Powderhill Goldens (Lebanon, Connecticut)

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  • Rated 4.6/5 with 14 verified reviews.
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Powderhill Goldens Customer Reviews Summary

We’ve analyzed all available reviews for this breeder and summarized our findings below for your convenience!

Overall, customers have had positive experiences with Powdermill Goldens. One customer adopted a golden doodle and was extremely satisfied with their new addition to the family.

The dog was described as gentle, intelligent, and loving, bringing joy to their lives every day. Another customer expressed their gratitude for the breeder, thanking them for providing an "awesome dog." They mentioned that the dog quickly adjusted to their home and has been great with their grandchildren.

Both customers highlighted the intelligence and friendly nature of the dogs from this breeder. Additionally, a customer who recently brought home a puppy from Powdermill Goldens had a great experience with Janet and Joe, who were helpful and responsive throughout the process.

They appreciated the breeder's assistance and felt that the whole experience was positive. However, there was one negative review from a customer who felt that Powdermill Goldens lacked warmth, patience, and excitement in their communication.

This customer, who has experience in a similar field, advises potential customers to research other breeders for a more positive experience. Overall, the positive reviews for Powdermill Goldens emphasize the intelligence, gentleness, and quick learning abilities of their dogs, making them a desirable choice for customers.

Powderhill Goldens Reviews

We’ve compiled a list of the most helpful reviews for this breeder below. We’ve included both positive and negative (if applicable) reviews to give you a better idea of the type of breeder you’re considering.


Edward Bartolini

Hi Zoey
Gabe, our golden doodle turned three years old on Nov.14.
We just want to say that he has been a blessing to our family.
We have had many dogs over the years, Gabe is the most intelligent one we have ever seen. He has no aggressive tendencies and loves people. Our handicapped daughter loves him and he, in turn, loves her. Many of our neighbors want to adopt him after we pass away. A trainer that we had for him
for only one lesson sent us a letter saying that she would be
honored to adopt him if we ever had to give him up.
Gabe has become an important member of our family. He brings a smile to our faces every day. Thank you and your mom and dad for allowing him to come into our lives.
Ed and Agnes

ps Thank Jack(sire) and Sunny(dam) for us also


Beth Wilder

We adopted our powdermill golden doodle in November. He was Two and a half at the time and due to Life circumstances his owner needed to rehome him . Well we are just so happy with this guy . He needed some training and adjusting at first but it didn’t take very long and he was right at home .. no issues! Dallas has just made such a difference in our lives . He is so gentle with all the grandkiddos! He learns so quickly and is so smart ! He loves learning and seems like he just wants to please us ! He now lives at a lake and goes hiking everyday with my husband ! He loves to snuggle any time of the day and yes we do let him give us his daily hugs . Looking forward to seeing him do some swimming in the coming months … he is one happy doodle and we are so grateful to have him .. thank you to powdermill goldens for an awesome dog ❤️


Ryan Hamilton

We just brought home our new puppy yesterday and “Cheeto” is doing great! Janet and Joe were very helpful throughout the whole process. Any time we had a question, we sent an email and were answered within 24 hours. Thank you for making this special addition to our family such a great experience!


Jess Golab

Nice sunset on my drive home


Alice Kim

If you are new to the Golden Doodle breed and the process in acquiring one (waitlists, dams/sires, genetics, etc), but are very excited about it and looking for a knowledgeable and patient breeder who is willing to guide and help you through your adoption, Powderhill Goldens is NOT for you.

Being an OBGYN and working in the human version of this process, I am surprised by the lack of warmth, patience and excitement shared. Luckily, there are quite a few breeders for this popular and loving breed…so do your bedside-manner research.

I hope you all can ask as many questions as you want (all via email, I might add), as many times as you want…without getting the response we did. They just seemed “annoyed”…from the start.