Puppies St Pete (Largo, Florida)

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  • Rated 4/5 with 374 verified reviews.
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Puppies St Pete Customer Reviews Summary

We’ve analyzed all available reviews for this breeder and summarized our findings below for your convenience!

St. Pete Puppies is highly recommended by customers who had a positive experience with the breeder.

The staff, particularly Yoshi and Tanya, were praised for their helpfulness and patience throughout the puppy selection process. Customers mentioned that the puppies appeared healthy and well-cared for.

The breeder's care and attention to customers were highlighted, and many expressed their intention to return or recommend St. Pete Puppies to others.

However, one customer mentioned that they felt they had paid significantly more than other locations and advised others to research prices beforehand. Another customer had a negative experience with poor customer service, as the doors were locked and employees did not come to address their concerns.

Additionally, one customer mentioned a discrepancy in the breed of the puppy they purchased. Overall, the positive reviews emphasize the breeder's helpfulness and the health of the puppies, while the negative reviews highlight potential price discrepancies and poor customer service.

Puppies St Pete Reviews

We’ve compiled a list of the most helpful reviews for this breeder below. We’ve included both positive and negative (if applicable) reviews to give you a better idea of the type of breeder you’re considering.


Georgea Kline

I had the best experience at St. Pete Puppies. I picked up my Sweet little Pup yesterday. She is healthy, funny, full of energy and a bit fiesty also….Yoshi and Tanya were wonderful, my experience with them was wonderful, the care and time they took with me was incredible. All the puppies in the store looked healthy , clean and playful, I will definitely recommend St. Pete Puppies to anyone looking to adopt a puppy. We will be back for visit.
Thank you for your care


ashley gaines

I recently just did a purchase here and I had a great experience! Everyone was super nice and the puppies were all treated with care! I definitely reccomend getting a dog from them!!


Brianna Distler

Puppies st.Pete was truly amazing
Experience. We absolutely loved Yoshi- she was so very helpful in the process. We took our time in the process- going over 3 times before making a final selection. Yoshi was very patient with us, and had constant communication with the puppy owners. It was a super great experiences and look forward to many years of memories!


Yasmine Hilary

I bought an Australian Shepherd from here almost 2 years ago. I was told he was a standard size but after a while I realized he was not growing anymore… come to find out he’s a mini Australian Shepherd. I was really upset at how they lied about him being a standard to only find out months later he isn’t. Be careful buying here.


Shawna Henault

I went to the location to look for a new puppy for our home. I noticed the parking lot was blocked off as it was being redone so I decided to call to ask if they were open. When I called and asked, the lady seemed very confused as to if they were open for business or not. First she said no they were closed due to the parking, then said they were technically open and that I would just have to walk up. I arrived about 20 mins later and when I walked up to the store, the doors were locked and an employee was staring at me from the back room knowing I was at the door. She stayed in the back. The least they could have done was come to the door to explain. Poor customer service and will not be back.


Camilla Aquino

Well, I just bought my puppy 2 days ago . I was walking by with my family and stop to pet and look the puppies. We ended up falling in love . I was happy with the purchase until I started to search it up about the dog and find out that I paid 4x more than what most of the other locations charges . I signed a very expensive loan and there is no return policy. As much as we love him , I feel I was done wrong. I regret and I would recommend you to do your research before entering there , or you might ended up like me paying 4x more .