Shadalane Golden Retrievers (Vista, California)

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Shadalane Golden Retrievers Customer Reviews Summary

We’ve analyzed all available reviews for this breeder and summarized our findings below for your convenience!

Shadalane Golden Retrievers is highly recommended by customers for their incredible dogs and exceptional training team. Customers appreciate the individualized care and knowledge provided by the team, resulting in well-behaved and good-natured puppies.

One customer had a positive experience with obtaining a trained dog from Shadalane after their previous dog passed away. However, there are a couple of negative reviews mentioning issues with communication, deposit refunds, and unexpected additional expenses for training.

Despite these concerns, customers overall speak highly of the breeder and their dogs.

Shadalane Golden Retrievers Reviews

We’ve compiled a list of the most helpful reviews for this breeder below. We’ve included both positive and negative (if applicable) reviews to give you a better idea of the type of breeder you’re considering.


Julie Gildred Connolly

Cannot say enough amazing things about Shadalane Golden Retrievers. Their special dogs have been in our family since 2009. Everyone who interacts with our golden babies says “you are so lucky to have such incredible dogs.” The truth is we are lucky to have dogs created and trained by Alan Gunther and his fabulous team. When adding a fluffy member of your family, it is worth it to strive for the best, and that is Shadalane.


Tom Shockley

Hi-My name is Tom Shockley and my Golden Retriever Samantha recently died of Cancer after 12 1/2 years which is a long life for a Golden Retriever. I wanted to get another dog but everyone said not to get a puppy. I was referred to Shadalane and they solved the problem by obtaining Lizzie for me. While most dogs go home at eight weeks they kept Lizzie for 23 weeks for training and she came home almost fully trained and I was able to take her to the Pancake House on Saturday and Woody’s diner on Sunday. If you want a great dog well trained I would highly recommend Shadalane Golden Retrievers. Also the book they have on Golden Retriever puppies is great. Lizzie is six months old today on August 16, 2023.



I had a great experience with getting my sweet pupper Sven. Shelley was very knowledgeable and helpful! I was looking for a dog to help with anxiety and even tho Sven is only 7months old he is already helping so much!! The training team (especially Sam and Ash!) at Shadalane has been so awesome helping me get Sven to where he is now!! He is still a goofy puppy sometimes which i truly love but he is also so well behaved and so good with kids that even tho I have only had him an short time it has already made such a difference in my mental health!! I’m so grateful for the individualized care that the team at Shadalane took in working with me and Sven together to set us both up for success!!


Papa Bear

Ok if u are planning to buy a puppy from here Stop and DONT!!! I spoke with alex back on march 24th and he said that they have 2 females pregnant but not sure which litter would be ours to choose from so we should expect a puppy to go home with us in june or early july the latest. So we went ahead and put our 100.00 deposit down and was told to call back may 24th. We called back in may and left messages never got a phone call back but finally i called on the right day and spoke with alex again and he said that he was just about to start calling people for the litter and if we put deposit down we should be on list and expect his call on the following sunday. Sunday came around and no phone call. I went ahead and called the following week and left messages and again no returned phone call. I kept calling, mind u this is like 3 wks later, and finally got ahold of Alex he then mentioned that the puppys would be born in july (which is like 2 wks away) and wouldn’t be ready to go home til September. He said to call back then bc mom would be close to having pups but we should have no problem getting a female puppy because most are interested in males. Of course i called back and no returned phone call. Finally spoke with and said that because of covid19 they wouldnt have any puppies for 6 months!!! I cant believe they do business like this its unethical to take money from someone with no clue if there is even a puppy available!! Im sure im not the only ones they do this to and wish me luck on getting my deposit back!!!!


TAG Growth

We had high hopes for getting a golden retriever puppy. We paid a large deposit to hold a spot for an upcoming litter (almost 900). When it didn’t work out we called and explained why and got the run around. Never received our deposit back after many attempts. We were never told an answer. Just “we will get back to you.”


tom leatherwood

We were so happy to find this company and went to great lengths to acquire a Golden puppy….going to great expense as we had to travel 500 miles round trip which added hotel bills and fuel etc etc…only to find that they wanted 7000.00 additional for training which was for only 2 weeks??? The puppy was singled out for us and marked only 2 weeks ago! When we objected she told us we couldnt have the Dog unless we paid that. And now refuses to give us the Dog that we have a signed contract for but and is ALSO NOT going to refund the nearly 5000.00 dollars we prepaid. Which will force us to go to court to get our money back. This is a racket if not a total scam. Now are hearts are broken because we fell in love with “Bella” as we had named her, from the pictures they were sending us of her. And we still have to drive 250 miles home, empty handed. Shameful if not crooked actions on their part. We are in touch with their local newspaper and have a reporter who wants to do a story on this operation. I would AVOID them like the plague. Is the whole world being run by scam artists the way our COUNTRY seems to be heading? Shame on them……Karma is not always a reward.
NOTE: Aftermath: After threatening us with THEIR lawyer as this played out and demanding full payment they wised up and returned our money. Very little satisfaction in that because here we are 3 months down the road, back home, without “Bella” who we had fallen in love with. I’m seeing $$$$$ as the motivation and not JOY in seeing a Pup placed in a loving home. So we will begin our search again…….As a sidenote, some breeders have told us that due to covid the demand for puppies has MUSHROOMED with so many staying home. What happens when demand goes UP? PRICES go up. Our “Bella” is probably going go to “fetch” more money then we were paying. Hmmmm……? Lesson learned.