Robbin’s Treasures (Howell, Michigan)

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  • +1 734-260-3241
  • Rated 4.9/5 with 70 verified reviews.
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Robbin’s Treasures Customer Reviews Summary

We’ve analyzed all available reviews for this breeder and summarized our findings below for your convenience!

Robbin's Treasures is highly praised by customers for their quality care and knowledge in best practices for the health and development of their dogs. Customers appreciate the breeder's availability for questions and communication throughout the adoption process, as well as the regular updates and photos provided.

The breeder goes above and beyond by making thoughtful gestures like creating a video and providing a goodie bag with essential items for first-time dog owners. Customers also commend the breeder for ensuring a peaceful transition for their puppies with provided food, toys, gates, educational materials, and even a snuggle puppy.

The puppies from this breeder are reported to be thriving in their new homes and have good health. Additionally, the breeder's willingness to keep a puppy for an extended period of time for a customer who was out of the country shows their commitment and flexibility.

These positive experiences highlight the breeder's dedication to providing a great start in life for their puppies. However, there is a negative review that cautions potential customers to be careful and get references from this breeder.

The reviewer shares their disappointment in the breeder selling the puppy out from under them and mentions inconsistencies and communication issues. While this negative review stands out, it is important to consider that one negative experience may not necessarily reflect the overall reputation of the breeder.

Robbin’s Treasures Reviews

We’ve compiled a list of the most helpful reviews for this breeder below. We’ve included both positive and negative (if applicable) reviews to give you a better idea of the type of breeder you’re considering.


Sylvia LaPratt

Adopting our puppy from Gina and Robbin’s Treasures has been a wonderful experience! She was always fast to respond to questions during the process and they even kept our puppy for two more weeks, because we were out of the country. The handover was calm, friendly and we got sooooo many amazing goodies for our puppy! Our new doggie has been with us for a week and has adjusted well, loves to play and to snuggle. Thank you for giving her the best start in life!


Tess Matthys

I am so grateful I found Gina & Megan at Robbin’s Treasures! Through a random series of events I was led to them and I immediately had a good feeling. I could see they cared about quality care for their dogs and were knowledgable in best practices for their health and development. Leading up to our pick up day, they were very available for questions, very communicative and regularly sent updated photos. They even made a little video for me to surprise my husband on our anniversary, how thoughtful! They put so much intentionality into making the transition for our sweet girl peaceful (providing food, toys, gates, an educational binder and even a snuggle puppy to help with the drive home!) and our little love is thriving because of all they did to support and educate us. My in-laws got two of her siblings in the same litter so they get to have playdates all the time too! We are all thrilled. Looking forward to her first vet visit soon, but all signs point to a healthy and happy puppy!


Bailey Bowns

Meet Koda! We adopted him from Robbins Treasures 2 weeks ago and he is perfect! He is the cutest little guy. Gina made the adoption process very easy and was always available for questions. Koda was sent home with a goodie bag with all the items a first time dog owner needs. Koda had his first vet visit today and we were informed he is a very healthy puppy. So glad we found Robbins Treasures and were able to add this guy to the family.


Beth Rosenthal

Jim Wade,this breeder just did the exact same thing to us. I talked to her 2/19 was told we were in the #2 spot to pick a boy from this new “never tried” mom. Sent me pictures of the mom & I said I was interested & wanted to move forward. The other day checked the site to see that breeder was taking deposits & contracts. When I questioned it, was told that she wasn’t sure this litter was what I was looking for & I seemed very specific. I was then sent a contract 2 days after the post. Contract looked for $375, but website posting said $100. Contract didn’t include most all wording that the site did, so I questioned it. I was then told that she’s out of town & it didn’t feel like a good fit cuz I was asking too many questions & was very specific. When I was talking breeder hung up on me. We were so excited for our upcoming addition & spent a ton of money on dog things at Disney & even picked out a name. Be Careful with this breeder &get references. Stories in conversp ations dont add. Up& too many inconsistencies when talking or texting. Also if you check their price point,they are extremely lower than others. So that should be a red flag as well. I’m so devastated, I was looking so forward to my new puppy


Jim Wade

The short version is: we signed a contract with this breeder for a puppy (“yellow”) on February 21, 2022 and put down a one thousand dollar deposit. Her travel plans for delivering the puppy to us fell through, and rather than trying to make other arrangements with us, she decided to sell the dog out from under us.
The long version is: she let us believe for two weeks that everything was fine and that we would have the dog somewhere between March 9th and 12th. She answered our questions, provided pictures and let us FaceTime with the dog while at the same time making posts on her Facebook page that the puppy was still available.
On February 25th, four days after we signed the contract, she posted that “yellow” was the last puppy available from her litter. (See attached photo) a woman replied that the website claimed the puppy was already sold. The breeder responded that she became available again because the “family had an emergency.”
We didn’t notice these posts until March 5th. When my wife asked her why she was advertising the puppy we had under contract, she took on a “how dare you accuse me” attitude. She later claimed these messages were very rude and were a “red flag” that led her to decide not to sell the puppy to us. She refunded our deposit on March 6th and had miraculously found it a new home the next day.
I would be very wary dealing with this breeder. She let us believe for two week that we would have this beautiful puppy by now when she had no intention of delivering. We became very emotionally invested and purchased many toys and supplies only to be crushed. It will be hard to trust another breeder to try again.