Pond creek labradors (West Frankfort, Illinois)

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Pond creek labradors Customer Reviews Summary

We’ve analyzed all available reviews for this breeder and summarized our findings below for your convenience!

Pond Creek Labs is highly recommended by satisfied customers who are extremely happy with their new puppies. Customers appreciate the cleanliness of the facilities and the amount of space the dogs have to run around.

The breeder, Tammy, is praised for her honesty and knowledge about her dogs. The process of getting a puppy is smooth, with timely communication and updates, as well as organized paperwork.

The optional treat/goodie bag is a nice touch. Customers feel that Tammy truly loves what she does and keeps in touch regularly with updates and pictures of the puppies.

On the other hand, there is one negative review from a customer who had a terrible experience with Pond Creek Labs. This review mentions concerns about the breeder acting as a broker, the condition of the mother dog, and the lack of assurance regarding potential health issues.

The customer also felt mistreated when trying to back out of the deal. It is important for potential customers to consider all the positive and negative aspects before making a decision.

Pond creek labradors Reviews

We’ve compiled a list of the most helpful reviews for this breeder below. We’ve included both positive and negative (if applicable) reviews to give you a better idea of the type of breeder you’re considering.


Miranda Sellers

Puppy heaven! We are so happy to have found Pond Creek labs, our boy Dale is the perfect fit. Tammy has done a great job creating the best homestead for her pups. Not only were we impressed with the cleanliness but her pups have so much room to run around and just be labradors. Each dog adults and puppies alike were impressively well behaved, we immediately knew Tammy pours her heart into her dogs. She is honest and knowledgeable. Thank you Pond Creek! If you are looking for a lab, we highly recommend!


Jillian DeMik

Tammy and her team were great to work with. We received informational timely and more importantly photos leading up to our pickup day. It’s obvious how healthy, happy and how well the puppies are taken care of. Our pickup went smoothly, we received all the paperwork organized in a folder, and optional treat/goodie bag was a great touch. We cannot wait to see watch our new family member grow!


krista cosman

Tammy was wonderful!! She absolutely loves what she does and she shows it! She kept in touch every wk to send us pictures of our puppy! If you want a Lab, you’re looking in the right place!!
There are lots of breeders but no one like Pond Creek Labs!
Thank you Tammy and the team!


tony pariani

I had a terrible experience with Pond Creek Labradors. While shopping for a new Labrador pup, my google search brought up Pond Creek. Great reviews on google and Facebook led me to checking it out. Their website painted me a picture of a small, family breeder on 30 acres that “raise their parent dogs and spoil them rotten”. The pups were supposed to get to enjoy the ponds and creeks on site, as well as come with health tested parents and guarantees for the pups. I followed the FB page for awhile and it seemed like puppies would rarely come available. When I saw a charcoal female was born, I jumped on it and made a deposit. Unfortunately, my experience in no way matched up to the picture they painted and I just want people to know.

First, they had I think 5 other litters come available at around the same time as mine. Some of the dams (including my reserved pups) weren’t on the website either so I thought this was a little weird. Then, when I asked to come visit the pups to make my choice, I was informed that I couldn’t until week 8 because they were actually in Fredrickstown, MO. The mother was not raised with Pond Creek and the puppies obviously spent no time there. So, in other words, Pond Creek was just a broker in this. They were trying to pump out more puppies that they could represent as theirs. I was very uncomfortable with this purchase and my trust was lost, but I decided to go see the puppies (Pond Creek initially told me it was just a friend that had always wanted to experience having puppies).

Long story short, it was obvious that this was just a business deal (confirmed by the fact that the breeders were selling them on their own FB page for much less). Also, the mother was experiencing a lot of hair loss and her coat was much more coarse than I’ve seen with labs. More concerning was that the sire had a confirmed case of color dilute alopecia with one of his past pups (review on Facebook) and Pond Creek did not try to provide me with any assurance that the pups wouldn’t inherit the condition. They just brushed off the possibility as a non issue. I would think that would be one of the most important health guarantees when purchasing a color dilute lab.

I decided to back out of the deal and whomever was texting me got very defensive and rude. They just bragged about their reputation and tried to convince me that I was the problem and the one in the wrong. They initially refused to give me my deposit back even though I surely did not sign up for a brokered deal. The “manager” at this small, family breeder said that they spent “too much time” sending me a few pictures and answering my questions/concerns to do so. They then gave me the $200 back thinking that I would not share my experience. A couple days later, I let others know the story and Pond Creek blocked me from their Facebook page. Buying a puppy is a big decision and there are many places to purchase one. Trust me when I say this, Pond Creek is just another greedy business with max profit on their mind. If they aren’t upfront about where the mom/puppies are raised, are they going to be upfront with you if the puppy has a health issue? I wouldn’t bet on it.