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Puppy Love Customer Reviews Summary

We’ve analyzed all available reviews for this breeder and summarized our findings below for your convenience!

Customers have expressed their satisfaction with this golden retriever breeder, highlighting the caring and knowledgeable staff. The breeder provides thorough information and ensures customers have everything they need when taking home a puppy.

Customers have described their puppies as healthy, well-trained, and wonderful companions. The breeder also goes above and beyond by offering free food, collar, leash, and toys.

Some customers have also mentioned their positive experience with the owner who assists with paperwork and provides helpful guidance. However, one review mentions a sign on the door that discouraged customers from interacting with the puppies, which some found offensive and disappointing.

Another review mentions a health issue with a puppy purchased at the breeder, with the customer expressing frustration over the lack of health guarantees and difficulties in obtaining reimbursement. Lastly, there is a negative review that refers to a rude encounter with the staff when trying to visit without an appointment.

It is important to note that this summary provides an overview of the reviews and does not necessarily reflect the overall reputation of the breeder.

Puppy Love Reviews

We’ve compiled a list of the most helpful reviews for this breeder below. We’ve included both positive and negative (if applicable) reviews to give you a better idea of the type of breeder you’re considering.


Rebecca Fritz

I got my Golden Retriever here a little over a year ago. And I couldn’t wish for anything better. The staff was incredibly helpful. The owner was amazing and you CAN TELL he actually cares about the puppies and where they are going. My puppy was a happy healthy puppy. From the starts she was such a good healthy easy to train puppy. She’s the most amazing dog now and her and I just got back from traveling the country together. She has an amazing life. I can’t imagine life without Riley thank you so so much to everyone at Puppy Love. I wouldn’t think about getting a puppy anywhere else.


Lauren Green

Love this place and the store owner. I scheduled an appointment to meet the goldendoodle puppies in at the time (in 2022). The owner was kind and welcoming, answering our questions about the puppies and the breed. He also made sure we went home with everything we needed that day, and more! Very obvious he cares about these dogs and who they go home with.

We are so pleased with our sweet Marni girl (15 mo).


Gina Marie

We just bought a Shiffon puppy from this place and everything went very well! We love our lil pup! Today he had his first vet visit and he is in perfect health! We tried for months and months to adopt a dog that really needed a home, but because of the pandemic every place was super strict or didn’t have any dogs at all which was very surprising. It was not easy that is why we decided to buy one. The person who I think was the owner was very helpful he went over all the paperwork and made sure we read every page and understood everything we were signing. He gave us a bunch of free food a free collar, leash and a toy! Our pup loves all his toys! It has been less then a week and Milo is already potty trained. He is such a well behaved puppy and he listens! Couldn’t imagine our life now without him!! It feels like we have had him much longer then we have!!
Thank you puppy love for our new family member!!



I bought a $3000 labrador retriever at puppy love and have been none stop bringing him to the vet. He has been diagnosed with a hear murmur and infected heart valve. He also came with 2 skin infections that regular medication could not cure which ran me over $600. He also has swollen lymph nodes on his bladder and digestion issues and had been prescribed special food and medications for that as well. He was supposed to be a service dog for myself but now can not and do not want to put him through the training and just give him the best quality life I can. Puppy Love has vets that guarantee you are getting a healthy puppy and documents stating so with purchase. This is not the case! They said they would reimburse me for my vet costs but do not return my messages or calls. I am not happy. I was expecting a healthy puppy. I can’t even walk him or exercise him regularly because he Wheezes and I’m worried about his heart! Do not get your furry friends from here. No health guarantees!


Nikol Volpe-Andresen

I have a shopped here for many years. But, I was so turned off by the sign on the door that I left and I will never return. They have a sign on the door basically saying unless you’re buying a puppy today, go away. They state that the puppies need to sleep…. That is understandable. However if you’re going to purchase a puppy for an exorbitant amount of money or even just want to meet different puppy breeds, you would obviously want to interact with them. Puppies also need socialization and human interaction. And people need to interact and bond with certain puppies. How dare these people put up such an offensive sign. I might remind the owners that they are in fact a Store. If they want private appointments, they should open a private business not a public one. The last 2 pets I purchased, I was not intending to buy at that exact time. However, I bonded with a particular dog and ended up taking him home, and he’s been part of our family for years now. The second pet, I also wasn’t intending on adopting at the time. We had lost a dog and were still healing. But again, by chance, we met a dog and my daughter fell in love with him. The point is, that’s part of meeting, viewing, interacting, petting animals. These puppies are alone (and “sleeping” I presume) when the store is closed, which is the majority of hours in a day. Why would a supposed animal lover not want their puppies to receive attention?! I am disgusted by this shop and embarrassed for them. Unfortunately, for the animals, their rudeness will inevitably end up in them going out of business.


Alexa p

Very rude when I walked in. No one was at the front desk so I walked in to look at the dogs then was rudely told that I needed an appointment then was told that since I was already there I had to sanitize then I could look. I proceeded and said no thanks i’ll just leave. Not very customer friendly so don’t forget to make your appointment otherwise you’ll be treated like a child (: