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Pennsylvania Puppies Online Customer Reviews Summary

We’ve analyzed all available reviews for this breeder and summarized our findings below for your convenience!

This breeder has received mixed reviews from customers. While some express satisfaction with their experience, highlighting the helpful staff, adorable puppies, and good customer service, others have expressed disappointment and concerns about the breeder's practices.

One customer had a positive experience, enjoying the process of choosing a puppy and having a great adventure with their new companion. Another customer appreciated the 1-year health warranty and up-to-date vaccines provided with the puppy.

However, one review highlighted that the breeder has been listed on the Humane Society Horrible Hundred Report for puppy mills. The customer regretted not doing thorough research beforehand and advised others to avoid purchasing from this breeder.

Another customer complained about the breeder's lack of response regarding reimbursement for vet bills and raised suspicions about the puppies coming from a puppy mill due to the variety of breeds available. Lastly, a negative review accused the breeder of being a puppy mill and questioned the ethics and health standards.

This reviewer advised potential buyers to look for responsible breeders and raised concerns about the puppies' temperaments and health conditions.

Pennsylvania Puppies Online Reviews

We’ve compiled a list of the most helpful reviews for this breeder below. We’ve included both positive and negative (if applicable) reviews to give you a better idea of the type of breeder you’re considering.


Sav Mcvvik

Great place to find your furever baby! The staff is very helpful and the puppies are so adorable its hard to not leave with an arm full!! They give a 1 year health warranty for the puppy at the date of purchase and have the puppy up to date with vaccines. I would recommend buying your new baby here, I had a great experience and a sweet new companion now ☺️


John Keravich

Highly recommend! Very friendly with great customer service was in an out with an amazing puppy!


Victoire Sanborn

The person accusing this puppy adoption center as being a front. for puppy mills is WRONG. Go to their facebook site and see how much fun the puppies have with each other. My GPS took me in a convoluted way to the address and right to their doorstep! I viewed 3 puppies, took my time, and chose the one I set my heart on. Danny boy and I are having a great adventure getting to know each other. Great service. Wonderful dogs. Image is of Danny on his first night in his forever home.


Boni Durante

purchased a shih poo, on way home puppy was coughing occassionally, next day vet visit, required antibiotics, texted Diana, with info. Also scratching, another vet visit impetago, required a cream, told Diana,SHE asked for vet notes and bills, sent them two months ago, she said she will review for reimbursement, never heard a word, texted again, no response. DONT BUY FROM THIS PLACE, DONT HAVE ANY INFO ON PUPPIES PARENTS, SHOULD OF DONE MORE RESEARCH. ALSO THINK PUPPIES COME FROM A PUPPY MILL, SINCE SO MANY DIFFERENT BREEDS, THEY CALL THEMSELVES A ‘STORE’.



This is a puppy mill, and any educated person knows this. Parents not properly health tested, unethical breeds, outrageous prices, and no responsible breeder would ever sell their puppies without a thorough background check on every owner. Save yourself the heartache and vet bills by not supporting this unethical business. Look at their website, and ask yourself, how can anyone ensure the wellbeing of that many dogs? Do not believe the owners as they are either uneducated or simply want to make a profit. These puppies will grow up (if they live that long) with abnormal temperaments, health conditions, and other issues due to not having a breed standard or testing. If you can’t see the parents of the litter, RUN. Disappointed that such an unethical practice is in our town.
EDIT: while I am not a real customer, and will never be, you seemed to really want my judgement when you contacted me several times on indeed due to my resume. Any person with any vet med experience will never work at your store.


Seth Trovinger

We recently purchased a puppy from Pennsylvania Puppies Online. The staff were friendly and helpful but we did not do our research and did not realize the questions we should have been asking until after the fact. Fortunately, our puppy seems to be doing well (after two baths that turned the water brown). He is having a hard time adjusting, as it is evident he had little to no human interaction. After we returned home with our paperwork, we looked up the breeder information only to find that the breeder was listed on the Humane Society Horrible Hundred Report for puppy mills, multiple times. The 2023 Report was just issued and Little Puppies Online LLC, aka Pennsylvania Puppies Online, was listed as a repeat offender in multiple states. Read the Report. Do not make the mistake we did. Do not purchase a puppy from here. The only thing worth our money was that we rescued a puppy from these people.