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Owen-a-Doodle Customer Reviews Summary

We’ve analyzed all available reviews for this breeder and summarized our findings below for your convenience!

Kody, the golden retriever breeder, has received glowing reviews from customers who highly recommend her. Customers appreciate that Kody interviews potential clients before placing them on the waitlist, showing that she prioritizes the well-being of her puppies.

It is mentioned that Kody allows clients to choose their own puppy through testing, leading to a successful match. Additionally, Kody invests in genetic testing, training, and formal temperament assessments to ensure that customers receive a healthy and well-adjusted puppy.

Customers are impressed with how smoothly their puppies transition into their homes, thanks to Kody's efforts in crate training and potty training. Kody went above and beyond by meeting customers on Christmas morning to help surprise their children.

Overall, customers had the best experience getting a puppy from Kody and have been raving about their positive experiences to others.

Owen-a-Doodle Reviews

We’ve compiled a list of the most helpful reviews for this breeder below. We’ve included both positive and negative (if applicable) reviews to give you a better idea of the type of breeder you’re considering.


Kay Woods

After our dog passed away we weren’t ready to be a dog owner quite yet and ended up fostering. Eventually, we wanted to become dog parents and have our kids experience the love and comfort a dog can bring. So, I’ve looked and researched around and decided to reach out to Kody. From all the previous reviews of info it’s totally accurate and for the one review that’s 1 star it’s probably because they didn’t get picked over the interview phone call. I liked how she interviews the potential client before putting them on the waitlist. It showed that she truly cares about her puppies wellbeing. I was on the list since 2022 but the previous litter didn’t work out for us due to our lifestyle. We recently just picked up our sweet MOCHI and yes it’s so much work and tiring but all so worth it. I have two kiddos ranging from 15 months to 5 yrs old and adding a puppy takes a lot of patience and work. So be sure to choose a puppy that you know you can manage and handle. I also love how she allow the client to choose the puppy with the testing that she does. That was how we came to our decision with choosing Kody. So thanks Kody for all the work you do. I kept telling myself Kody has 5 kids and if she’s able to manage 12 puppies, her kiddos and her other animals then I can do it too! Haha


Alena T

Best experience getting a puppy for our family ever ! We are so impressed, our puppy was introduced to many things that made the transition into our home sooo smooth! From crate training to potty training.. it’s been a breeze and we believe it’s all because of how much time and love was put in by Kody:) we have been raving to all our friends about our amazing experience. Also talk about going way and beyond… she met us Christmas morning so we can surprise our boys:):) we love our Penelope, she is the sweets puppy ever!!


Shuting Shao

If you are looking for goldendoodle, this is one of the best breeders there is. I’VE DONE THE LEGWORK (extensive research during decision making, and now with my own experience witnessing her raised my puppy for the first 8 weeks…) You can trust Kody and her family in matching you with the best puppy. We got our baby girl and we truly believe she is the best dog for us. Our family, friends and the vet are all very impressed with her.
I am a person with extreme high standards (sometimes can be a painful things for others lol) – Kody not only met my expectations, she surprised me.
Key differentiators (besides the typical “good and responsible breeder” things that I don’t want to iterate on) –
1) she invests in genetic testing for the puppies with the most legit dog DNA testing company Embark, so you know exactly what you are getting. Besides health clearance, you can know the est. adult weight, coat/shedding expectations (so there is no surprises like “why my puppy turned out to be 80lb with the parents being so small”, “why my goldendoodle sheds”)
2) she puts in work in training the puppy; by the time our puppy is home at 8 weeks old, she is already desensitized to being handled, various sounds, children and more. She was also already somewhat crate trained and well underway with potty training (kick-starting those things is a lot harder than just pushing forward)
3) she invests in formal temperament assessment effort
4) based on our needs and family context, she’d provide puppy choice recommendations based on genetic testing, temperament assessment and her daily observation, etc. – and it would be pretty spot-on; as experienced dog guardians and enthusiasts, we had our choices – and Kody provided us the name we thought we’d go with! It was a great validation on both ends. 🙂

I am sure there are many great breeders out there, but I’d say you won’t find anyone better. So why waste time, just go with her.