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Safari Doodles Customer Reviews Summary

We’ve analyzed all available reviews for this breeder and summarized our findings below for your convenience!

Safari Doodles is a highly recommended breeder known for their knowledgeable and responsible breeding practices. Customers appreciate their thorough personality assessments and the detailed PDF manual provided with each puppy.

The puppies from Safari Doodles are well-behaved, easy to train, and get along well with other dogs and children. They are also adaptable to different environments and have been successful in doggy day care settings.

Overall, Safari Doodles is praised for their commitment to finding suitable homes for their dogs. However, one reviewer had a negative experience when their puppy developed parvovirus shortly after bringing it home.

Although Safari Doodles did not inform them about the virus on their premises, they reimbursed the medical costs. The reviewer emphasized the importance of disclosing potential health risks to customers.

Additionally, another reviewer had a poor interaction with Alicia, one of the owners, seeking advice about their puppy's behavior. They found Alicia to be dismissive and lacking empathy, which ultimately affected their decision to consider purchasing a puppy from Safari Doodles.

While Safari Doodles generally has positive reviews and satisfied customers, potential buyers should be aware of the issues mentioned above and ensure open communication with the breeder.

Safari Doodles Reviews

We’ve compiled a list of the most helpful reviews for this breeder below. We’ve included both positive and negative (if applicable) reviews to give you a better idea of the type of breeder you’re considering.


Dan Baciu

Our doodle just turned 5 years old. We absolutely love him. So does everyone he meets. He is so kind and sweet and loveable. He doesn’t bark, he loves to please, he’s easy to take to work if you choose to.

We spent months researching breeders. Talking to vets. Across multiple states. Calling and interviewing. Visiting in person. Eventually we decided on Safari.

And Safari Doodles was just amazing. Our little fluff ball was the second last little runt of his litter. And he is just perfect. Safari did an amazing job with his personality assessment and got us just the dog we asked for and needed. He even came with a massive PDF manual (!) from Safari. We crate trained him as per the instructions for a year and he has perfect potty compliance. I was also *so* impressed by how thorough Safari was in vetting that our dog would be going into a good home. They had zero interest in selling you a dog if they weren’t absolutely sure their dog wasn’t going to an environment they thought was conducive to raising an animal properly.

In the time we’ve had him, we’ve had *knock on wood* no issues. He eats well, sleeps well, gets along well with other dogs. If I’m working at home, he will sleep and chill and not bother me at all. If it’s time to play, he will run around and go crazy at the park with his favorite toy. He retrieves and drops at your feet (only 3 to 5 times per walk, my only complaint). At the dog park he runs around when other dogs do, and sniffs when the mood is more chill. I feel comfortable taking him to a Starbucks knowing small children will pet and maybe be a little rough with him and that he will be cool as a cucumber and let the little ones have a safe fun experience.

We go on long walks together, he’s a little trooper. He knows how to ask to go outside by putting his head on your thigh, even at night. He spent 2 years going to doggy day care when I worked in a non-dog friendly workplace and the feedback we got was that he was one of the best behaved dogs.

Looking back across 5 years it’s hard to think of what would make him a more perfect dog. We are thinking about getting a second dog.

Obviously from Safari. Thanks y’all for the fantastic little addition to our family. – Dan Baciu


Martha Graham

Safari Doodles is the best of the best. The expertise and thoughtfulness that goes into each and every step is unmatched! So happy to be in the Safari family!!


Heather Crawford

We have two Safari Doodles that are two years apart. We love being part of the doodle family! Very responsible breaders and contribute so much to help with Service Animals!!


R Henderson

Would go again


Alessia B

UPDATE: This is in response to Alicia’s response. I do appreciate honesty and directness, and appreciate how quickly you got back to me. However claiming honesty and directness does not excuse being callous and unempathetic. I was seeking advice in a very vulnerable situation. Had you ASKED if I had done my research, you would know that I not only had, but had spoken to a reputable trainer while I had her. I was seeking additional advice from someone who I hoped would have had insight in a nonjudgmental manner. If you had ASKED instead of assumed I had not done my research, you would know I poured over countless books, articles, resources and boards. You would know that I put my dogs life FIRST and was trying to better myself for the future.

I wasn’t going to add this but due to the unprofessional response to my comment I felt I should. I spoke to a good friend who got her dog from Safari Doodles. The first thing she stated to me was “GO ANYWHERE ELSE”. She stated the communication and service was so poor and due to her dogs poor behavior when she got her, she sent her to an alternate board and train. Her dog is now thriving and doing well. I always feel each dog, each owner and each situation is different and I don’t judge any one on any one particular situation. However, as I’m gathering more data , and speaking to more people, this seems to speak for itself.

Disclaimer: I never actually got a puppy from Safari Doodles. This review is purely based on service, communication and bedside manner of one of the owners, Alicia.

I went through a very hard time with one of my puppies (who I got from a different breeder). It was a long story and I ended up letting the puppy live with a family friend who can provide a better life for her. I contacted Alicia for some advice as I’m looking back and seeing what I could do differently in the future. Alicia was extremely dismissive and not empathetic in the slightest. I understand how many of dogs concerns are due to owners’ behaviors; however stating this in such a dismissive way is offensive and hurtful, particularly for someone who truly loves and cares for their puppy. How would That be taken if a pediatrician or child psychologist told a mother -“it is purely due to parent error” or essentially “ you caused this in your child. Look it up”. Absolutely ridiculous communication and service. Even then, I attempted to ask a clarifying question on what owner behaviors I may have done that could have contributed to my sweet girl’s issues. Alicia’s response? “You’ll need to read up on it”.

I was considering going to Safari Doodles in the future when I would have the right environment for a puppy- but after this interaction- no way. Safari doodles may or may not have great puppies, but they also need to learn how to communicate empathetically with humans.


Terri Thomas

We love our beautiful Bordoodle but he had parvovirus when we picked him up. He got symptoms in his 3rd day home. Apparently all but one of the puppies in his litter got it.

It cost us thousands of dollars to save his life. Safari Doodles told us to contact a pet insurance company within 24 hours and that would cover medical costs for 30 days . They didn’t tell us that there was Parvo on their land or we would have contacted them. Safari Doodles did pay us what would have been the deductible and what our payments would have been if we had taken the insurance.

Who would have thought the puppy they had for less than 3 days would nearly die because the breeder let the puppies get exposed to a deadly virus.

There’s a good chance our puppy will have medical issues for his entire life. Unacceptable!