Royal Flush Havanese (Fort Myers, Florida)

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  • Rated 4.8/5 with 211 verified reviews.
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Royal Flush Havanese Customer Reviews Summary

We’ve analyzed all available reviews for this breeder and summarized our findings below for your convenience!

This breeder, Royal Flush, has received overwhelmingly positive reviews from satisfied customers. Many customers express their love and happiness with their new puppies, describing them as gorgeous, healthy, sweet, and perfect additions to their families.

The breeder is highly praised for their exemplary service, attentiveness, and care for their puppies. Customers appreciate the abundance of helpful information provided on the breeder's website, which gives them confidence in providing the best possible care for their new furry companions.

These positive reviews highlight the breeder's dedication to their puppies' well-being and the satisfaction of their customers. However, there is one negative review that alleges Royal Flush to be a puppy mill, criticizing the breeder for lack of socialization, neglect, and profiting off the animals.

This negative review stands out as it raises concerns about the breeder's ethical practices. Another review questions the purity of the Havanese breed sold by the breeder, claiming that the DNA results showed a significant mix of other breeds.

This review suggests a lack of transparency or accuracy in the breeder's claims about the breed's lineage, which potential customers may find valuable to know. In addition, there is a review that specifically mentions an individual named Holly Mastroianni, who is described as rude and unprofessional.

This negative interaction with a specific staff member may impact potential customers' perception of the breeder's overall professionalism and customer service. Overall, Royal Flush receives high praise for their puppies' quality, customer service, and helpful resources.

However, the negative reviews regarding potential ethical concerns and breed purity should be considered by potential customers when making a decision.

Royal Flush Havanese Reviews

We’ve compiled a list of the most helpful reviews for this breeder below. We’ve included both positive and negative (if applicable) reviews to give you a better idea of the type of breeder you’re considering.


Chandra R.

We adopted our Havanese puppy from Royal Flush over a month ago and I’ve been waiting to write a review to get a good feel for our pup, his health, temperament, etc. I am happy to report our puppy, Indy, has been very healthy, happy, sweet, and just perfect all around. Royal Flush is accessible and easy to communicate with both pre- and post-adoption, and had the paperwork organized, complete and ready to go. I wouldn’t hesitate to recommend Royal Flush as a high quality, very reputable breeder, and am so grateful we found them.


Lisa Keeling

We are SO in love with our GORGEOUS, SNUGGLY, SWEET and SPUNKY chocolate sable puppy, Zuzu who we just picked up yesterday from RFH. She is EVERYTHING we envisioned and more!! After recently losing our senior Maltese at 16.5 year old we felt SUCH a void we knew we would need to get another pet right away – but we were not about to settle. We also knew we wanted a Havanese and were THRILLED to receive the recommendation of a breeder (relatively) close to where we live. From start to finish RFH has been EXEMPLARY to work with!! They listened to our situation, what we had in mind, and found us the PERFECT fit in a timeline that also WAY exceeded our expectations! White glove service and you can tell they truly care about their pups. The website and materials provided are beyond helpful and give us the confidence we need to be sure we are giving our new lovebug the best possible care. THANK YOU doesn’t cover it – you’ve helped us find the PERFECT addition to our family!!


Avarie Lewis

We had the best experience buying our first ever puppy from Royal Flush! Mosie is such a perfect addition to our family. She is a gorgeous, healthy, sassy (especially with those eyebrows!), sweet, cuddly, girl. She is now 7 months old! Being first time doggy parents we were nervous about giving her the best care possible. Royal Flush has an abundance of information on their website that put those anxious feelings to rest. Any questions I had they happily answered for me in full detail! If anyone I know is looking for a Havanese puppy to add to their family, I will always recommend Royal Flush! Thank you for my new little best friend! 🙂


Anne Milbauer

Havanese sold here are not purebred. In fact our Havanese dna results are 62% Havanese 12.5% shih tzu 12.5% maltese and 12.5% herding breeds. The Havanese I bought from a reputable breeder dna results came back 100% Havanese.


Nathaly Pereda

Holly Mastroianni is the rudest and most unprofessional person I have ever spoken to. Definitely would not recommend, not even a conversation! RATING -10


Jasmine Becker

This place is clearly a puppy mill. I went in for a working interview a while ago and was very disheartened at what I saw. The dogs get NO access to the outside except when they are bred. Puppies that are born with severe birth defects and who won’t be profitable are left alone to die instead of being humanely euthanize or given any vet care. The adult dogs get no socialization and all of the time employees spend there is spent cleaning instead of maybe giving these dogs some desperately needed exercise or affection. These dogs live limited, sad lives and it appears that the owners only care about profiting off of these animals. I’m so glad I did not take the job, I wouldn’t have been able to participate in animal neglect and abuse. The fact that places like this are able to legally exist and exploit animals is sickening to me. If you love animals this is NOT the place for you and for the love of God please don’t buy from these people.