughly research this breeder before making a decision.

Silicon Valley Goldendoodles Reviews

We’ve compiled a list of the most helpful reviews for this breeder below. We’ve included both positive and negative (if applicable) reviews to give you a better idea of the type of breeder you’re considering.


Hugh Ward

This is the second dog we got from Travis and the team and they have always done a good job.


J Teague

Travis is top tier. We met him while taking our fur baby for grooming. Soon our frenchie will have a new friend & new addition to our family. Travis is very knowledgeable about his breeds. In fact, it’s quite impressive. His ranch is beautiful and the agility area for the dogs was fabulous! We are very excited to bring our new fur baby home soon! Our experience has been fantastic. Interesting to learn that Silicon Valley golden doodles dogs are also trained for multiple law enforcement agencies for therapy dogs. We made the right choice. Two thumbs up


Sharonda White

We were searching for months to add a new addition to our family. This place was great! Silicon Valley Goldendoodles is a top notch facility. The property is expansive and not only had a variety of Doodle Breeds to choose from but even has a boarding facility and a state of the art agility course.

We managed to find the perfect fit for our family and we are looking forward to the day when we will add another. The owner, Travis, was very knowledgeable and friendly. He provided us with a gift bag that had assorted items for our new child. The information he provided us with gave us a head start to properly carrying for our Daisy.

If you are looking to add to your family as well.. look no further! Silicon Valley Goldendoodles is leading the charge! Thank you Travis and staff for an amazing experience. See you again soon


Adriana Porter Felt

I wanted a small, reputable breeder who cares for the dogs really well. Silicon Valley Goldendoodles is a high-volume dog breeder.

I had assumed the puppies would be 8 or at least 7 weeks old — as is best practice — but later realized the puppies were only 6 weeks old! Our puppy came home with ticks and Giardia. I originally thought, ok, ticks might be a normal mistake…but then Giardia too? Travis offered to cover the cost of treatment but I really didn’t care about the money — it’s about the right way to treat a baby animal. He said by email, “its not the first time this has happened and won’t be the last, we don’t mind and I honestly don’t want to minimize the shock but on our end its just a part of breeding, if we did less volume it would be easier to control things like this.” Our vet was furious at us from buying a sick, too-young dog and I’m really ashamed. Travis says our vet is wrong, but I trust our vet. I’ve also had other people reach out to me after I wrote my review to say their dog came home sick.

We weren’t able to meet the mother, the place we visited the dogs wasn’t where they were raised, and Travis refused to send any photos of the puppies in their home environment. Travis has a long list of reasons why (COVID-19, he’s too busy, he’s moving, his other job had long hours, he’s selling too many puppies this weekend and can’t keep track). I do not know what is true. He alternated between saying they were living with him and staying in a guardian home, which made me suspicious. He says he told me I could meet the mother after COVID-19, but I don’t see this anywhere in our email exchanges.

Travis has repeatedly threatened me with legal action if I do not take down my negative review.
“I would strongly encourage you to remove the negative review.  I will be fishing with our attorney tomorrow and if the review is not removed by then I’m happy to forward the matter to our attorney to pursue for slander.” “My time is very valuable and if I have to spend any more time resolving this it’s just going to cost you more when I take you to court.” I have reviewed his claims and updated my review. I believe this review to be an honest representation of our interactions. I think he is a bully, and I don’t think it speaks favorably of a business that threatens people who write truthful reviews.

Update: Our dog is now 12mo old and 88lb. He’s sweet, smart, and healthy…but we thought he’d be 50lb, not 88lb and still growing! The photos of the parents from Travis’s website turned out to be taken from other websites so I guess I don’t really know how large the parents were or how big he’s going to get when full grown.


Nikki Pano

I was looking at a re-home dog, but the application really suspicious about proof of getting the dog spayed/neutered after getting the dog. Like they didn’t want you to breed the dog. It had backyard breeder/puppy mill vibes. This was only confirmed after they reached out to me to say my application was approved and had puppies right away, but were the same price as a new dog. Then I was meeting owners at the different dog parks. How quickly they were able to get a dog and the health condition of the dog. I don’t think I would recommend this place. I think it’s better to wait to deal with reputable breeders.


shaoli wang

Only care about benefits, environment is pretty dirty. They don’t allow you to see parents or see puppies before rehoming with various excuses. They did not get vaccinations for puppies, I have to do vaccination all over again