Platinum Goldendoodles (Everton, Arkansas)

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  • Rated 4.5/5 with 46 verified reviews.
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Platinum Goldendoodles Customer Reviews Summary

We’ve analyzed all available reviews for this breeder and summarized our findings below for your convenience!

Platinum Golden Doodles has received positive reviews for their customer service, prompt communication, and the quality of their puppies. Customers have praised Mindy for providing all the necessary information and being responsive throughout the process.

The breeder has been commended for ensuring the puppies are well taken care of, with some already being potty trained and crate trained. Customers have also appreciated the convenience of picking up their puppies or having them shipped in a specially equipped van.

However, there is one negative review that highlights a disappointing experience. The customer claims that the breeder was unresponsive after receiving payment, did not provide necessary information or medical records, and the puppy had undisclosed issues.

This negative experience is seen as unprofessional, stressful, and irresponsible. Overall, Platinum Golden Doodles seems to have satisfied customers who highly recommend the breeder.

However, the negative review raises concerns about transparency and accountability.

Platinum Goldendoodles Reviews

We’ve compiled a list of the most helpful reviews for this breeder below. We’ve included both positive and negative (if applicable) reviews to give you a better idea of the type of breeder you’re considering.


jade Ross

10/10 recommend ! I was able to pay and pick up all same day the lady was very knowledgeable and professional and prompt!!! We got our dream puppy she is already almost potty trained thanks to the breeder and crate trained by Plat doodles !!! We’re so in love! I’ll never use another person !! We love our Shiloh!


Stephanie Peters

From a fellow breeder (bulldogs): We wanted a family pet and it was an absolutely amazing experience. Our puppy is such a sweetheart, beautiful, well taken care of, & potty training has been going so smooth. We live in Wisconsin and they made the pick up so easy from the first phone. They were so easy to get a hold of and I knew we could trust them. I’d recommend them to anyone and will absolutely do business with them again.


Robert Zuckerman

Just got my new puppy from platinum golden doodles. Mindy has been amazing throughout the process with all the information I wanted in a very timely manner. The puppy was shipped to me by a Mercedes van equipped just for transporting dogs. The puppy is so sweet & so far hasn’t had one accident in the house. His personality is amazing, cuddly & playful. I highly recommend platinum golden doodles for your next pet.


Cynthia Jaquith

Do NOT purchase from this woman. I called Mindy Wallace as I was looking for a goldendoodle. I called her and explained that we just lost our dog not that long ago. I explained we wanted a dog that was already potty trained. She said she had a 5 month old. She said he was house trained but had previous surgery on his eyes due to lashes growing inward, but he was fine now. I asked for a photo and she sent it. He was beautiful so I said I’d take him. I asked when he could be shipped and she said it was out of her hands and I’d have to wait for the shipping company. I sent her the money for the dog and money for the shipment company. That’s when she STOPS answering questions! I Wanted the dogs medical records, she wanted to know why I needed them. Why wouldn’t I need them!!! Other questions I text her, went unanswered. She finally texts me that she’s a single mom and is very busy. A simple response to questions about your new pet, shouldn’t go unanswered when you’re running a reputable company. The dog arrived and has issues. My vet said he is much older than she’s letting on. It’s very disappointing and frustrating. Wouldn’t provide anything on the dogs mom or dad. The entire process was stressful, unprofessional, irresponsible and overall extremely difficult. I should have stuck with a different breeder who was more than happy to answer my questions. SAVE YOURSELF THE MONEY AND THE STRESS. This is a very shady person who does not have her animals best interest.


cathi newton

Food was terrible. Had a salad, and all iceberg lettuce, chicken had no flavor at all, and there was 4 strawberry halves on the whole salad. Service not great either. Also table was dirty and sticky. Wont go back.


colleen wall

I realize I will be the first bad review of Platinum Goldendoodles (at least on Google, there are other bad reviews out there), but I feel that we have to share our experience, even if we’ve just gotten a “lemon” of a puppy. Long story short – please don’t buy from this breeder! It’s not worth the risk. We bought our F1b Goldendoodle puppy from Mindy 5 months ago, and quickly realized that we had an aggressive puppy on our hands. We have young children, and so began working with a trainer that specializes in behavior modification right away. Our trainer was VERY concerned about this puppy’s aggressiveness, which he thought was very abnormal for a Goldendoodle, and most likely the result of poor breeding. We contacted Mindy through email, mostly to let her know of the problem and get any advice she might have. She did not respond to email, but my husband was able to catch her on the phone, and the first words out of her mouth were, “I don’t give refunds for puppies.” We completely understood that when we bought our puppy, but thought she should know of this aggressive little one in case she wasn’t aware that these traits are in her breeding line. Her response clearly told us that she wasn’t interested in the health of her dogs, or the satisfaction of customers. This has been a huge financial investment for us, both with the initial cost of the dog and with the training we are doing, and we are still experiencing problems with this pup and are not sure what we will end up doing. We also have a five year old Goldendoodle (from a different breeder in Colorado) who has never displayed any of these characteristics. Mindy made it seem like it was our fault for allowing this behavior, but I’d have to disagree, especially with what our trainer has said. I would urge anyone to skip over this breeder and find a different one – someone that preferably would allow you to visit the facility to at least meet the parent dogs, even if you can’t see the puppies. We would NOT recommend Platinum Goldendoodles to our friends or family and deeply regret getting our puppy from her.