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Quality Puppies USA Customer Reviews Summary

We’ve analyzed all available reviews for this breeder and summarized our findings below for your convenience!

This breeder has received mostly positive reviews from customers. They are praised for providing healthy and loyal dogs, with one customer even mentioning that their dog will be trained as a service dog.

Customers appreciate the breeder's honesty and care for their puppies. Additionally, the breeder is commended for their communication and responsiveness, with one customer mentioning that the breeder reached out to them after a negative review and resolved the issue.

However, there are a couple of negative reviews regarding communication issues and concerns about the breed mix of the puppies. Despite these concerns, the breeder seems to have resolved the issues with some customers.

Overall, customers express satisfaction with the puppies they have purchased from this breeder and would recommend them.

Quality Puppies USA Reviews

We’ve compiled a list of the most helpful reviews for this breeder below. We’ve included both positive and negative (if applicable) reviews to give you a better idea of the type of breeder you’re considering.


Theresa Goff

Awesome people to work with. Amazing puppies. I love my golden retriever pup (Teddy). He’s my buddy. Would definitely recommend Quality Puppies 100%.



Bought my border collie/Australian shepherd, “Indy” , about two years ago now. As soon as he could leave his mother. He is an amazing dog, and will soon be trained as my service dog! He’s been loyal, has great health and always passes his vet appts. with flying colors.

Thanks for being honest, good caretakers, and we would recommend anyone we knew about to you guys. I’ll update after his training with some more pics!

Update: last 3 pics are most current. Turned 3 years old last month!

Update: 6/22/2023.
Absolutely love Indy! I couldn’t be more proud of him. He comes to work with me everyday! This is the place to go for a great dog. Quality Puppies USA gave me a healthy and good boy 4 years later. New pics!


AnnMarie Chase

My Maggie is a dreamboat!!! Would highly recommend and will be back in a few for another!!!


Curtis Robinson

UPDATE MAY 3, 2020
On April 1, 2020 They agreed to refund me my money for my puppy after I requested it.

Post from March 30 2020;
They sold me a puppy and two days later the puppy starts showing signs of parvo. Took her to the vet immediately and test was confirmed Parvo. Called to speak with Elizabeth, of course she denies it saying its impossible the puppy has had two vaccines, the vets wrong, and trying to over charge you. After they blamed me, I ceased all communication with this ridiculous place trying to get me to talk to her husband instead of her like that would change something? I was only trying to inform them of a sick puppy. Unfortunately, After over a $1000+ in treatment we lost our 8 week old puppy 6 days after bringing her home. Health guarantee? I did receive a refund but I’d rather have a healthy puppy then receive a refund.


Kaitlin Leonard

Very mixed opinion about the business. We adopted our Australian Shepard puppy at 8 weeks back in December. We were told that she was full Australian Shepard, and the litter was described as such on the website as well. She came with the FL health certificate. She was/is a very healthy pup. We love her to death and they were very friendly and knowledgeable. The reason for only 2 stars is the very poor communication. Not only was it a bit difficult to contact her from the beginning, but once we adopted the puppy, She never responded again. We were asked to message her with info once the puppy got her vet checkup to keep the health guarantee valid. We did so but I didn’t recieve a response that she recieved it. I have sent several texts, messages through the website, voicemails on her cell phone as well as the main line for the business. Nothing back in almost 3 months. The other concern is that our puppy is most likely not full aussie. We love her just the same anyway, but we paid a $650 adoption fee. We figured that it was just lower for the breed because the owners of the litter didn’t want to register them but we now believe it’s because of the mix. The other reason I was trying to contact her was to get info on the litter parents (breed info, maybe pictures, health info, etc). My mistake was not getting this beforehand. Either way, the main concern is the lack of communication. We didn’t appreciate being completely ignored. I can only assume that if something were to go wrong with her health ( under the guarantee) they would continue to ignore us anyways so it makes that aspect pointless. I hate to say it because she was so nice in person, but once the transaction has gone through, all communication is lost. :/

Update: The owner did contact me after I posted the review. She apologized for the miscommunication and explained that she had gotten a new phone right after we adopted our puppy. She said that she hadn’t received my voicemail on the business line and that some of them get lost due to receiving several calls per day on that line. I believe she also mentioned that my email went into a different box (maybe the junk mail) so she never saw it. She assured me that we were not intentionally being ignored and that she did not only reach out to me because of the review and that it was purely just a gap in communication. She also sent me pictures of the puppy’s parents and followed up again as well. The puppy is still doing great and healthy.

Edit 2: Last time the owner and I spoke, she reassured me that our puppy was an Australian Sheppard and that their coats often come in late and that she might just have a shorter coat than some aussies. Our dog is now a year and a half old and is clearly not a full Aussie, and more than likely not even half. Her coat never got longer and it is course. What we do have is a beautiful Heeler mix. We love our dog and do not regret anything, but from a financial standpoint we were mislead and highly overcharged. I felt that it was deceitful to send me photos of the dogs “parents” when it couldn’t have been true. The dogs in the photos sent to me look nothing like her. The “faster” looked aussie but the mother definitely looked like an Aussie mix and both had long coats. I can only believe they were either not actual photos of the parents or that a male dog got to their female without knowing of it. Even if that’s the case, I have sent messages to them without responses again. You have to leave a negative review to get a response.


salli Whitton

We actually had a really good experience until we left their facility with our baby. So with that being said.. we adopted a wonderful labrador pup. He was beautiful and sweet tempered. We left got home 24 hours later he had all these little bumps on his head nothing you could see just feel. 24 more hours later and was in FULLBLOWN MANGE He was very sick lost all of his hair. Almost lost him . I called them emailed them texted everything. not a single return communication. After paying hundreds to buy him. We spent over 1000k$ to hopefully get all the mange cleared up and get him healthy. We were at the vet weekly . Meds here new meds now change meds again etc. We can never breed our full blooded labrador ever because of this.(breeding was never our intention but maybe someday would have liked another pup from our boy) Any pups in a litter with mange are almost guaranteed to pass it to any litters and he definitely was passed from his mother per the veterinarian. Now 9 months later we have a wonderful part of our family but this experience was awful hurtful scary and expensive. If they would have just kept in communication with us this may have been a very different review. All in all. We have an amazing pup and we love him. But the experience was not joyful