Perfect Little Puppy (Webster City, Iowa)

  • 1975 N White Fox Rd, Webster City, IA 50595
  • +1 515-835-1907
  • Rated 4.9/5 with 16 verified reviews.
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Perfect Little Puppy Customer Reviews Summary

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Customers rave about their experience with this Golden Retriever breeder, noting that the puppies and adult dogs are well taken care of and the farm is clean and orderly. The breeder's animals receive personal care and are even rumored to be talked to for hours at night.

Customers have found their puppies to be intelligent and easy to train. The breeder sets a high standard for others in the industry and their prices are just under the average rate.

Customers highly recommend this breeder and plan to adopt from them again in the future.

Perfect Little Puppy Reviews

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Love our little boy Milo. He is genuinely gentle, loving and is adorable.


Lora VanRyswyk

So happy with our purchase in 2018. Great dog. We love her.
The farm was clean and orderly. The puppies and adult dogs appeared to be well taken care of.
Could not have been happier with the experience.


Natalie Stark

We adopted a black Golden Doodle puppy in June of 2021 and named her Annie after her mother. Annieis 3 months old now and is extremely intelligent! Very easy to train too. I was so impressed with how clean this breeder is and the personal care all their animals have. Rumor around town is that they spend hours talking to their pets at night. Not sure if it’s true but by the way their dogs act, I wouldn’t doubt it. We will definitely adopt another pet from this breeder again. They set the expectation very high for other breeders and I’ve seen other breeders that can’t even begin to compare to this one. Their prices are just under the average rate too. Their puppies get adopted very quickly so we will reserve next time. I will never adopt again from anywhere but here.