River Falls Goldendoodles (Easley, South Carolina)

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River Falls Goldendoodles Customer Reviews Summary

We’ve analyzed all available reviews for this breeder and summarized our findings below for your convenience!

Customers have had consistently positive experiences with River Falls Goldendoodles. The breeder uses personality matching to ensure the perfect fit for each family, and customers have received puppies with excellent temperaments and beautiful coats.

The puppies have been easy to train, and many customers have been so satisfied that they have considered getting a second puppy from this breeder. Steve and Neelie, the breeders, have been breeding Goldendoodles for over 20 years and take great care in ensuring they are breeding healthy and intelligent puppies.

They provide a loving family environment and offer a wealth of information on puppy development, training, and nutrition. Customers have appreciated their guidance in choosing the right puppy for their family.

Overall, customers highly recommend River Falls Goldendoodles for their quality puppies and exceptional customer service.

River Falls Goldendoodles Reviews

We’ve compiled a list of the most helpful reviews for this breeder below. We’ve included both positive and negative (if applicable) reviews to give you a better idea of the type of breeder you’re considering.


Jennifer Rice

I am so pleased with my pup from River Falls! They do personality matching and we have the absolute perfect fit for our family. I loved being able to see pictures of my pup before he came home. We receive so many compliments about his temperament and coat. My 12 week old pup has been so easy to train we are considering adding a second puppy. You won’t regret a pup from this breeder!

*Update to add- I did add another puppy from River Falls and he is also a joy!


Anna Conley

My Charlie is the first dog my husband and I have ever had, and he is the best and cutest puppy ever thanks to Steve and Neelie. They stayed in contact during the entire process and were always available to answer questions. I am so thankful for River Falls Goldendoodles because I couldn’t imagine life without my sweet little Charlie!!!


Dan Morton

We got our puppy from River Falls Goldendoodle 3 weeks ago. We chose River Falls Goldendoodles at the recommendation of my daughter who got a Goldendoodle puppy there 3 years ago. My daughter’s dog is a beauty; she is also intelligent with a sweet, loving temperament. We are so happy with our puppy! She is also a beauty with a high level of intelligence and a sweet, loving temperament. She loves sleeping in her crate at night, she is already potty trained, and she understands and follows several commands. She also naps when directed to go to her bed! Our puppy’s similarity to my daughter’s dog is no coincidence. Steve and Neelie, a married couple who run River Falls Goldendoodles, have been breeding Goldendoodles for well over 20 years. They take care to ensure they are breeding puppies that are healthy, intelligent with the good temperaments that are needed to make a good adjustment in their new families. Steve and Neelie also take care to raise and nurture the puppies they breed in their loving family environment. In addition, Steve and Neelie provided us with a great deal of information regarding issues such as puppy development, training, and nutrition. I also appreciated their recommendations for all the things we needed to be ready to bring home a puppy. I relied on their guidance regarding my puppy pick. And we got the perfect puppy for our family. That’s Rosie!

Mary Kay & Dan