Sadie’s Doodles (Gap, Pennsylvania)

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  • Rated 4.5/5 with 71 verified reviews.
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Sadie’s Doodles Customer Reviews Summary

We’ve analyzed all available reviews for this breeder and summarized our findings below for your convenience!

Sadie is a recommended breeder for Golden Doodles and Golden Retrievers. Customers have praised her for providing excellent service and all necessary information and documents.

One customer mentioned that Sadie's puppies were already trained to go on grass, making potty training easier. However, there was one negative review mentioning unprofessionalism and a price increase after a deposit was made, which left the customer feeling disappointed.

Overall, customers recommend Sadie for her communication and professionalism, except for the one negative experience.

Sadie’s Doodles Reviews

We’ve compiled a list of the most helpful reviews for this breeder below. We’ve included both positive and negative (if applicable) reviews to give you a better idea of the type of breeder you’re considering.


Naturally Me

I am so happy I was referred to Sadie to purchase my miniature golden doodle. I am pleased with her service and everything that’s provided during the process not only does she provide adequate information to be prepared to take your puppy home, but all the documents and records are in order at no additional cost. I would definitely recommend anyone searching for a wonderful addition to their family to check out Sadie’s website.


Antonio D'Aniello

Picked up our puppy yesterday, she is healthy and has a sweet personality. What made transition easier Sadie already taught the puppies to go on grass lawn, which made potty training that much smoother.

Highly recommend Sadie for those considering and she will answer all your questions patient


Tara Assenza

Thank you for my best friend. I got my girl (previously Kendra), new name is Millie Bobby Brown when she was 6 months old from Sadie and she is the most loving, loyal, Playful yet calm puppy in the world. Thank you Sadie. This dog has truely made my heart double in size.


Bridget Zaminer

4/23/20 reached out regarding purchasing an F1 medium Goldendoodle.Received a response letting me know all that was included and that the total cost would be $1800.She asks for a $200 deposit to be sent when you fill out an application and this amount will be deducted from the $1800.I filled out an app and sent a $200 deposit on 4/23/2020.She responded that we have been put on the waitlist and the puppy will be born in June ready for us to bring home in August.About a month later she updated her website stating that all puppies on her site are $2800.7/02/20 received text stating that the litter was a “false pregnancy” and that I can either get my deposit back or put it towards a standard (large)Goldendoodle.She also stated that they would most likely not try for another medium f1 litter until Spring 2021 which is “disappointing” because “demand is at its greatest”.I then texted her confirming that if we waited until the Spring of 2021 our price would still be $1800.She replied that she was going to have to “wing it” and if she has Spring 2021 F1 medium Goldendoodle pups that are born at her location she will remember the price I was quoted.On 7/24/20 I texted her asking for my deposit back.The next day she texted me that she was able to purchase an F1 medium Goldendoodle litter that was fathered by her mini poodle “Phil” and they would be available 09/10/20 and the price would be $2800.I responded that I thought it was $1800.She responded “not the ones I am buying”.I responded to please just send my deposit back.07/31/20 she sends my deposit back.08/01/20 I let her know that I received the deposit.08/02/20 Her website has F1 medium Goldendoodle puppies for sale that were born on 06/08/20 ready for new homes 08/03/20 and priced at $2800.I text her and she responds “This all transpired yesterday,these pups were born at another location,fathered by my Phil…the family knows what the market has them priced at right now.” This is price gouging due to the demand of puppies during quarantine.


Kevin Dunn

Terrible experience. Agreed to an $1800 purchase price ($200 deposit and remaining balance paid when puppy was born/selected). Submitted deposit in April and when the puppy was born in June, Sadie informed us they were raising the price $1000. She provided us with no legitimate justification. She said they were raising prices to better align with the market, which would be fine for future litters, but not to communicate to a customer after you already agreed to a price and the puppy has been born. It is clear that it was an opportunistic decision to leverage the high demand for puppies during this pandemic. So basically if we were not willing to pay this new price they were demanding, someone else would. And if we still wanted a puppy we would have to get on a wait list elsewhere likely months long by now. On top of that, she refused to even take a phone call to discuss the situation. It was blamed on a ‘partner’ who we were not aware was even involved.

I say all of this after having received several positive recommendations about Sadie which is why it was so shocking. I would love to give the benefit of the doubt and attribute the poor communication to the sheer demand but that does not excuse the price gauging during a global pandemic. This was our first experience with a breeder, so we did not know what to expect. We have since engaged a new breeder and it is night and day the level of communication and professionalism we have received.


Andrew Zimmerman

We got a supposedly Standard poodle and when it was full grown, it had a super flat coat and everyone that seen her ask what dog it was. She looked more like a Brittany spaniel than a poodle. The other bone I have to pick is , the time and date, we were told to pick her up, we arrived and there was at least four other people there picking up their puppies and had to wait a really long time. After driving several hours with kids yes was super aggravating there is no reason this should have been scheduled so tightly. This is my review based off of professionalism and breeding.