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Quivira Golden Retrievers Customer Reviews Summary

We’ve analyzed all available reviews for this breeder and summarized our findings below for your convenience!

Customers rave about the Golden Retrievers from this breeder, highlighting their sweet and lovable nature, easy trainability, and good health. The breeder is commended for their love and investment in their dogs.

Customers also appreciate the breeder's quick communication. However, there are concerns about unresponsiveness and failure to provide registration paperwork in a timely manner, which has led to frustration and negative experiences.

Additionally, one customer experienced health issues with their puppy and expressed disappointment with the lack of promised refund and communication. Overall, customers are happy with the quality and temperament of the puppies, but caution is advised regarding communication and paperwork-related matters.

Quivira Golden Retrievers Reviews

We’ve compiled a list of the most helpful reviews for this breeder below. We’ve included both positive and negative (if applicable) reviews to give you a better idea of the type of breeder you’re considering.


Kaylee Kosareff

I got my beautiful Islay just over two years ago and she is incredible. Every vet I’ve ever been to says how healthy she is, I’m constantly approached about her “perfect show dog size” and how it’s “clear she came from amazing genes/they love her coat.” Her temperament is the seller though! She is unbelievably calm. No hyperactivity, no barking, no chewing. I know that’s half genes and half how they’re raised, but still! She isn’t spooked by sounds, people, etc so she was clearly socialized well in puppyhood. Smooth process to purchase as well.


Emily W

Our Hadley just turned 7 years old from this breeder and we could not be happier with her. She is the sweetest dog; was easy to train and is oh so lovable. She loves toys and people more than anything. She is also such a pretty girl – we’ve gotten compliments on her over the years! She’s never had any health problems. I’m not sure what the business is like now or who runs it, but I do remember when we were picking Hadley out we were SO impressed how much the owner loved the dogs. She was clearly so invested in the adult dogs and puppies. We occasionally inquire about getting another dog and just can’t decide but communication has always been quick! Maybe sometime soon!



We bought our Sweet Girl Golden Retriever from Natalie and her husband Doug about 3 1/2 Years ago and she is Absolutely the Sweetest, Most Lovable, Dog And Loves to give you Kisses. She is so Smart and self taught on a lot of things. She is shorter than most Golden Retrievers but we LOVE Her size. She is Soo Fluffy as she has a lot of English Cream in her. She came from the litter of Dash and Winston and just as Sweet as her Mom Dash. We would definitely purchased another Golden Retriever from them in the future. Thanks for everything Guys.


Riley Welner

Quivira Golden Retrievers came very highly recommended by family friends and I have been thoroughly disappointed with my experience. I reached out to Natalie in November of 2022 requesting a spring liter puppy. I paid my deposit and waited until after the holidays to reach out and see if any of the females had become pregnant. I reached out via email at the end of January and received a response that there were three current liters that would be available within 3-4 weeks. After this the next earliest available would be likely June as they had a hard time breeding in the winter. I responded immediately and wished to choose a pup out of one of those three liters and asked for next steps for selection/pick up. A week went by with no response, so I followed up again via email. Another two weeks went by. I decided to try texting as email was getting me nowhere mid-February (when the pups should have been close to coming home), and again – no response. The first week of March I sent another text, this time expressing my frustration, and immediately received a response saying pups would be ready in 2-3 weeks (mind you I was told 3-4 weeks in January and I am now being told the same again in March.) I responded and asked again for next steps regarding selection/pick up and never received a response. It is now mid-April and have yet to hear from Natalie. At this point, I have requested a refund of my original deposit and
am once again waiting for a response.


Dustin Sweeney

We bought our puppy from this breeder in Kansas over 7 months ago and they have been unresponsive and still not provided our registration paperwork. Although we love our golden I would not recommend buying a puppy from this breeder. I will be reporting to AKC next. We were told we would receive registration paperwork and every time we are able to get ahold of Natalie which is rare she gives us an excuse like they had to send in the dna. WHERE IS OUR REGISTRATION PAPERWORK. VERY UNPROFESSIONAL.

April 1st 2023 – I still have not received anything as far as registration paperwork for our Maverick (will be 1 years old on April 8th.) Just saw a response to our review from Quivera Golden Retrievers stating they have finally provided all necessary information, documentation, and a healthy puppy. The only thing they have provided is a healthy puppy. No paperwork. They took our cash and then never sent the paperwork. Good luck if anyone buys from them but I’m not the only one that says they won’t get back to you or that has stated that they never received the paperwork. Don’t believe a work they say.

UPDATE May 23, 2023. Still no paperwork. We received a private message on the last review saying the same thing about getting dna back and the lay they were going to pay for our registration paperwork for the hastle but still haven’t received anything or follow up. OUR DOG DESERVES TO BE REGISTERED.


Allison Adam

We got our puppy in Jan of 22 and found out he had bilateral elbow dysplasia around 6 months of age. Initially Natalie was very kind and offered us a refund as his surgeries and management were incredibly expensive. It is now over 6 months since that refund was verbally offered and we never received any compensation. Communication has been cut off entirely and there has been no response to our calls, texts or emails. We understand that this is somewhat out of a breeders control, but we used a breeder in attempt to avoid major health issues. A puppy that cost $2,000 has now cost over $10,000 in medical fees and he is only a year old. We love him immensely but are frustrated with the false promise that was made for a refund, and complete lack of correspondence thereafter. If your puppy was of the stone litter we recommend you see your vet and screen for elbow dysplasia as many times symptoms can be delayed compared to the disease process.