Pacheco Kennels (Raynham, Massachusetts)

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  • Rated 4.5/5 with 89 verified reviews.
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Pacheco Kennels Customer Reviews Summary

We’ve analyzed all available reviews for this breeder and summarized our findings below for your convenience!

This breeder has received positive reviews for their friendly and helpful staff, as well as their well-natured and sweet dogs. Customers have appreciated the opportunity to meet the puppies ahead of time and have maintained contact with the breeder after receiving their puppies.

The breeder has also been praised for raising dogs with good qualities and easy trainability. However, there have been a few negative experiences reported by customers.

One customer had communication issues with the breeder and felt frustrated with their unresponsiveness and rude behavior. Another customer felt offended when their request for health test results was denied, leading to a cancellation of their appointment.

Finally, a customer had a terrible experience, describing the breeder as a backyard puppy mill with poorly treated dogs. They mentioned a strong smell, puppies covered in poop, and feeling rushed and unable to ask questions.

Overall, potential customers may find the positive reviews about the breeder's friendly staff, well-natured dogs, and the opportunity to meet the puppies ahead of time to be particularly useful when considering purchasing a puppy from this breeder.

Pacheco Kennels Reviews

We’ve compiled a list of the most helpful reviews for this breeder below. We’ve included both positive and negative (if applicable) reviews to give you a better idea of the type of breeder you’re considering.


Andrew Howard

Got our Lab puppy from Pacheco Kennels and it was an amazing experience! The most well natured and sweet dogs. We got to visit weeks ahead of time to meet our puppy which was great. The whole family is involved at Pacheco and do an outstanding job raising dogs. Highly recommend


T.M. Squirrel

We love our new puppies! This kennel.has been instrumental in helping my dad renew quality of life. They are very friendly and helpful. Highly recommend. They even maintained contact with me after we received our puppies. My dad was impressed with their operation.


Steve Worthington

We own a loving 7 year old viszla from Pacheco which we picked up as a wobbly puppy. He reflects the best qualities of the breed. We met his parents and they were a good prediction of how he looks grown – strong and lean. A very happy dog that was easy to train. This was the best dog choice of a lifetime.


Jelena Jelaca

My husband and I had a very bad experience with Pacheco Kennels. They were recommended to us by our close friends who got their labs there a long time ago, so we tried hard to make it work. We wasted more than two months going back-and-forth with Kim by text – she refused a simple phone call and her voicemail was purposefully full – which was very frustrating because she was unresponsive for weeks at a time, and when she did respond, it was with a form text that did not answer our questions. When she finally confirmed that a puppy was available, it was very close to the adoption date. We tried to follow the rigid rules, which would have required 3-hour drives each way on consecutive weekends (including Thanksgiving, when we were scheduled to be out of town), but at the last minute she said the appointment time she had offered would not work, and was very rude. At that point, enough was enough. It took us less than an hour to reach out to another breeder, have a good conversation, and set up an appointment to meet our new puppy.


Anthony Chermesino

This is a backyard puppy mill for sure This was a horrible experience the lady wouldn’t contact anyone with a simple phone call either she was extremely rude when my friend an I asked Questions like I wanted to see the mother of the puppy she was trying to sell me and see the health Guarantee she basically told us to reschedule in other words “get off my property.” I almost threw up my breakfast at the smell outside. this is a puppy mill the dogs are treated horribly and I would suggest the right authorities shut these sick people down it’s Inhumane. the puppies she led us to in the back were covered in poop and the one she was trying to show me was cowering in the corner and I couldn’t even see her before the lady more or less threw us out for asking questions Which a reputable breeder wouldn’t have any issues with guessing she know that she was running a puppy mill. buying a dog is a personal experience and If your gonna spend that much money on one you need to know certain stuff and it shouldn’t feel like a flee market purchase and you should be able to ask questions see the mother and even the father of the puppy if you want and basically take your time and not feel rushed into anything. awful experience don’t buy or trust these people at all they are all shady as hell. It’s so unfortunate that people think it’s ok to treat them this way I was sick and disgusted with what my friend and I saw today I’m shocked at what I saw there actually and I’m even more surprised people are buying puppies from these folks and what’s the most surprising of all is all the good reviews about them on here. It’s disgraceful. I’m not upset I didn’t get a dog today I’m more upset about what I saw going down there than anything else. The search continues for a yellow lab and hopefully a Breeder I can trust and actually speak to on the phone and ask as many questions as I need to do I feel comfortable about the background of the pup and anything else I feel I need to know. There’s lots to consider like I said it’s a very personal experience when buying a dog and should never have to see what I did or feel the way I did today so unfortunate.


Alexis L

We set up an appointment for Saturday to see a puppy that was ready to bring home. In advance of the appointment we had a few questions, specifically about the health of the puppy’s parents.
We requested test results for OFA hip and elbow tests, OFA/CERF eye testing, EIC DNA testing and D Locus DNA testing; standard information that is readily available from most breeders selling AKC Lab Retrievers.
Unfortunately, Owner George took offense to this. Immediately cancelling our appointment for being “too complicated”. Shortly after, his daughter, Kim, let us know that even though our request was not unreasonable, they expect buyers to take their word that their pups are healthy.
The experience was jarring and confusing. A $1600 dog should come with more of a guarantee than “take our word for it”.
Maybe they are dishonest, maybe they just don’t know how to handle potential customers?