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Puppies On The Run Inc Customer Reviews Summary

We’ve analyzed all available reviews for this breeder and summarized our findings below for your convenience!

This breeder has received mixed reviews from customers. Some customers had positive experiences and praised the staff for their helpfulness and the care provided to the puppies.

The breeder is commended for their transparency and willingness to answer questions. Additionally, customers appreciate the sense of community and connection they feel with the breeder after bringing home a puppy.

However, there are also negative reviews highlighting concerns about the health of the puppies. One customer reported that their dog had hip problems and pneumonia shortly after purchase, which they attributed to sanitary issues at the breeder.

Another customer expressed disappointment in the breeder's lack of transparency regarding the origin of the puppies, suggesting possible unethical sourcing methods. Overall, customers are urged to be cautious when considering purchasing a puppy from this breeder and to ask detailed questions about health screenings and breeding practices.

Puppies On The Run Inc Reviews

We’ve compiled a list of the most helpful reviews for this breeder below. We’ve included both positive and negative (if applicable) reviews to give you a better idea of the type of breeder you’re considering.


Mia Tabor

Puppies on The Run means the absolute world to me. A little over a year ago I was going through a really hard time in my life. I then stumbled across Puppies on The Run and saw on their website that they were hiring, so I took a quick drive to them and applied! I was so happy that I got the job because ever since I can remember I have loved dogs more than absolutely anything! I honestly cannot describe in words how amazing this place is, I do not say it lightly when I say that this place legitimately saved me during a hard time. The people that work there and especially our boss/owner are the absolute best humans ever. We are all a family here and would do absolutely anything for our pups, for each other, for our business, and the families that have taken home our babies! We all have such a special connection with all the pups and our number 1 priority is always the pups.

I see reviews from people claiming false information. I just ask everyone that before saying this, just ask us. We thrive on transparency of where/who our pups come from. I myself have had long conversations with our breeders and have even traveled to meet them! They are great humans and want the best for their pups. Please ask all the questions you would like to us! Our Boss always says that there is no such thing as stupid questions! So please instead of not being equipped with the right information, do educate yourself on our business. Do not automatically assume things about us when it is super easy to ask us straight up!

I could go on and on for hours about how much this place has done for me and the families that we have helped grow! Whenever you take home any of our pups, you become a part of our family! Almost every week we have one of our pups owners bring them back to say hello and give us an update on how they are doing! I have to say, it’s my favorite part of the job! Getting emails, calls, DMs on instagram giving updates on our babies is such a special feeling. We all develop deep connections with these babies and we will never ever forget each one of them that we have met.
So, all in all, if you are thinking of taking home a pup, or even just visiting us, please do and again if you have any questions do not hesitate to ask!


Eva Hooker

We are over the moon in love with our girl. Everyone working at the store has been amazing. They answered all my husband’s questions, even calling the breeder to get information about the parents of our pup. After we took her home we had some concerns. Our last dog passed away very quickly and unexpectedly( she was 7 and we did not get her from this store) so I think we are still a bit shell shocked over how fast a dog can get ill. The store was wonderful with him talked to him over the phone and through text. Our puppy does have two different types of parasites, but I honestly expected that. Parasites are very common in any dog that is boarded with other dogs. Both pet stores and shelter dogs get them very easily and they are very hard to treat and get rid of when you have multiple dogs in a space.


Matt Tabor

We couldn’t have stumbled on a better place to bring home our first puppy. The puppies were taken care of extremely well, and were all very happy. One employee in particular, Mia, took us from start to finish and made our experience extremely smooth. If we can handle this rambunctious first one, we will be back for a second!


Amy Carlino

Any store like this that sells a variety of breeds of puppies and doesn’t state clearly where they come from is sourcing puppies from puppy mills and unethical breeders. Do not purchase a dog from a store like this — look up a reputable breeder who specializes in one specific breed and conducts the proper health testing.


Jenna Sipos

Be Cautious

On April 2nd 2021, my mother and I purchased a Golden Retriever puppy from Puppies on the Run. We named him Biscuit and he was a beautiful red coated Golden. As Biscuit began to grow we noticed how different his personality and physique was from our past Golden we had just lost. Biscuit grew to become 65 pounds at his heaviest.

When we got Biscuit we were informed that he was treated for kennel cough, and worms. He was cleared to go when we picked him up. The information on the breeder where he came from was limited and there was no way to contact him besides sending a letter. At the time I noticed that there A LOT of red Golden Retrievers coming in. This store does not ethically source their puppies and health is not a priority.

When he turned one years old the health problems started. Biscuit started getting sick on the food he had been on since we got him that was recommended by Puppies on the Run. Biscuit was unable to keep anything down and was vomiting and losing weight drastically. We were so stressed as the vet did multiple tests to determine whether Biscuit was allergic to something in his food or environment. Biscuit was put on anti-nausea medication and was prescribed special food for sensitive skin and stomach. The medication helped for a while and Biscuit began gaining some of the weight he had lost. Eventually, he lost appetite to eat his specialized food and we were feeding him rice and chicken alongside his medication. Biscuit got down to 50 pounds at his lowest and time was becoming crucial to his life. The vets were unable to figure out what was medically wrong with Biscuit. All his tests and screenings came back negative and all they could tell us was that he was possibly still having some allergic reaction. We lost Biscuit on December 1st, 2022, he wasn’t even two years old yet. We were devastated not knowing what was wrong with him after spending thousands of dollars trying to figure it out. He passed away in his sleep and we found him early in the morning. It is not normal for dogs to die before the age of five. I believe Biscuit was genetically predisposed to these issues through his poor breeding. I would not recommend getting a puppy from here. The heartache we have felt from losing Biscuit so suddenly and at such a young age has been unbearable. This place should be providing full health screenings of all puppies and their parents to ensure that they don’t sell sick puppies for $3,000.


Anthony Damen

Bought my beautiful shepherd 4 years ago and today i had his hips checked and doctor said he was born with hip problems. Dogs are cute but not bred to last. Also when i got him at 3 months old 1 week later he was diagnosed with pneumonia which costed me $2,000 at vet he almost died due to sanitary issues at this place. Be aware.