RockErin Kennels & Retrievers (Stillwater, Oklahoma)

  • 615 Rock Ct, Stillwater, OK 74075
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  • Rated 5/5 with 5 verified reviews.
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RockErin Kennels & Retrievers Customer Reviews Summary

We’ve analyzed all available reviews for this breeder and summarized our findings below for your convenience!

Customers have consistently praised this golden retriever breeder for producing exceptional and highly trainable dogs. Many reviewers mention the exceptional athleticism and drive to please exhibited by the breeder's puppies.

One reviewer's pro trainer even touted their dog as his favorite golden ever, attributing their exceptional work ethic to having a "black heart" like a labrador. Another reviewer proudly shared the accomplishments of their dog, highlighting titles in various competitions and the fact that the dog still looks and acts much younger than his age.

Multiple reviewers praised the breeder's dogs for their abilities as hunting companions, with one reviewer specifically mentioning success in pheasant hunting and waterfowl. The breeder's dogs are also spoken highly of as fantastic companions, with one reviewer describing their older dog as still acting like a young pup at 14 years old.

Additionally, the breeder is commended for their gentle training methods and the pleasure of watching them work with the dogs. Overall, customers have expressed their satisfaction with this golden retriever breeder and their dogs.

RockErin Kennels & Retrievers Reviews

We’ve compiled a list of the most helpful reviews for this breeder below. We’ve included both positive and negative (if applicable) reviews to give you a better idea of the type of breeder you’re considering.


randy teakell

I have been hunting behind great Goldens for 42 years. 6 years ago I bought Rock-Erin Bird-d from Mr. McCann. She is an exceptional retriever and companion. She is a very quick learner – extremely driven to please. She is an exceptional athlete. My pro trainer says she is his favorite Golden Ever – he says she has a Black Heart ( Labrador ) and lives to work. I am very well pleased with Mr. McCann’s creation.


Jennifer Flesner

I have one of the sons of Red River Ruckus (bred to Bring-It-On-Bracken of Innisfree Retrievers), born on St. Patrick’s Day in 2011. He has a sweet, outgoing temperament and plenty of drive! At almost 12 years old, he still loves to train and continues to compete, even in agility. He has titles in rally, scentwork, agility, trick dog, CGCA, fastcat, and his FDC. His coat is a gorgeous red like his dad’s, and he still looks and acts like a much younger dog. Really proud of him and feel privileged to have an Innisfree/RockErin pup!


Wayne Parker

I have owned two RockErin Golden retrievers from Joseph McCann. Both were wonderful dogs. Rowdy who lived to 14 was trained by Joseph and was a great hunting dog which I and the family enjoyed immensely. He worked pheasants and was great on waterfowl. Darby is now 14 and still acts like a young dog. He was also trained by Joseph but due to my health issues I was not able to hunt Darby but he is a fantastic companion. My brother and another friend have owned RockErin Goldens and they have been very pleased with their pups.

Joseph is a great person to work with and is extremely gentle in the training process. It’s a treat to watch him work the dogs. I can’t say enough good about him and his dogs.