River Retrievers (Brooksville, Florida)

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River Retrievers Customer Reviews Summary

We’ve analyzed all available reviews for this breeder and summarized our findings below for your convenience!

River Retrievers is highly praised by customers for their dedication and commitment to their dogs and the families they place them with. The owner, Rebecca, is patient and thorough in answering questions and providing support even after the puppies are adopted.

Customers appreciate Rebecca's advice to wait before getting another dog to ensure a strong bond with their first puppy. One customer mentions that they got another dog from River Retrievers and both dogs have been excellent additions to their family.

The breeder's program is highly regarded, particularly for training service dogs for individuals with disabilities. River Retrievers is known for upholding AKC standards and producing socialized, well-behaved, and beautiful dogs.

They also offer boarding services for the puppies they have bred. However, there is one negative review that claims River Retrievers operates like a puppy mill, with frequent litters.

Another customer shares their experience of purchasing a puppy with health issues that resulted in high veterinary bills. They express disappointment in the breeder and veterinarian for not disclosing these issues beforehand.

Additionally, there is a complaint about the delay in transferring microchip information and AKC registration. Overall, while the majority of reviews speak highly of River Retrievers, the negative experiences highlight the importance of transparency and thoroughness in the breeding process.

River Retrievers Reviews

We’ve compiled a list of the most helpful reviews for this breeder below. We’ve included both positive and negative (if applicable) reviews to give you a better idea of the type of breeder you’re considering.


Kristinna Sanchez

Absolutely the best Labrador breeder! Simba has been totally healthy for over 9 years and still acts like a young pup! Simba was trained as a mobility service dog for our daughter with cerebral palsy. Owner, Rebecca, even assisted in several of his public training sessions and went out of her way to attend trainings at several Florida theme parks with him. Her program is top notch if you are looking for a quality pet, show prospect, retriever, or service work.


Marlene Kromchad

Four years ago when we started to look for a reputable breeder we came across River Retrievers. We watched and researched them for over a year before we reached out. The owner was extremely patient with me as I asked her a million questions as a first time dog owner. She was thorough in her placement and we were blessed to get our Molly. I continued to keep in touch with the owner asking her periodic questions as Molly developed and just sending posts. I thank GOD every day for Rebecca. She placed a piece of my heart into our family. We wanted another chocolate from her but she advised we should wait until Molly was at least two as to not disrupt or interfere with the bond we would have with Molly. She could have easily sold us a dog right away if it was all about the money but is is not. She is truly dedicated and committed to her dogs and the families in which they are placed. We did get another chocolate in November of 2022…our chocolate lab Maggie. Maggie turned out to be the niece of our older dog Molly. They are both the best! I continue to keep in touch with Rebecca and ask her questions. She is truly a GOD send. Thank you Rebecca. We are blessed to be an extension of your fur family.


Stephanie Sedacca

We’ve owned many dogs, some labs, some Goldens. This breeder is not only committed to the preservation of the breed, but also dedicated to finding the best homes for their pups. This couple works tirelessly to uphold the AKC standards. Although every dog has their own personality, all of their dogs are socialized, impeccably behaved, loving, and gorgeous. Our dog is one of show quality but could not be a better family member to us.
We are customers to River Retrievers, and therefore family for life. You need your dog boarded, they will board any pup they’ve bred; and rest assured they’ll be in the best hands. If you want the best of the Labrador breed and the best of breeders, look no further.


Adam F.

I would not recommend a puppy from River Retrievers. They say they are breeding responsibly, yet about every two-three weeks they have a new litter. Looking back and viewing the activity with this breeder, it’s just another puppy mill with a better looking facade.

I purchased a chocolate lab, who quickly developed skin allergies, seizures and hip dysplasia. We love the guy to death but in reality he cost me on average 500 a month in vet bills for about 8 months, due to his various conditions.

Watching him have seizures is heartbreaking, even more so considering I have a older lab from a different breeder, who has had zero issues in the last 7 years.


Bryan P

On April 15, 2017, I purchased a black Labrador from River Retrievers. The veterinarian, Dr. Lauren A Taylor (from Three Oaks Veterinary Services), saw him on April 15, 2017 and gave him a clean bill of health. Within 24 hours I noticed he had an issue with his eye (it was cloudy). Later to find out, from a specialist, that it is PHPV with vessels. Had I been told ahead of time that the puppy had an issue, I don’t know if I would have purchased him, as there is the possibility of further complications such as cataract surgery. The breeder and the veterinarian both failed to identify and/or disclose any issues relating to his eye.

Be cautious when purchasing a puppy from River Retrievers. It took 5 months for the owner to transfer any microchip information and AKC registration to me. The reality is if I had a choice between a car with a transmission issue or one with out, I’d buy the one with out (knowing that one day there might be one). The puppy is part of our family now, however, given the opportunity between a puppy with a known ailment and one with out, I would have chosen one without. Especially for $2000.

To be clear on timing
4/15 purchased puppy
4/16 identified issue
5/9 specialist appointment (wanted earlier but breeder purchased insurance and asked us to wait for waiting period of insurance to end)
* By then puppy became part of family, exchange was not an option
6/22 provided name for registration (not 4 months)

You can compare this situation to anything that deals with a seller not disclosing issues to a customer. Love the puppy, and I’m sure breeder has had good intentions in the past… this however, missed the mark for me.


Jeff Hornsby